Movie Review: Rang De Basanti

ROCKING !!! The movie rocked like hell…just too good….

Okay..enough…let me start with the review now…..

The movie starts with the plan of making a film based on Bhagat Singh and his efforts for the freedom. Sue (Alice Patten) gets inspiration to make the film by reading her Grand father’s diary (who was officer at the jail where freedom fighters were locked up…)

Sue visits India for her film, she gets help from her friend Sonia (Soha Ali Khan), Sonia introduces Sue to her friends Aslam (Kunal Kapoor), Karan (Siddharth), DJ (Amir Khan) and Sukhi (Sharman Joshi). All of them were ex-students and believed in living life with fun and not worrying about the world, having fun in their own world all the time. Sue manages to get all of them including political worker (who is hated by all of them except Sue) Lakshman (Atul Kulkarni) to act in her film.

The first half of the movie revolves around making film and all the fun they had…but the 2nd part is more serious and shows how thinking of these 4 guys changed after working in the film…

The movie takes a huge turn when Fl. Lft. Ajay Rathod (Madhavan) (Sonia’s boy friend / fiancé) who dies in MIG-21 plane crash and the government puts total blame on him..the one who gave up his life to save other people. All the friends decide to let everyone know the reality….

And the real Rang De Basanti starts….

I am not going to give more information about the story because I do not want you guys to miss the fun in watching it…

The movie compares this generation with the generation of British rule and shows that there is no difference in that India and this India. The only thing changed is the time….At that time we were ruled by Britishers and now politicians in white clothes rule us…and we have to follow them…whatever they do, we have to say yes and keep quiet…

At that time also there was strong need for people like Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters and now also we need freedom fighters like them….to wakeup everyone from long sleep and make aware about the reality…

I would call this movie “Perfect” because everything in the movie is at perfect place..nothing is wasted…even great actors like Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher for small roles are not at all wasted…the music of the movie is a good asset…background score is just amazing….

So in short, the movie is worth watching in the theatres and definitely worth adding in your DVD collection…

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  1. Oh i may be seeing this movie by 4th of feb i believe. Thanks for the review so that now i can make my friends come to terms for watching this movie

  2. lol even I wanted to see the movie. I am gonna watch this friday and Download the DVD as well :d

    At IMDb, 2 days back it was rated 8.2 with 94 votes, now it’s 8.5 with almost 300 votes.

    Aamir rocks, the music of AR Rahman rocks, Rang de Basanti rocks, India rocks!!

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  4. wht else is left to compliment the movie…. u guys already said it all
    in simple words… WATCH IT.. 😀

  5. its a most giveup movie I have ever seen…It reminds me of popcorn khao mast ho jao…

  6. Dheeraj Valsaraj 08-Feb-2006 at 10:34 am

    The best Background scores ever….n amazing music….and gr88 perfomances

  7. sid is lookin so sexy with his silent n smokin role! i just loved his!!!!!!!!muah sid!

  8. rang de basanti SUCKS…

    it is about the life of five irresponsible morons. This movie tries to justify irresponsible acts in a rage of personal emotions as acts of patriotism, thereby giving a wrong message to general public.

    Music is good, though (Rehman rocks, as usual)

  9. Classic!
    Fantastic Movie!
    Must be watched by everyone!
    A movie of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do not forget to watch the movie

  10. hi all!
    i think i agree with shikha. karan and sonia were d best in movie! i watched it in a theatre. all i can say after watching it is “WOW!!!” i SO totally loved the whole of the movie. of course u guys loved it too or u wouldn’t be wasting ur time here. CHEERS!!
    p.s. to any one who DIDN’t watch RDB: watch it 😉

  11. Dr. Rehan Omar 16-Apr-2006 at 4:50 pm

    I recently watched RDB. It is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. AAmer rocks, Kunal, Sidharth and the music of AR Rehman rock. A must see movie.

  12. Bunch of loaded amiss. One of the worst movies watched in a long time. Most actors are the unknown kind except Aamir. A lot of over acting in most scenes, and the story is very cruddy specially after the morons also die at the end after wasting their times.
    You expect much more when you see a known actor like Aamir or someone in a movie nowadays.

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