Anu Malik Sings for BHAI

Watching the video clip on Aaj Tak, they are showing Anu Malik singing for Dawood (Along with Kumar Sanu and other singers)

Infact Anu Malik wrote special song for Dawood and song had lyrics like “Sabka Bhai Dawood Bhai….”

The clip was around 15-16 year old but the way these guys were singing for him (Specially Anu Malik), it was looking as if they loved Dawood more than anyone else…

Just too disgusting….

Aaj Tak is going to show some more stuff on this in the series called Godfather at 8 PM IST (on Sat and Sun)


  1. huh, no wonder such thing happened, I remember Johny Lever was also sung -sare jahan se **** (gali) hindustan hamara ” in such similar party for Dawood bhai.
    but people just c & forget this.

  2. they are showing the johnny lever song today.Also Anil Kapoor,Jackie Shroff are present.Aaj ki shaam ,bollywood aur underworld ki dosti ke naam

  3. well, I wouldn’t be too hot over those guys singing & attending D’s parties etc., everyone loves their own life & money, no denying the fact. Deep, if you were threatened with your life by the D company, you’d also comply with their demands, while others who don’t know about your situation would say that its disgusting that Deep is doing this!! 🙂

    you must’ve heard of the hindi saying:
    “paani me reh ke magamachh se bair nahi lete”

    these actors etc., they are reel life heroes, not real life heroes. on screen they can beat the living daylights out of 10-20 armed thugs, but not in real life!! 🙂

  4. Dawood’s life is going to come to an end very soon. All those people who support him or like him should be killed too

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