Finally…found the bug..

For last few days my server was creating lot of problems..I was also fed up with it and was about to get paid support from my datacenter…I had checked everything on the server, could not find anything wrong…and I missed to check error_log file….which is one of the first things to be checked…

Today I checked the file and found a PHP script creating feof() errors and increasing the load….found the site name from the logs and suspended it…

Things seem to be running smoothly now.. 🙂

So moral of the story….check error_log first when thing go wrong with the server….


  1. Kaushal – Feeds seem to be working fine here…the feeds are passed through feedburner and also validated by feedburner…

    what error does it show u?

  2. and the 2nd issue was..server hardly hit by mambo worm…I had to terminate that account to get the things working smoothly…


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