Looking for Link Building expert

I am looking for someone to manage link building part of SEO…

If you know anyone who can do this job then do let me know by posting comment here or filling up contact form on this site.

The person will be paid per project. At this point of time I am not in position to hire anyone for full time, so part time will be good enough for me.



  1. Hi Deep

    Let me first introduce ourselves.

    Mosaic Services – is a Delhi , India based, ISO certified, one of the largest (65 dedicated resources) LSI (Latent semantic indexing) search engine marketing and optimization company.

    Our primary focus is on analyzing the sites for their Semantic Readiness and then provide SEO Services. We also provide Link building , Web designing, Web Copywriting Web marketing consulting services and Pay Per Click Marketing & Advertising activities based on that preliminary assessment.

    Allow me to offer you some insights into our Link-building campaign metrics.

    We have a 14 people team specially dedicated for link building campaigns for our clients. We have built over 50,000 links this year spread over 250 campaigns.

    All these links are manually built and we do not employ any software (not even arelies..) for this. Our team members visit sites manually, check their themes and PR ( page rank) and then contact their webmasters individually.

    We build one way, reciprocal and three way ( triangular links) depending on the client requirements.

    All the links built are on themes (various domains) and we check for the neighborhoods and SE cache for link page indexing.

    The prices for reciprocal link exchanges (on theme) are as under:

    1) PR 3 link $7 USD
    2) PR 4 link $9 USD
    3) PR 5 link $11 USD

    (PR 6 and over links are negotiated and are typically in the range of $150-$250 USD/ Month).

    The one way links and three ways are priced as under:

    1) PR 3 link $11 USD
    2) PR 4 link $13 USD
    3) PR 5 link $17 USD

    For more information on our link building campaign I encourage you to pay us a visit here:

    Let me know if this interests you and we will be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

    Look forward to hear from you soon

  2. Thanks Sarika, thanks for the interest, I have hired SEO guy on part time basis. I will let you know as need arises šŸ™‚


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