We are Marathas…

“We are Marathas, everything we see should be in Marathi and if it is not then we won’t keep that place in proper shape” That is what so called Shiv Sainiks think and do….and this is what happened yesterday in Pune…

Shiv Sainiks attacked shops in Pune with shop names written in English…they wanted shops to have names in Marathi too…Now this is what again makes me think that “Is this what they call democracy?” These politicians are just giving dictatorship a false name of democracy…where a single party passes some rule without asking or taking public suggestion and in the end they say…the rule is created for the well being of public…

The same kind of thing had happened in Mumbai also…but I guess they did not get much success in it…

The point here is not just about naming shops in Marathi but its about forcing people to use Marathi everywhere….the names of stations and famous places have become name of Maratha king Shivaji…the statues have been replaced by Maratha king Shivaji….

Shopkeepers and theatre owners (Specially in Malls, big shop outlets and Multiplexes) are forced to keep Marathas …and if they fail to do that then “we won’t let you run your shop…we will attack on the shop…damage the glasses of the shop” this had happened here in Mulund…Shiv Sainiks had attacked shops in Mulund for not having Marathas as majority of their staff…so these kind of activities forced them to hire Marathas in the places where they do not belong….

I am not talking about the educated people here…I am talking about the ones who have no idea about the language “English” or word “Decency”..I have seen many guys in the theatre stalls more interested in talking to their colleagues rather than giving more attention to the customers…I have seen many guys shouting like road side vendors rather than having some decency…

So what I am trying to say is…to keep themselves in Mumbai…Shiv Sena should really get out of “We Maratha” world and face the reality….No one is against Marathi people but everyone should be given same importance because this Mumbai is lot more than “Marathas’ World”

Note: By this post I never meant to hurt sentiments of Maharashtrian people…It is just echo of my thoughts in the form of words…


  1. Shrirang S. Joshi 08-Jan-2006 at 11:42 am

    Ya I think you r correct. Shiv sena is getting unwanted troubles. They should concentrate their powers in doing smthing about mumbai’s infrastructure. In past 4-5 years Mumbai has moved to one of worst infastructure city from the best one.

  2. Dude in chennai even the pizza huts name is also written in tamil other than english though it feels odd it is wat the people want it to be like so the shiv sainiks have some reason to fight i guess

  3. kato, we have no such probs in Chennai, English is fine though some so-called Tamil Patriots do try to but chennai is devoid of fantasicm.

    The Difference between a follower and a fanatic – “A Follower is one who believes what he practices is right. A Fanatic is one, who believes what he practices is only right“. A Single Word, makes the world.

    And Deep, what does the govt say to this? Isn’t Vilasrao Deshmukh the CM?

  4. And Deep, don’t kill us with Identification Pin Numbers in comments. Your gonna do your blog a great damage with this. Serious!! Surely, you can use the inbuilt spam prev features. Come on man!

  5. Retro – I have no idea about the CM’s decision but I guess local guys decide it…

    About your 2nd comment..I didnt understand what do u mean by Pin number in comment?


  6. I think that demanding the inclusion of Maratha in shop hoardings and bill-boards is not wrong but there should be a method to it. A peaceful procession of people can politely approach the shopkeepers urging them to include Maratha.

    About a year ago, in Kolkata something like this was done under the initiative of a Bengali daily Aajkaal. They roped in intellectual and eminent personalities like authors, ex-sportspersons, scientists, etc. and launched a shop-to-shop campaign distributing leaflets and explaining their point to the shopkeepers. And they did get good results.

    English and local language — let both co-exist peacefully.

  7. I agree with your view..peaceful way is always better and effective..its just that these people do not understand any other way than forcing people do what THEY want…


  8. Well, I meant after I post a comment, I get a small box, saying verify the post with a pin. This is going to damage your blog,I’m serious

  9. Well, I meant after I post a comment, I get a small box, saying verify the post with a pin. This is going to damage your blog,I’m serious

    The “Kind-a-Captcha” thing. sucks

  10. No idea…i guess it might be showing captcha to the ones with IP in black list or somehting…I don’t think it shows it to everyone


  11. Everyone notices what shiv sena does for marathi people because they do it in a voilent manner. But it goes unnoticed when railway recruitment advertisments are published only in north india.And u have to agree this because most of the people working in railways in mumbai are north indians.

    People ridiculed shivsena because they changed bombay to mumbai. But later Madras was renamed to Chennai and Calcutta to Kolkatta and soon B’lore to bengaluru by local govmnts.

    Few months back read in newspaper that Singboards on highways in Chennai will have Hindi instructions but TN govt objected to it.

    Couple of years back I remember some political party in Karnataka stopped the screening of non-kannada movies in b’lore. Recently mayor of Belgaum was thrashed by some Kannad party people because he demanded inclusion on belgaum in maharshtra. Where is democracy?

    Conclusion:Everyone loves his/her mother tongue and there are regional parties in every state in India which play politics based on regional language/people. So don’t blame only Shivsena.

  12. Hi,
    I am aware about shivsena since I stay in Mumbai and have seen many cases where they have been violent and tried to force everyone to do whatever they want…so that is why I posted stuff about shivsena…

    It is not just question about Mumbai…The question is about renaming everything with Shivaji and replacing statues with Shivaji..


  13. Well, Shiv Sainiks are not the only psychos, there’s bajrang dal, vhp, etc. up here in north. These guys treat as if the state is a seperate entity from the country. How people from other states coming over for a visit gonna understand a thing if everything’s in marathi or the local language?? For goodness’ sake, there are more than 15 languages spoken in India!! Thank goodness the system here is not like in US where states are kinda independent entities, or life would’ve been a lot tougher for us with these fanatics around!!

    This is on par with that incident that happened a few days back with police & bajrang dal etc beating up couples in Meerut. I had a rant on it labelled Democracy or Dictatorship!!

    Well, I meant after I post a comment, I get a small box, saying verify the post with a pin. This is going to damage your blog,I’m serious

    The “Kind-a-Captcha� thing. sucks

    If Deep’s using SpamKarma2 here(which I guess he is), then you get the captcha normally when you have javascript disabled while posting comments. Otherwise you might get it if any part of your comment(name, email, IP etc) matches the current blacklist etc!! 🙂

  14. State language must be mandatory in that state and people migrating from different states must respect the people of that state.

    See Karnataka or Tamilnadu, everywhere there is local language alongwith English.

    It is natural to love native language and democracy has given freedom of language. So Marathi people are right.

  15. There is no point in keeping one language for each state…this India is a big county and have many languages so there is no point in doing that…

    so its better to let people choose WHAT THEY WANT…

  16. god damn with thses peoples, dicatorshi dosent mean the democracy.
    if u think attacking the places where names are ritten in englsih is democracy, they r foolish to think so,me ,sadhya kolkata vasi aahe i never get any elling of that sort.

  17. anirudha dharwadkar 23-Mar-2006 at 11:13 am

    Retro,if u r speaking about the non-fanatic nature of the tamils, how will u explain the non-acceptance of hindi as the national language by the tamils?

    Did u know that the percentage of marathis in mumbai has fallen from 60% in 1960 to just 25% in 2005.

    Mumbai has become a city bursting at its seams. I wont be surprised if the city infrastrcuture collapses one fine morning, considering a daily migrant population of thousands.Then u will blame the local govt, not the migrant population!
    We marathis want to live a idealistic & peaceful life, but that seems to be impossible in a over-crowded city like mumbai. so, the insistence on using marathi is just a manifestation of the frustration caused by rapacious encumbrances on our land, our culture, our employment opportunities and of course, our language !

  18. Jai Maharashtra. 03-Jul-2006 at 10:47 am

    Yes, Aniruddha I am agree with you, this migrated people don’t have any emotional attachment with Mumbai, they just want to earn money they just expoiting Mumbai. What this people think that Marathis cannot earn money! just a simple clerk of Mantralaya can make of fraud of 7 Crores within a year, can u imagine if all maharashtrian started to earn money what will happened.

    They just exploiting the resources of Mumbai, once the need over they will go back we have to save our Mumbai. If this migrated people having a good skill why can’t they use for their own states.

  19. Marathi Manoos 10-Jul-2006 at 8:13 pm

    Yes, Aniruddha I agree with what you have said “These Non-marathis especially Madrasis and Bhaiyyas can survive even in ditch” but we Marathis are not accustomed to this inhuman travel in Mumbai. There are many well-educated people in rural Maharasthra but they dont come to Mumbai in search of livelihood. They are happy at native place. Where as ghosts from south and north have no alternative but to struggle to survive in Mumbai which is detrimental to us Marathis. There are many citities such as Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur, A’bad, Nagpur, Amravati which are developed and no other state has such developments as ours.

  20. well let me get this straight deep can you speak Marathi after living so many years here.If u havent what right do u have to teach us about democracy which means going by majority will.Havent u got same oppurtunity as we marathis in maharashtra.May be u just want to satisfy your ego of you being hindi speaking.This attitude of ur’s not to assimilate in place where u stay is the heart of all problem’s of yours.As what difference does it makes to u when we want our own language to be prominent in our own state,Since I assume english is not ur Mother or national language.I dont understand why u posted this post unless u wanted to make an issue with our Self respect,emotions and pride. May be Its time for introspection for ur self and people like u.Arent u also politicising the issue urself willingly or unwillingly.So for a change look at the four fingers pointed towards u when u pointed one at us.Finally I would have to also say due to comments like u people I am forced to say this is maratha land since U ‘r attitude seems to show that u Are biased. Congratulations u suceded in turning one more person as hardliner which Shivsena couldn’t.
    P.s Shivsena saved ur ass also during 1993.
    Anyway I don’t expect u to understand this as u r person who left ur native place for little money and if offered achance would go out of India for a few Dollars

  21. Yogesh – You must understand that the post does not say bad things about Maharashtrians but it is about bad attitude of political parties who are trying to bring in these kind of idiotic things….

    Now let’s discuss about your comment….

    Speaking marathi in Mumbai does not justify anything…does it? So no point in bringing that kind of question here.

    Mumbai is financial capital of India is it includes people from all the casts, Marathis, Biharis, Gujaratis, Christians, Muslims and everyone is trying their best to earn their bit and live life peacefully…

    So I do not see any point in bring one language as compulsory for everyone. Let the shop keepers decide what they want, because it is their shop, political parties should not worry about these small things and give more concentration to their job…

    About ego, It is not about Ego it is about the logic, there is no logic behind keeping boards in Marathi language, that does not prove anything….it just simply says dadagiri….

    About pointing fingers and all, I am not pointing fingers at Maharashtrian people but I am pointing at political parties who are invovled in this.

    About your comment – “Shivsena saved ur ass also during 1993.”

    Well, I guess, they saved your ass too, didn’ they? or you were running around in other states for the shelter? …so you better shut your mouth and comment only after reading and understanding whole post properly…

  22. The basic thing behind this is why these Bhaiyyas from UP and bihar
    keep comming over here??
    Off course in search of job as at their native place they do not get the same because of the failure of their goverenments.
    Shivaji Maharaj is pride of marathi people.
    When all the north india was under the mughal rule and serving those bloody mughal sultans our Shivaji maharaj shown us light.
    Because of him we were having our own rule in our home land.
    So I think even if the names are replaced then why you non maharashtrians have problem???
    That simply means you do not respect our culture, our heros.
    Just see the condition of Mumbai it is now just like any other dirty north indian city…..
    You must respect our feelings if you do not want to then you people do not have any right to live here…….

  23. Mumbai is build up by everyone not just Maharashtrians, everyone tries their best to keep heart beats of their city to keep on running, it hurts everyone if something wrong happens to Mumbai. So just leave the topic of “our maharashtra” or “our mumbai”

    Yes I do have problems if names are replaced because the city belongs to us also, if the city only belonged to one cast then it would never be able to function properly. The body needs it’s all parts working properly to function, functioning with just one part does not help.

    And you also must respect our feelings and THINK LOGICALLY otherwise you too do not have right to live here.

  24. Deep beware of me

    Who are you? Mind your langauge. You are saying we dont have right to live in our own state? You have made entire Maharashtra a hell where only non-Marathis can surive not Marathis. Should we behave like Madrasis, Nagas, Or Assamese. Who asked you to develop Mumbai? Even British and several Multinational companies have developed Mumbai?? It should belong to Bangladeshis also. Go to other metros and then tell us? If you are coming to Mumbai then why are you throwing your family’s excreta in Raigad and Thane district? Pack it and sent to your people at native place as a gift from Maharashtra? Why Hindi is imposed on Marathis and not on Southis? Do they ra8e you? Mumbai has its limit? It cannot provide shelters to all beggars from India? I consider Maharashtra as a separate nation? Then you tell me how does Mumbai belongs to India?

  25. Are you done Sawant? If you are done, then read my post and comments properly.

    I am quoting the ending words of my post again:

    Note: By this post I never meant to hurt sentiments of Maharashtrian people…It is just echo of my thoughts in the form of words…

    About minding my language, you should better mind y ours.

    About your statement, “Beware of me”. Please tell this to someone else. This is democercy and everyone has right to speak their mind so you should better keep your dhamkis with you..

  26. One more thing, I am not going to accept comments from the readers who are just posting their crap without reading the whole article. No one is saying bad things about anyone, this post is about POLITICS NOT ABOUT MAHARASHTRIANS.


  27. hi, sorry I could respond earlier as I was a bit bussy.
    Now deep I am not going to shut up as every one has right of speech as a fundamental right in this country.
    Thought u would no that as we keep hearing about right to settle anywhere in India granted to every citizen.So r u trying to say u will according to your convinience remember only parts of constitution which suits u whereas forgetting the rest parts of it.
    First of all please chill down a bit a host who asks his guests even if it is an website to shut up is not very cultured.
    Anyway this was supposed to be an discussion but u seem to want only posts which are in agreement with u it seem’s from ur behaviour.
    So if u decide to get us out of here dont think its going to be an huge loss for us.
    But then what if we decide to do the same in our state,I know since logic is wanting in your case u might still be crying foul or not fair then.
    1) you still havent specified whether u know marathi or not.
    2) yes they saved even my ass and I am grateful for that.
    3) yes this is our mumbai our maharashtra When we say that maybe u dont feel part of it thats why u ask us to stop saying that.
    Thats exactly what I meant by assimilation problem of ur’s.
    U see deep even after all this years u dont feel as one of us,that is heart of problem of yours as I mentioned.
    4)Well you may shout that u didnt want to hurt anyones feelings,but u unknowingly did just that.
    5)Well as far as what u feel, well things dont happen here just because u or for that matter me feels it is right someway.It happens by popular will of majority.
    6)Well I dont think anyone has builded this city U know lots of industries has gone out of city yet this city survived.But if you can think u can build such city by yourself please feel free to do that out of Maharashtra so that u wont bother with Marathi language or shivsena anymore.
    I said this because if u feel such city’s can be build I wonder why u did’nt build it in ur state .
    7) Please fill free to ask anything if u couldn’t understand anything.Dont keep shouting shut up to anybody just because u dont agree with him.
    It reminds me of a brat who didnt get it his way.
    We can always communicate,expecting a bit more hospitality from a fellow Indian.So please dont get hyper and try to see the other side of coin before you comment.

  28. Hyper, that is what I am trying to explain people. If you see your first comment only, you were rude so How can you expect me to be polite? For example check the comment by Sawant, the guy says, “Beware of me” For god’s sake, who the hell is he to say that kind of thing?

    Anyways, let’s forget it and let’s talk logically. Point to point….

    1. About me being Marathi, I am not Marathi, I am Gujarati and in Mumbai for last 25 years. I did not reply to it because the About page of this site gives all information about me.

    2. About asking people to shut their mouth. If you check my comments again, I am saying that, I won’t allow poeple to post any more hate comments without reading the whole post. I have NEVER said that I will delete the comments which are against my opinion. But I have reservastion when people comment without reading whole post.

    I have been shouting from the begining that I am not trying to say anything against Maharashtrians but it is against the political parties. Be it Shiv Sena, be it BJP or Congress, basically any party which forces us to do the things which we don’t want.

    Okay, now back to the point. Let me give my points, just tell me if you agree or not.

    1. Is it right to FORCE people to do anything if they don’t want?

    2. Is it right to break glasses or blacken the signboards of the shops, restaurants just because they have their names in English?

    3. Is it right to force the shopkeeprs or mall owners to FORCE them and ask them to hire their people?

    I am totally aware that there is a law which asks shopkeepers to have Marathi as well as Englih or other language. But is this the correct way to show them the law? Why they have to choose illegal way instead of legal? Why violence if the same can be sorted out by sending legal notices and if not followed then fine them heavily?

    Why it is not possible?

    Check this quote from one of the articles on the net:

    “This time we have only blackened the boards, next time
    we will cause serious damage to the establishments,” Sena
    leader and former Maharashtra minister of state for home
    Gajanan Kirtikar, who heads the Sena’s Sthaniya
    Lokadhikar Samiti (committee for protection of locals),

    So do you think it is right? Just forget about who is who and think calmly, is it right? I do not care if it’s said by Shiv Sena or any other party, whether it is for Maharashtrian people or Gujurati people or any other cast. My point of view had been same if the party was any Gujarati party and doing these kind of things.

    My main point here is, violence, why choose this way and force people do what these parties want?

    What will happen if tomorrow some other political party leaders come with their group and start beating the shopkeepers or anyone, just because they dont agree with them?

    I hope these points make things clear and makes poeple understand the reason for this post.


  29. Hi Deep
    Well thank god that u have cooled down.
    I never asked your ethnicity as I dont give a damn about That,But question is can u speak local language in area where u stay.
    Again u r wrong when u say U r gujarati,Pls check ur domicile guys we are enlisted as nationality Indian & Maharashtrian as resident Identity.
    That gives us an bond where we are one.I dont have any problems with that in fact i am proud to share this maharashtrian resident Identity with so many diverse people from india and in some cases even from out of India I hope u can agree on this point with me.
    Also Maharashtrian means great nation & Maharashtrians means great nationalist.
    I hope u have or will have great pride in having this Identity .
    Again this does not specify any of our mother language as that is not an issue.
    Let me say that ” Mane thodo thodo Gujarati bhi avdeche” I can understand complete speech in gujarati but while speaking I am not grametically that correct for same.
    I can understand Gujarati,Punjabi,Avadhi,.
    Speak and write good English,Hindhi& Marathi.
    Now the heartburn with people like sawant is that they think we have accepted people from all walks of different state as our own.But they feel that u are not accepting Marathi language as ur own,Hence they get hurt in pride cant find any fault in his feeling. As he is feeling that we r getting a raw deal in exchange for our open heartedness.
    Look this is whats hurting feelings of such people do u really think this makes him a devil Personally I dont think so.
    About his language well cant justify that but think about it this way not every one has control over their temper or for that matter have a vast voculbary or patience to give an proper post.
    Hey Savant “mala tula dukhvaiche kiva apmaan karaicha nahi ahe”.
    Again think in crissis we help each other irespective of cast,language or religion without asking even each others name.So i am sure both of u will do same to each other whenever the ocassion demands so.
    Now coming to question of language yes We have all learned Hindhi since it is our national language.
    Even though we use english to communicate right.
    I feel pride in ssspeaking any language as it is just an tool of communication hope u would agree atlest to this.
    So whats wrong If people learn the local language in this case which being marathi ,I think it will only help in bonding all of us Together in more closeneess and brotherly love.
    Now about ur insistence on displaying Marathi language boards just think deep,when people from rural maharashtra comes to their capital for any purpose not all of them read english,or hindhi.Dont u think shopkeepers can show abit curtecy and put marathi displays for such people as they can be their potential customers and they will also feel that there is nothing about different people from different states.
    Let me give usome examples
    Reliance energy gives option of language English Marathi Hindhi and even Gujarathi in Mumbai We have no problem in all this languges even with gujarathi which is not any official language here because we believe in being bighearted and open cant u show such open heartedness this board cases
    Even railway stations announcement happens in Hindhi Marathi And english even displays show all this languages for station name this was done for every ones convinence.
    So brother when I said that it was ur ego maybe I was a bit harsh on words but not completely wrong on this count
    About political parties thry always cash on Issues which are close to people,So no wonder when they find that when shopkeepers r not showing this courtesy they r going to fan the issue in to a fire.
    Hey deep if we where politicians wouldnt we do the same (he,he,he).
    Now whats the logic of shopkeepers instead of having an egoistic and Stuborn stand cant they easily show some grace an courtesy in giving back some respect to local official language where they have made there fortunes.
    No one is asking u people to speak marathi amongst u or in ur house.So please dont make an issue of such small and just demand of people of Maharashtra,Havent we all gained much more from this land that we can afford to give back something to this land and its people,trust me by doing such an small thing we wont feellike defeated but it will show our grace and courtesy with respect for all.
    Now when u read and understand this points and seeing other side of the coin I hope u will be able to understand why people got hurt in feeling even when u said u didnt want to hurt any ones feeling.
    Hope u see the point that ur stand feels like unneeded arrogance and machoism to us even when u might not be feeling it that way.
    Please i have read ur complete post but i have posted this to show to u that boss it is not about gujurati marathi or anything else.
    One more thing deep we r military people so we dont run to other state regarding ur first reply when muslims were ruling india we formed hindu swaraj against Islam.

    Again it is not about right or wrong it is about being just, reasonable and courteous, but when logic reasoning and sense fails in this matter what option is left with people who want this small thing which is mandatory by law and right,but for them to resort to violence.
    I am not justifying violence but only placing the options left to people after this.
    When u say why is this necessary it is taken by us as arrogance,stubborness and Dadagiri from your side specifically areravi.To which some high tempered people respond by violence and threats.
    Think coolly what is ur problem here if u can put this issue aside and go by peoples view here.Hey i dont mind nor do any one else if by side of marathi u also include gujarati boards next to it.

    But if better sence doesnt prevail dont expect this demand to go down the side so easily.
    Also I am right about point of assimilation of people.
    Wake up guy u were born or brought up here which means u r as maharashtrian as us if u choose to be so,even though ur mother tongue will remain gujurat.
    Please reply ASAP

  30. Deep,

    I have great respect for Gujaratis, Punjabis, Parsees. I did not know that you are Gujarati.

    You must understand there are Metros like Bangalore, Madras, Delhi, Kolkata. You tell me how many Marathis have migrated there? Do you know that there are 25 Lakh Keralites in Mumbai? You tell me can Mumbai accommodate 25 Lakh people from each state? I do agree that people migrate here and there but not to this extent? I have worked in sevaral companies in Navi Mumbai and have found 2 Marathis and 20 non-Marathis? Can anybody accept this? Dont you agree with me that Mumbai is now overflowing into Nashik, Thane, Raigad, Pune. Should we accept this kind of exodus from north and south.

    You have not replied to my comment on British and MNC’s contribution to Mumbai? Can India develop on her own without foreign investment? Why are you always telling us about Ambanis, Bajaj, Dhoot, Wadia. We do respect these people. You are very well aware in what condition people travel in Mumbai? Is this living human? There are certain states which are just increasing their population and migrating to developed states? How long can this continue? I have seen Keralis, Tamils, Up, Bhaiyyas even in Kolhapur, Sawantwadi, Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Belgaum, Goa, not to speak of Thane, Nashik, Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune? We are really facing danger from these outsiders. Hence this clarification.

  31. Deep and all

    Be Indian does not mean that we should lose everything including our language and culture? Does any north Indian ba#t#rd tease Tamils? Impossible? How many non-Tamils have settled in cities in TN. You see what is happening in our Maharashtra? So may non-Marathis have become Mayors, Ministers, MLAs. No other state can accept this? Either we Marathis are weak or we are being suppressed unitedly by Non-Marathis? I have arrived at this conclusion? Morevoer, why these non-Marathis proudly say Mumbai is Cosmopolitan? What is meant by that if you all are Indians? Does it reflect India is a cosmopolitan country? Then I will certainly not telerate our Maharashtra being polluted by these various communities?

  32. Actually, I have been telling people to read the post completely and understand the point but readers fail to do so. If they had read it properly then they would have got idea about the point.

    The post is just about forcing poeple, if they are going to have the same kind of attitude then people will kick them soon. And we have already seen in the elections when Congress came into the rule. (Now that is another point of debate that how bad is congress, but they are not good at any point!!)

    What I am trying to say is, if there is a rule to keep boards in Marathi as well, then follow the law.

    I still do not think as violence is last option if law is there, for example take this, due to recent bomb blasts, malls are asked to keep cameras and other stuff and if they fail to do so in xx time then they could loose their license.

    So same kind of rule can be rolled out if the government is serious about it. and after this, do you think anyone will take risk of keeping shop names just in english? haha

    Anyways, I would end the discussion here as we will just keep on going in circles.


  33. Hi Sawant, sorry for some reason your comments were being caught by my spam filter. And that is the reason why no one could see your comments.

    Anyways, back to the point again.

    The issue about people from outside Maharashtra getting here is another problem and to stop these kind of things we should have some kind of quota system for Mumbai people, But again, some kind of system which should define who is eligible or not.(Say if you are in Mumbai for xxx period of time, then you are eligible and all) but that is different topic to discuss than shop name issue.

    About MN’s contribution to Mumbai, actually it is good by someway because it generates employment oppertunity…

    About British, I have no idea if they have done anything recently but they are responsible for the Bombay.


  34. whats the matter Deep u still havent said whether u can speak Marathi language.Nor have u replied to my last post,seems ur running from the field by placing silly excuses.

  35. What in the world you mean Silly excuses? Did I give any excuse? Read the comments again….

    About me speaking Marathi, YES i can speak bit but not as good as typical Maharashtrian speaks obviosuly it will be same with any Maharashtraian speaking gujarati but I do not think that should matter at all with the issue I raised in the post.

    You should rememeber that the post is about political parties doing nonsense just to show that “they rule”.

    The language Marathi or for the matter any local language is not necessary as long as you know the National language i.e. Hindi, you really can’t divide things like this. I can’t go and learn language of every state if I move there haha


  36. Guys,
    This seems to be very old thread.Anyway, FYI, Its a law in every indian state (including Maharashtra), sign boards, shop names should be diplayed in local language. So in Maharashtra it has to be displayed in Marathi.That’s all. Why should Maharashtra be an exception to the law? And one more thing. Another lame excuse for not learning a local language,”Hindi is a national language”. Is it? Just try this excuse in south india, especially in TN.

  37. Mahesh – if there is any law then people not following should be handled under the law not by taking the law in the hand.

  38. Hi Guys,
    I would like to share my point of view on this whole issue of mumbaikars an stuff…I think each city has its own limited natural resourses…be it in terms of space, water supply, electricity an others. A given piece of land has its own limitations. Too much of population gettin collected an occupyin a small land…will definately have its effect on standard of living of a common man and everybody should agree here…though i understand the migration is for getting jobs and earnin bread a butter. I also feel tat every indian has right to live any where in the country….i myself in the process of havin my us residentship.
    I think govt shud take initiatives an make more oppertunites available in all states an in most of the cities….tat shud also keep a check on the hike in the price of land.
    well deep finally i really like your website!!!
    all da luck

  39. Hi,

    Why you people comparing this one with chennai. I am really not able to understood. See chennai is a place all people live without any communal and regional identity problems.Yes in chennai you can’t see often many other languages because of issues. Still I can say that it is the best place to live inside india.

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