Valentine’s Day, Sena goons & Our Police Force

As expected Sena goons have attacked the shops in Mumbai. According the report on Mid-Day, Shiv sainiks vandalized a shop in Lower Parel (Mumbai) that had built six foot heart made of flowers for auctioning, the money from the auction was to be given to Cancer Patient’s Aids Association. But the sainiks could not understand it and destroyed it.

The reason? Because it was meant for Valentine’s Day..according to them celebrating valentine’s day is commiting a crime..

Following is part of the report..

The incident sparked panic forcing shopkeepers to remove all Valentine’s Day-related decorations from their shops. Even big malls like Big Baazar and Crossroads in Tardeo have removed their decorations.

Sena sources said that more shops would be targeted today. “Our men have toured many areas of the city and we have identified a few shops, which we will target. However, the response from most shopkeepers has been encouraging as they have removed all traces of Valentine’s Day paraphernalia,” said a Sena worker.

Now this is what was planned and going to happen, every kid on the street knew that these guys are going to do these kind of things…so now the question is…What the hell our police was doing it? Sleeping? or waiting for them to attack? How will people run the shops? How do people earn money?

If police cannot do anything to stop the goons without guns; what will they do when terrorists will attack us? Will they watch the show like they have been doing?

This is democracy and why these guy want to do whatever they want, what is out government doing? What if tomorrow these guys don’t like anything and they force everyone to stop doing it?


  1. In Hydrabad Bajrang force couples roaming on valentine’s day to get married..they managed to marry one couple but then police locked them up….

    This was totally disgusting this shows police guys suck….


  2. haha!! well man saddest part i heard that its all going in Mumbai!! such a big and cosmo city!!
    well myself in bangalore enjoy it a lot! i mean the valentines day!!
    no problems from anyone.. police is cooprative..

    everything is fine here.. just that pubs and discos close at 11:30 coz of few problems… but new year and few other days they are open!!

    bangalore rocks in these issues!!

  3. The Shive Sena has been doing whatever they want since years. The cops never do anything. I think someone needs to file a PIL or something that would force the cops to take action.

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