Wake up India… Wake up

Too shocking….I read it on Mid-Day just now and still trying to recover from shock….

The news article is about Husband beating wife and doing things with her private part that normal human being can’t even imagine…

Following are the parts of the whole story…

On January 3, early morning, Rajesh forced a small glass bottle into her vagina. Bleeding profusely, a brave Sarita made her way to Sassoon Hospital in Pune, where she stays with her husband. “He was furious that I saw a doctor. Fearing that I had approached the police, he and his brother poured petrol over my private parts and set me on fire,� she says.

“I was bleeding for many hours. In the morning, still dressed in my nightgown, I went to see a doctor,� said Sarita. The doctor removed the bottle and prescribed painkillers, but she was in terrible pain and could not walk.

“That night, despite my condition, Rajesh raped me twice. When I screamed in pain, he beat me and forced two glasses of kerosene down my throat. His brother and mother entered the room, and uttered threats. Then Rajesh poured petrol over my private parts and ignited it.�

And as expected..Police did not help them…

Something related to harassment of woman / wife was done to my friend’s sister few years back…the guy (her husband) had cut her into 7 parts…police arrested the man but set him free few months after that…I guess this all was done by filling pockets of the ones who are here to protect us…

So the point here is…government / our protectors should really think something about these kind of cases and give more importance to people rather than money…I hope the female in this case gets justice….

Read whole article here


  1. wht the hell… i will ne time punish him to be hanged ….

    such a ba$(&*!@#&$%^~`”?:

    how can a person do this.. thr r monsters in this world …..

    humans ? ..cant find thm

  2. truth is scarier than anything i never read such horrifying things wat the hell where the cops doing. How the hell do we live in such world we just keep on adjusting and all these things happening. We live in a country where rather than the police the public keeps quiet and unknowingly encourages such acts

  3. hanging such people is not the solution!! I know it feels disgusting, but what I feel is that people like these are sick mentally, what they need is an asylum & a shrink!!

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