BMC Strikes Again…

They are up again with their suggestions to save power…

Just read about it on Mid-Day website, the BMC guys have come up with proposals to save electricity…here are their suggestions…..

1) The Undertaking has proposed to ask cinema halls to stop shows from 6 pm to 12 midnight. This means that people will be deprived of the 6 pm and 9 pm movies.

2) Will suggest to the Maharashtra Electric Regulatory Commission (MERC) to order cable operators in the city not to operate cable TV between 6 pm and 9 pm. This, says BEST, will save an estimated 500 MW.

3) Commercial establishments have been asked to set their temperatures above 26°C and delay switching on ACs by one hour. Similarly, they should switch them off an hour earlier each day.

I guess these guys have made new year resolution, whatever the condition it may be, we will give rest to our brains…


  1. Hahahaha … OMFG … I have more suggestions .. The power to all the traffic lights should be cut off between 6 Pm to 6 Pm 😀 .. All the stretlights should be switched off between 4 Pm to 12 Am .. There should be NO Day night matches in Wankhere stadium .. All the local trains should be converted to diesel engines … blah blah …

    /me run and hides 😀

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