Looking for someone good at XHTML and CSS

I am looking for someone who is good at XHTML and CSS

The job will be converting layouts from PSD to CSS based layout with valid XHTML. (NO tables)

I am not looking for any kid who has just came out of HTML school and uses dreamweaver…I am looking for a person who can actually code it, it doesn’t matter whatever software he uses but the base should be clear….

The person will be paid for every project…

Please let me know if anyone is interested.




  1. hehe sure you are there for normal layouts :)…but like i said on MSN..i also need someone who can handle advance layouts too 😉

  2. Can any1 tell me the difference between a class selector and an id selector in CSS? URGENT!

  3. It would be better to advertise elsewhere, If you are paying. For Example, Ozzu Webmasters Forum, etc.

    And Doveeye, the only difference is that deep said. Both can be used with the same features. Class is generally used for little things like Title Background whereas ID is used for generally the whole layer. It’s better to use Id’s within classes.

  4. Deep, give an example of advanced layout 🙂 Its a pretty subjective term! What according to you is advanced and what’s not.

  5. ID can be used only once in a page where class can be used more than once…

    you are saying this as if its absolute, while its not!! 😉 So I’ll rephrase what you said:

    ID is supposed to be used only once in a page where class is meant to be used more than once…

    Currently(fortunately or unfortunately, pick one) the browsers don’t force any kind of validation that prevents you from assigning the same ID to more than one element in a (x)HTML document, but if you are using JavaScript and are selecting any element or its values on the basis of their ID then you better use unique IDs else you’ll run into errors!! 🙂

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