1. u mean Stolen?? that’s bad luck yaar..well next time buy one with detachable front……………and I’m talking about the CD player

  2. Gosh… thats really bad… if you dont mind why dont you get those latest car security systems installed that pages you when someone fingers your vehicle with the precision of pointing where the vehicle is being touched… but I heard they are a bit costly.

  3. Ashnik – Yeah Stolen..it was with detachable front only…Pioneer 6250 or something….and the panel was at my home but that nutcase stole the player…

    Tuxian – I am thinking of buying new car soon and in that I will get all security stuff…


  4. Too bad Deep! 🙁 Maruti cars lack too much in the security department. My old 800 was once opened by a screw driver and that too in 2 minutes!!

    Anyway, there are certain car stereo systems where you can not only pull out the panel, but the entire system. Go for those. Or get a cheap cassette + FM car stereo and get a car CD kit. With it you can use a discman (lighter jack for power supply) with you cassette player.

  5. Bro –aajkal yeh chori hona ek day to day thing ho gaya hai.

    Yesterday here at my place one guy got robbed in his house while he was gone to work. The goons took away his things that is ok but they stole his worshipping idols too-this is something very strange, I think the chors are taking interest in God seriously.

    Deep, I request u to take care next time man, go for the ones Ashish is suggesting, I even had that one in my car in Mumbai.

  6. @ashish , opening car is no big trick as u said it can be opened by screw driver , but u can open it by simple ruler (which use in compass box in school).
    and the so called security gadgets can’t help u as recently when my bro’s Maruti zen was locked with keys inside, we manage to open it with that simple ruler, this car was equipped with high security alaram but it doesnt detected our intrusion to open car(it’s was active @that time &not faulty)
    A fortress always having a backdoor which known to goons so u can just pray to not to get them again.

  7. all these securities gadgets do nothing, u can open ur car very easily, just remove the back window after removing the rubber lining. i once along with my frnds did it, wen our mam forgot the keys inside it and the car was autolocked.

    As for Old maruti 800, if u have long nails, u can open the door… we used belt

  8. Hey Deep bad dude no probs be happy it happens sometimes. Also wat the hell was he going to do without the front panel.

    @multi yeah the ruler trick is very old but effective for all old cars with manual locking. I know it too. :p But i dont use it, helped an my uncle once to get the keys from the car

  9. Actually I guess new car security stuff should be good enough..I guess I will buy a new car tape soon….since the plans for new car have been postponed for the time being (Dad bought something more expensive recently)

    So may be I will buy on my own soon in 3-4 months or so..lets see..


  10. Deep, how about car loans? Even if you can afford to buy it without a loan, don’t do that ;). Contact me for reasons and more details 😀

    I have thinking about blogging on car loans, consumer finance, etc. since quite some time. But haven’t had time (and inclination) to do it. I have a few tables which I (and many others) have used many times over. You can use them too. 🙂

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