Preparing myself for 1st employee


This feeling is good…my company is growing…so now, I am looking for 1 full time employee for my company. Currently looking for SEO.

Got few resumes from Naukri, will contact them soon..

I will have to buy new machine for the new person…

Now the only thing which worries me is….most of the people will say no to become employee of a new firm…and that too first employee..

Let’s see what happens…..

Just need some luck and wishes 🙂


  1. Kool! all my good wishes to you!!
    well you will get a good one…

    anyways… do give a party when you reach the number 10 employee


  2. Cool! Do take care of Profession Tax. Inquire in the Sales Tax department.

    Actually, if I have to take up a job, I will always prefer to be the first employee of a growing company. That way even I will grow with the company. 😉

    As always, wish you all the luck in the world and do remember us friends when you become a dotcom giant 🙂

  3. Thanks both for the wishes 🙂 and yeah..Party…sure thing…just need wishes and I can cross No. 10 soon 🙂

    Ashish – Now this will be new term for me..I will have to ask few ppl about prof. tax…

    And there is no chance of forgetting friends… 🙂


  4. If Prof tac is new term for you, then it means that even you are not paying it 😆 As k for yourself too. Even you are liable 😉

    Prof Tax is hafta given to State Government. Its tax on profession. Just because you are not unemployed, you have to pay that tax 😡 👿

  5. Nice to know that now you will have some assistance to deal with ever nagging clients like me 😉

    However, I would advice hiring somebody you have seen working or via your friends or relative as internal recruitment. Always good for a proprietership or small firm.

  6. Ashish..I know whats prof. tax but I dont know how much % to give and I will have to enquire about that…

    let’s see I will ask few people today…

    Romil – Actually the problem is, the ones I know have no idea about SEO…so I had to search databse.. 🙁



    you will grow grow and only grow for ever…. all good wishes with you…..


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  9. 🙂 grow up

    hehe…well done…
    10 cheers to web1 🙂
    we love dis company

    skyi team

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