Bombaybiz – Stay 100 feet away from them

I have heard lot of bad things about this company, they are expert in fooling poeple…and today I experienced it. I have heard that they send emails / snail mails to competitors’ customers asking them to renew their domain name and get hosting from them. They have been doing this for more than a year now…

Today I got their letter by post asking me to renew my domain and also get it hosted on their server..they were smart enough to mention that “Get your domain renewed from your registrar and you can go for our hosting along with it…”

Here is the scanned copy of the mail….

BombayBiz - The cheaters

These fools are sending email to people who have no idea who the hell is BombayBiz and the mail is so misleading that the guys who are not into technology field will almost fall into their trap.

I hope this post makes people aware that…not to go with this company…


  1. Yes, You are right. This are f**king people sending mails to my client also i got may complint from my client regarding there issue. Even they are sending mail to my client’s client.

    Please let me know if we can do any legal to this company.



  2. They always mislead the clients by sending tricky emails / letters and once the money is paid, they never return the money, even if they cannot provide any service, since the name and hosting is already with someone else. The poor client always suffers

  3. Even i am ur partner in suffering with this company. though y havent recevied any renew account letter yet but they never respond to any support email nor they provide and control panel nor they have anything on their website u can check on their website the content reads Dummy text not to be read. pls do not read…

    This an copy paste of the content on their website..
    August 15, 2006
    Dummy text not to be read. pls do not read

    September 15, 2006
    Dummy text not to be read. pls do not read

    September 20, 2006
    Dummy text not to be

    My suggestion also is Stay 100000000000000000
    feet away from them and just shoot em with a sniper rifle

  4. I also even got this mail.
    First i surprised that how this kind of letter sent to our temple address as domain registration address is different.
    Thing is that they have taken address from website contact us page.
    Means they are directly sending letter to site contact us address rather then domain owner address.

    This will miss guide to client as they didn’t know this kind of things.

    Can start forward email to this cheater with one cc to their email, and forward it to all people saying them to forward it to people.

    in near days all will know this things….

  5. Can we be together to sue this company. They have started sending letters to government departments too. Now it’s high time to take action against him. We have sufficient evidence against them.

  6. I contacted them to help develop a website. They billed my credit card and i never got my site. My credit card company refunded my money but these losers placed this on my collection on credit report. They are crooks…STAY 100 FEET AWAY.

  7. Yes, today we have also got the same type of letter.
    I thought of doing police complain against them.

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