Watchout, Google is updating their DB

For last few days Google is updating their databse, I have seen changes in PageRank…I have noticed this site getting PR5, my couple of other sites getting PR5 but one strange thing wonders me is, this time google is giving very less importance to incoming links…

This was going on from Jagger time but now its happening more…

My company site which does not have many backlinks was PR5 (many inside pages), my other tech site / blog which had around 92 backlinks was given PR5…

So now I guess there is some more important factor than links this time…

Lets see what google is upto…


  1. i was trying to play with page ranking stuff but still i am not able to figure out much what it takes to get more page ranking…also how do you check the page ranking anyway?

  2. Shyam – PR shows up in Google toolbar…just enable it in toolbar options..

    John – It started updating yesterday but then again it reverted back to old rank…I guess they are testing something…

    Shwetanshu – They are playing with the PR ranking i.e. yesterday they had enabled old ranking but now again new ranking is back..I can see PR5 on this site…

  3. Hmm…Deep, Rustybrick says that you have PR4 –,%20we%20predict%20your%20future%20PageRank%20after%20the%20next%20Google%20update%20will%20be%20%3Cb%3E4%3C/b%3E,%20an%20increase%20of%20%3Cb%3E%203.75%3C/b%3E%..
    and PR Checker says that you have a PR of 3.

    And for anyone who wanst to know their future PR, try RB!

    I don’t believe it Chronotron has PR 4…. Shocked!! Trying, I see only my site linking to me.. Hahah!!

  4. Its PR5…google toolbar says and also rustybrick..

    Results: Your current Google PageRank is 5. Based on our calculations, we predict your future PageRank after the next Google update will be 7, an increase of 31.99%.

  5. Errrr…I think I might know what the problem is. How are you searching Deep? Is it http? or www. Google always sucks for this…

    Yes, something fishy is up in Google. What is given more importance than links? Is it Number of Indexed pages or something like that or regularity of updates?

  6. I am checking it with www before the domain name….check

    it will show correct number of links..


  7. My Site also has PR 5 on 20 datacenters while rest still show it as 0. This time the update is very confusing! I hope they make a complete update soon!

  8. Hmm.. Corny was telling me last night that my PageRank was showing as 5 the day before .. Its 4 again .. And those future PR tools tells that all the datacenter have 4 PR for me … Anyways ..:P .. Who bloody cares .. :p

  9. Your current Google PageRank is 0. Based on our calculations, we predict your future PageRank after the next Google update will be 0.

    Deep any suggestion to improve this?

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