News channels…not anymore..

I have been thinking of writing about this topic for so long but I was not getting proper base to write it. For quite sometime, everyone might have noticed non-news stuff being shown on the news channels…or say the news channels starving for higher TRP ratings. Whether it is a bad attempt to show “Indian Idol” contestants or a successful attempt to show “Bunty aur Babli” on news channel…Whether it is hidden footage on Tihar Jail or it is about special coverage on Mumbai rains…

Special coverage / shows help us with the information and specially the facts but news channels are using this tool to earn money rather than providing more information. Now, earning money is not at all wrong but the way these guys are approaching to earn money is not quite good.

Take today’s example, at 8 PM Aaj Tak was showing special show called Godfather showing Indian film stars and singers at Dawood’s party..(His brother’s party), the show was very good but they managed to stretch it for 2 hours…from beginning they were kept on repeating Bollywood’s biggest star of that time will be shown in the clip after this short break…but they showed it in the end i.e. approx 15 minutes before the show ended.

They were showing same things many times and just stretching the show with the help of ads and showing things which were not related…

Other example would be, some news channel promoting movie Bunty aur Babli, showing both the stars reading news and all…

These kind of things always make me think that, is there any good news channel around with more of news content then more of TRP increase attempts?


  1. The competition has become really fierce. So, no news channel can afford to stick with ethics/tradition and expect to survive. This is true even with newspapers. But, in the print world there are two note-worthy exceptions: Tribune in Haryana/Punjab and The Hindu in Chennai.

    These are easily the best news papers in India.

    As for the best news channel, I always loved DD News. Yes, they didn’t have people from IIM-C reading news, but all the current crop of biggies have graduated from DD News. Till date, I watch DD news at night.

    That is the only channel in this country which doesn’t care for TRPs.

  2. We can’t be watching the whole thing that they air, we can watch what we like. I like Gadget guru, The car and bike show, Opening moves (NDTV Profit), We the people, Sports 24X7,used to like the Big fight when Rajdeep was around (NDTV 24X7), Entertainment quater and chicks (:P) (Headlines Today).

    The newly launched Times Now is a total crap. How the hell can a person “feel” the news they show? lol.. it’s comic as well with the moving cameras and “gripping” news that they show.
    I wonder if anyone can “feel” the “gripping” news experience in Times Now as Arnab Goswami calls it!

    It’s the fight for the breaking news and the “exclusive” that makes the News channels in such a sorry state.

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  4. The news channels are running short of things to show & therefore, their interests have shifted toward the Masala News which adds to their TRPs! To some extent, even the channels can’t be blamed because mostly, news channels are judged by their TRPs not by their quality of news supplied!
    We all have seen the media making a fuss of almost nothing & make a story out of it.
    I believe that NDTV is the best in terms of quality of news & the discussions aired!

  5. usually i don’t watch news channels, but i put them on while writing my college assignments. that constant, senseless talking of newsreader helps a lot in maintaining the writting speed..u know

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