Himesh Reshammiya everywhere

When I switch on the TV..I see a guy singing with tears in his eyes, heavy beard and wearing cap….when I change the channel..I see the same guy singing around the girls…when I switch to another channel, I see the same guy dancing with Emraan Hashmi, Dino Morea and Udita Goswami…

Car tapes are silent without his songs, parties are not complete without his dance tracks…

Talking about the Singer, Music Director Himesh Reshammiya….in his early days he used to look like some sad person with no tears on his face but now he looks more of serious but always with tears in his eyes..(I have no idea why he is shown in tears in most of his songs) but whatever it is, his songs are on lips of every youngster…

I am not saying this because his songs are being played all the time on TV..but I have noticed it all the time…couple of youngsters stay in my society..I always see them playing his songs (The new album)….I had gone to a party few days back…and the songs from the movie Aksar made everyone dance like anything…(Music was by him)….ofcourse there were other songs too but compared to other music directors more of his songs are being played everywhere…

I have never noticed any music director giving hits one after another…hats off to him….he will definitely become one of the India’s most wanted music directors. I take my words back after watching his recent new songs, the songs are very similar to his old songs, just minor changes in the tunes…if he is going to continue like this..then…I don’t see any chance of being on top….


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  2. Mr shyamalan Mehta have you no respect at all? The word is contradictory for you. I do use my brain thank you very much which is why I know what I think and how to put it across without causing disputes unlike some. Yes I may not be a professional in music which is what you cliam to be but I do know I have a pair of ears with a BRAIN between them which allows me to accept good and bad music both alike. Like I mentioned previously, credit given where credit is due, something which you find hard to do. Maybe we all don’t start discussing the octaves and notes in a song but surely if you know so much about music why aren’t you bringing out hits?

  3. Mr Shyamalan Mehta have you no respect at all? The word is contradictory for you. I do use my brain thank you very much which is why I know what I think and how to put it across without causing disputes unlike some. Yes I may not be a professional in music which is what you claim to be but I do know I have a pair of ears with a BRAIN between them which allows me to accept good and bad music both alike. Like I mentioned previously, credit given where credit is due, something which you find hard to do. Maybe we all don’t start discussing the octaves and notes in a song but surely if you know so much about music why aren’t you bringing out hits? As you write in your last comment, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, then why the personal remarks? Again, I’m not hesitating to use the word “contradictoryâ€Â? for you. If we are getting personal though Mr Shyamalan Mehta, how about we begin to comment on your use of poor spelling and punctuation? As an English Literature and Media Studies final year student in England I might add, I do find it slightly appalling that you consider yourself to be right about music but that is a subject almost always based on opinion, English is either right or wrong. Wrong in your case.

    Oh, just one more major point…. Himesh Reshammiya rocks!!

  4. this is for you..shyamalan…what you wrote was awesome…superb taste of music and loved your content…let the others say petty things about your spelling mistakes (i thought it was your style though..hehehe) but ur a fantastic music connoiseur….great going!!

  5. and then there was a “critic” who had asked the people to stop listening to the song with negativity in their heads..she said to listen to the instruments…the lyrics…i did!! swear i did!!! …i listened to each and every song in the CD all of them..believe me the only thing i found commendable were the beats (which were repeated in all the songs)the lyrics were so pathetic…din make any sense at all…i heard “its folkish but nachle”…some “sayoneee song”…yuck!! i dont think even the lyricist knew what he was writing.. i bet the junoon people must be going mad if they would have heard the song ….and she also insisted to stop being jealous of himesh’s fame. may be she implied if we dont like an artist and think he is only a nuisance and he is coming out with dull…hackneyed stuff over and over again.we are jealous of his fame…you know where the problem is…its only that people who hate himesh are expressing their views..and not many himesh reshammiya lovers like it when we bring out his flaws.

    im an engineering sophomore and have got only a little knowledge of music but surely himesh reshammiya would be a no-no for me unless he upgrades his standard a little.

  6. and one more thing…himesh was better when he din used to sing.believe me his earlier works work were genuinely good…i have no idea if they were copied…but pyaar kiya to darna kya..humraaz..aitraaz etc. were commendable works of his. like recently i was watching aitraaz and in the beginning of the movie when those credits and all are given..the music is FAB..try listening to it…surely its a foot tapping one!! ….the problem began when he started singing and started appearing in every god damn video…even his crooning now appears to be wailing!!!!.
    tc guyz!!keep rocking!!

  7. himesh i love his voice and his new track yaad sataye teri from phir hera pheri is a sik tune im in love with it but itsss soooo shawt he cuda made it a bit longer the music is totally sik am always hummin it and singin awwwww im addicted…..peace

  8. hi jani zohaib from pakistan u r birlliant jani i like ur music specilly kuch tu samjho na well done boy keep it up and god give u alot of happiness in ur life

  9. Himesh totally rocks. Amazing voice, amazing lyrics and amazing musical arrangement. Way to go man….keep rocking and we’ll rock along!

  10. himesh ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , my god

    he sings mind blowing , n i m his bigest fan………………..

    what a amazing guy he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (L)

  11. Being an engineering sophomore does not qualify one as a music graduate and hence one should refrain from lacerating someone’s feelings. It seems there are a few individuals out here whos only motive is to flail Himesh’s music come whatever may. There is no denying that he has been ruling the charts for over 10 months now as a singer as well as a musician. This should be enough to confute those who beleive that he has not got the mettle to reach the top, as he is already truly and firmly positioned over there.

  12. Hear hear Amit!! What a comment! you said it all in one! I agree totally with you and think that instead of assuming things before reading previous posts, i.e the “petty comments about spelling” it would be beneficial.

  13. Himeshji's Biggest Fan Ever 04-May-2006 at 3:19 pm

    Hi Himeshji,
    I Love your songs –
    Aap ki Kooooooooshish.
    Musiqe Banaya Tere Baap Ne.
    Cap Hai Tera Tera.
    Da Da Dadi Bahut Hai Teri.
    Humko Pagalkhana Legaye.

  14. shaving is banned 04-May-2006 at 3:24 pm

    Hi Himeshji,
    Don’t ever remove ur cap n shave ur beard.
    or else half of Indians will die n the other half will go into comma .
    plz bear with us.

  15. hi himesh jee

    AaA aShIqEe MaIn TeRi JaA jAa JaY gEi JaN MaRi Tu MaRi JaNaT hHi Tu MaRi BeYcHaNi Tu MaRi RaHaT hHi
    Tu MaRi DeWaNgI hHi Tu HeI mAnZl MaRi
    MaRi AnKhOo MaIn Tu MaRi MaHfIl HaI tU hE MaRi TnHaIi HaI

    AaShIq BnYa ApP nEy
    DiL kI sU0rHh DeWaR0o PeY NaM hAi TeRa KuSh TuU sAmJh0o Na
    ChAhE gIlA kAr0 cHaHe ShEkWa KaRo0o
    O0o0o0o HaZo0or TeRa TeRa SuRr0r
    HuM k0 DeWaNa DeWaNa KaR gEy
    Tu YaAd Na AaYe AiSa KoI dIn NaHi
    TuKuN AaShIq BnYa ApP nEy

    ye bat apni samaj main na aii muhbat hai ya hai saza tumhain

  16. ‘all day all night’…….aashique banaya aapne…samjho na..aapki kashish…tanhaa jiya na jae..tere sang ishque hai yaar tere sang dil lagiya…247 i think of u…nam hai tera!!

    what a lovely way to impress your sweetheart who is a himesh fan!

  17. Can you imagine, my son, Yogesh, who is just six years old, always sings songs which sung by Himesh only. Whenever there is song of Himesh on any TV channel or FM Channel, he will never allow anybody to change that Channel. And that’s how I also got into love with Himesh’s song. I am not much interested in music but after seeing and listening a lot Himesh, I got interested in his musics and song.

    I can say that he will be rocking for a long time. God bless him with lots of more success.


  18. Again I forgot to say that lot of people over here is talking about Himesh’s look. Why? Himesh is not a Hero or and Actor, he is a singer and musician. Look at those quality, what into a look when is delivering his best to this industry for which he is meant for.

  19. Pathetic!!! Last i heard Mr. himesh compared him self to rockstars… he sed he cud sing better make better music and yes put his feelings across better… jim morrison..kurt cobain..john lennon must b really terrible.. compared to him then? god bless the public who appreciate tht moron!!!

  20. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn 05-May-2006 at 9:10 pm


    MR. Vinod Mundhra


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  22. hey there…himesh lovers and haters….well its a fact that being an engineering sophomore dosent make me a music graduate ferre sure…but the little training that i had acquired in music certainly makes me able to differentiate between good and bad music…

    after reading certain posts i became sure of the fact that only because himesh admirers are larger in no. its a tragedy when we (the haters) bring out his flaws just because no one is willing to accept them. for me bad is bad….and good is commendable…my motive is not to “flail reshammiyas music come whatever may” probably some of the critics didnt read an another post of mine in which i commented on the music reshammiya gave in aitraaz…. i said he has done some good work irrespective of the fact that his music was copied. i didnt care if it was.
    deep!! i guess we’ve had enuff discussions over himesh mainly because its so sad the himesh lovers aren’t willing to accept anything against him. Even when when we say anything good!!!

  23. hi to all of you.
    dont waste ur time my all friends. talk about only himesh.

    think about yourself and ur career.

    himesh will not come to your family to give u food.

    and messege to all cute girls who is mad about himesh.

    girls concentrate on ur study if not get married.

    dont be in dilemma that himesh will marry you..

    he is just earning the money from us…..

    he can be husband of one wife at a time..

    jai mata di.
    anupam singh.

  24. There should be a distinct line between healthy criticism and bashing someone…..I have never cried from the top of the roof that Himesh is the best singer…..I just want to aver that he is a good singer (with his own style of singing) and a great composer who can consistently entertain people. Terming his style of singing as ‘Bad’ is a crystal clear case of prejudice.
    With just a little bit of training one should not start arrogating to himself or herself the authority to stamp a piece of art as good or bad.

  25. i have people telling me here whats the meaning of healthy criticism …for god sake the stuff I ABHORED I WROTE IT WAS BAD….AND THE STUFF I LIKED I WROTE IT WAS ADMIRABLE and am sure the training that i had acquired does give me an authority to rate a piece of art(??????????) as good or bad. and i guess any intelligent person irrespective of the fact that he has got any training in music or not has got the right to abhor nuisance.
    its pathetic people can’t take it and i must say a critic is not someone who keeps disparaging someones efforts..a critic is someone who brings out his good qualities as well…and em sure that is what i did. if i would have been prejudiced i would have compared him with AR rahman or any other upcoming music directors. people just not should blindly type they should understand others point of view as well.

  26. hey gimme a break himesh ur songs r nice but for gods sake f*** it and make some new music

  27. hi i am ur big friend. i love ur voice and i love the song naam tera and tera suror. i really want to see u so please come to us sometimes. I LOVE U
    see ya

  28. Nilesh Madankar 10-May-2006 at 1:47 pm

    Hi Himesh,
    I really admire ur talent i basically belong to Nagpur now a software engineer in Pune but let me tell u somethin you r the most wanted musician in Nagpur….Thatz gr8 achievement keep it up himesh…

  29. hi himesh app ka song app ka nam
    AASHIQ banya
    aashiq bnya appne
    tere bin suni suni hain baahein
    teri bin pyaasi nigaahein
    tere bin

    tere bin lamha lamha sataye
    tere bin bekarari jalaaye
    tere bin chain mujhko naa aaye
    tere bin
    mari nigaahon main tera chehra rawaa hain
    gehre hain aamaan jaane ja paagal samaa hain
    apni daayre se toh main chutne lagi hoon
    tere baazuon main aake toothne lagi hoon
    tere bin jeena nahi hai gawara
    tere bin kaun nahin hain guzara
    tere bin kaun apba sahaara
    AASHIQ banya
    aashiq bnya appne

    bechainyo ka faaslo ka silsila hai
    dardeigar ka yeh sabab ham ko mila hai
    betaabiyon ne hum ko chur kar diya hai
    paas aane pey majboor kar diya hai
    tere bin rat katti nahi hai
    tere bin doori ghati nahi hai
    AASHIQ banya
    aashiq bnya appne

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz contact meee

  30. Hi Himesh

    your voice is superb

    i’m just 10 year old but i enjoy listening ur songs

    please reply

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  32. Upen patel:”you either love himesh or u hate him but u simply can’t ignore him”.I totally agree with upen.I love himeshji.He is the best.

  33. Hi himesh yaar kya mast banda hai really after Sonu Nigam n Atif Aslam Mujhe Himesh ne hi impress kiya Aashiq Banaya Aapne mera Fav. Song hai and Yaad sataye teri 4m Phir Hera Pheri n Aare Aare 4m Chupchup ke are very mind blowing n flowless n main aap sab ko ek raaj ki baat batata hu Himesh ka pet name ‘GINTER’ hai if nybody wanna frndship with me than call me at 09896225583




  35. i need this song so bad: Himesh Reshammiya – Mujhko Yaad Sataye Teri ….if anyonez got it plz email me im soo adicted !!