Charges charges charges

– Rs.58 – Intercity cash deposit charges (Rs. 3 per Rs. 1000 – according to them approx Rs. 20,000 has been transferred by cash)
– Rs. 193 – Account Maintenance charges
– Rs. 10 – Misc Charges
This is what my UTI bank account (current account) showed me when I logged in few minutes back.
After calling them I got to know that from now onwards they will charge Rs. 193 every month as account maintenance charges..
The banking is never been so costly…I have no idea what maintenance they do for my account (which costs Rs.193 every month)…it is just one of the ways to mint money….
I am going to email UTI for details about these charges…their phone support could not give me more details.



  1. Thats precisely the reason why I bank with the same old Union Bank of India! The minimum balance is only Rs. 3000 and there are hardly any charges deducted. ICICI , UTI, HDFS, StanChart, HSBC, Citi, etc. are out to make a fool of us by deducting charges for every small thing 👿

    Unlike these banks which offers facilities like online statements and net banking (which I think is your reason to go to UTI), these plane old banks don’t pinch the pockets. For all online transactions, I use credit card. Costwise, that seems the most reasonable way 🙄

  2. Yes..I use net banking a lot..and ICICI was really bad so I switched to UTI…

    UTI is very good bank but these newly introduced charges are something which does not digest properly…

    I have emailed UTI for details about these new charges…

  3. Hey i have a UTI Bank Salary Account with NetBanking/PhoneBanking enabled and i do only Net Banking, I’ve never been charged with any maintenance charges !
    i’ve been using this account for almost a year now I think.

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