Sir can I have your credit card number please?

I got 3 missed calls from a number in the morning…I finally got fedup and called that number back…someone picked up and said “Welcome HSBC Bank, How may I help you?” I asked someone had given me missed calls on my cell from this number…the guy replied back asking “Are you HSBC credit card customer?”, I said “Yes” He asked me for my credit card number…I asked for the reason…he replied saying..he will need credit card number to trace the reason for calling…

I was bit shocked and told him..why the hell you need credit card number for that? Which branch of HSBC are you calling from? I am going to report this to HSBC main branch….

He said okay and disconnected the line….

I called up HSBC customer support…gave details about this incident and gave them the number…which was 56667199

I hope now they will trace the people calling from that number and catch them…I have emailed this to Mid-Day also….let’s see what they have to say about this…

Moral of the story: If you receive these kind of calls,

1. Do not give your card number at any cost.

2. Note down the phone number and report it to the customer support of your bank.


  1. 😆 How idiotic these fraudsters have become. Only a fool will give his credit card number on the phone and that too in an incoming call 😆

    Even I am a HSBC credit card holder. Everyone knows that HSBC, like all other banks now, has an automated system. You may need to enter your CC number thru your phone and never need to tell it to someone! There PIN, etc to make a verified call to their customer care.

    Once while applying for a new card, the stupid agent wanted a front and back xerox copy of my existing card 🙄 I am aware how the card is used online (with 3 digit number at the back) and didn’t give it to him. 😈 But think about all those ignorant people who would have given it to them 😯 👿

    Even paypal accounts have been targets of such frauds. I have written about one such mail that I received from some fraudster. 🙂

  2. I also got missed call from the same number and when I contacted them, they asked me the same thing, when I denied that I don’t have a HSBC credit card they told me to ignore the call, however, I do have a HSBC card.

  3. hey deep, this has all to do with your post on digit where u said u hold 2 of these if i am not mistaken.

    Anyways bad attempt of getting the credit card nos, should have followed the bluff master way :p

    culprit mite be one of those from digit …lol

  4. Mm…Nice plan actually…Wanted call and cut it before the person picks his mobile.. And ofcourse curiousity wants you to know who it is and the next moment you are suckered.. Ingenious, I should Post about it.

  5. it true that one has to be thicker than a slab of concrete to fall for these guys, but you won’t believe the number of thick people walking on the street who happen to have a credit card!! 😉

  6. hii i 2 faced an incdent like dis..i got a mail 4m paypal saying dat please validate ur account by giving ur card no here..vit a link…or else ur paypal accout vll b cancelled vit in 36hrs..later i understood dat is not d mail send by paypal..i was bit shoched 2 knw dat..thank god i didnt gav any credit card no..oopsss

  7. I have been getting mised calls from the same number and some other numbers too. When called back, they say they are from HSBC and ask for the credit card number.

    I am reporting this to HSBC. I am listing the numbers below. If anyone receives a missed call from one of these numbers, please DO NOT share your credit card number.

    If these people persist, I will have to report them to the law enforcement authorities.

    The numbers are:

    I repeat. DO NOT call back these numbers or share your credit card number with them.

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