Movie Review: Deepa Mehta’s Water

A very good movie got stuck because of cheap, dirty Indian politicians….that’s what comes in my mind when I think about the movie Water. The local politicians did not let Deepa Mehta shoot the move in Varanasi and did lot of hoo ha…but finally the movie completed but it could not get released in India…not even Music too…..

I just finished watching this movie on my PC and I must say..the movie is one of the best films by Deepa Mehta…

The movie is all about Widows and how do they live…the story takes back to 1938…starting with a very touching scene…

The family is going somewhere in a cart, the kid is enjoying in her own world, someone is trying hard to keep one person alive…the kid has no idea about what was happening, she was happy with her sugarcane…

After sometime…her dad comes and tells her…”You are Widow now”…the kid surprisingly asks him “For how much time?”

This was one of the touching scenes of the movie and then the movie adds array of touching and shocking facts which we never knew…

The girl Chuiya is sent to widow house to stay with other widows…the world where Widows do not have life…they starve for food, they cannot enjoy with other people…and they turn to prostitution…

The movie throws light on exploitation of widows by rich brahmin people….the movie also tries to show the love between Narayan (who is educated) and Kalyani (who is widow)…but the main aim of the movie was to show the exploitation on widows by other they were dragged to prostitution….

I found this movie perfect from all point of view, music (only songs) by A.R.Rahman was just too good, the background score of the movie was also very good….

The movie was shot very well..I just loved the colors and great cinematography…just amazing…

On the acting part, Sarala (Chuiya) and Seema Biswas (Shakuntala) were the best…specially the kid Chuiya…

So in short, if you are serious movie lover, then you must watch this movie…the movie is already out on DVD in US and other countries except India, I guess. So if you are in India and want to watch this film..then there are many other ways to get this great movie ;) 


  1. deepa mehta is known for quality films..parallel though..her films makes u think on them for days…i like this feeling..definitely going to get a copy

  2. Just to share with you people, movie was suppose to shot in India but due to resisitant the whole crew move to Srilanka where they shot the entire movie.

    I hav’nt seen the movie but what I am looking for is how people think of music.

  3. I already have have this movie in DVD 😀
    I pestered my friend to download the movie as he was not interested, now he liked the movie after watching it (and I am yet to watch).

    Anyone who likes this movie will like Memoirs Of A Geisha also. I recommend this Geisha movie, it’s too good.

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  5. I saw the movie last night at the Bangkok International Film Festival and was touched by the beauty of the actors and the scenery, as well as being appalled at the plight of Indian widows in the 1930s. The scene with Gandhi was also beautifully done I thought.
    It is my first Deepa Mehta movie and now I will look out for some more to watch.
    Kind regards,

  6. I have just seen the movie. It’s just extra ordinary. Direction to music every single thing is superb. I have no speech to tell how beautiful it was. Thanks and congratulation to Deepa Mehta for making a fabulous film. Good luck for her future.

  7. I viewed the movie last night twice and i was deeply saddened by the plight of the widows in India. I was shocked and was not aware that this was happening. It makes me extremely sad, the explotitation and horrible treatment that these women face. We have to do something to help them. Are there any orgarnizations in Canada helping these women… please let me know.

    Ms Mehta, thank you for bringing this matter to the forefront and thank you and your team for your strength and perseverance. God Bless.

  8. i liked all movies by DEEPA MEHTA and also seen them.but WATER is the best movie from DEEPA.,everyboday in movie has done exceelnt job from small girl to JOHN .JOHN HAS SILENCED HIS CRITICS.but on the other side the movie is weak as they did`nt tell what is problem of LISA RAY with JOHN father and what happenned finally to LISA

  9. I saw moive last evening and that is shocking (very upright and straight) as far as i am concerned (being unaware of the creed and principles) and fully agrees with Tara that overall ipact is very sad but with the some gllipse of hope. Over all an honest try but for those who have mood for such movies. some good acting sp. from the young girl and Sima biswas. Rest is just fine.

    But i think Earch 1947 is far more good movie then this. This has very small canvas like just a widow home but in case of Earth, there are saveral nations (Muslims, hundus, Sikhs and Parsi) in the backdrop of a very big change to their lifes i.e. partition.

    But overall a pretty decent movie all the way.

  10. Water is a clasic masterpiece from Deepa Mehta. By far the best movie that I have ever watched in recent times. If it doesn’t make it to the Oscars I will be really disappointed. And if for some reason it doesn’t get selected then probably the Jurors must be blind.

    A sure winner. Great piece of work

  11. Check the child actor Chuiya (Sarla). She deserves to be nominated for ‘The best child actor award’ for her excellent performance in the movie ‘Water’.

    She touches an emotional chord and brings tears to your eyes and I bet that there would be rarely any one who would escape those precious moments of truth as portrayed by her splendid acting performance.

    Keep it up Chuiya… you have gone that extra mile and have a long way to go…….

    Deepa Mehta- You could have never got anyone better than Sarla (Chuiya) for that magnificent role. Great discovery of a Child Prodigy.

  12. I watched the movie and loved it!!
    I also found myself thinking about it day after day and the music in the movie was amazing I personally have never heard anyhting quite like it before.I searched everywhere to get some information about the music in the movie but it wasn’t a success.If you would be so kind as to e-mail me if you know anything about it,it would mean a lot to me.Because I am a poet and for a long time I couldn’t write about anything,right after I watched the movie and heard the music of the flutes,chimes and just made me write again.It made my mind fly.My e-mail adress is you very much…Selena from Canada:)

  13. hey really want 2 watch the movie water desperately tryin for the cd but jus not happenin plzz help me out 2 get the cd

  14. And still the movie went to Oscars 🙂

    But yea again, it depends on person to person, I personally really liked it.

  15. Deepa,

    I had predicted this as soon as I watched it last year. Get ready for receiving the Oscar for the best foreign film.

    You deserve it as much as Water does……

    Good luck Send me a picture receiving the award :)and Best wishes..


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  17. Water was a touching story. I really enjoyed this film. It makes you think for days and days. I like the message that it sends and I’m glad I got to be informed about this issue in India. Loved the music. Keep up the good work, Deepa!!

  18. Khensani Hatlane 30-Aug-2007 at 6:48 pm

    I am a student at Wits university(South Africa).We watched the film as part of the English course and everyone just became so emotional after the screening. I have never watched such an inspirational deep rooted film like water. Congratulations Deepa.

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