Deal Ya No Deal…obviously no deal…lol

Sony is known as worst in attempts to increase TRP…but they are trying their best to increase it…they are trying their best to show the emotions on the face of the people…

Take example of ad of their flop show Deal Ya No Deal which was previously hosted by R Madhavan…the show was doing so bad that they had to give seat to Mandira Bedi…yeah the one with…ahem ahem..great acting skills… 😉

So, coming back to the ad…I just watched the ad starts with..Struggling actor…..Rajendra… jald se jald chukana chahti hai apna karz…Kamwali Bai (showing her crying)….Devendra…Call Center employee..jisse apni home loan chukani hai…Kya hoga insabka…

And they are showing these guys dancing and crying with Mandira Bedi…do they think we will get carried away with this? Do they think that we will sit like fools in front of TV to watch that show?

This is one of their examples of increasing TRP…infact in the show Deal Ya No Deal only..I have seen people crying…they calling Taxiwala….Dabbawala….and what not…contestants are crying, praying without any reason….showing the expressions which should not be shown at that time..i.e. over acting…

But for Sony, it seems people are fools and they will believe the foolish show…

I guess they should learn something from KBC…and try to make a great show rather than keep on trying bad ideas to increase TRP…

Update: Sorry, I have to close the comments due to many people asking for participation in the show.


  1. learn from KBC ? , where they call celebrity including those ekta kapoor serial characters , winning always certain amount to donate .Don’t know if u missed recently or forgot those 4 or 5 ppl got 2wice entry in this season including BSNL emoployee(who are not allowed)
    almost every channel do such “TRP” booster for their shows, on channel & off-channel (like becky of american idol’s maxim connection)

  2. its not limited to this. the script writers of the soaps dished out these days, they don’t have any common sense or they think that the viewers watching their crap are just too idiotic. the examples can be cited from a show “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin” where sometime back she was struggling in a court to prove that she’s Jassi while she was charged with the murder of Jassi(herself)!! The crap that was broadcasted for weeks, it wasn’t worth a penny, her identity could’ve been established with a simple DNA matching of her with her father!! but apparently the scriptwriter made us believe that we are still living in stone age!! 🙄

    and then in another incident in another law suit, where she was charged with stealing of funds, some company employee shot a video of her from his mobile while she worked on a Mac facing the door where the employee was standing. and the camera on that mobile was so advanced that it shot the footage of what’s happening on the screen of the computer!! amazing tech, no? 😮 I didn’t know that such cameras are available!! 😉

  3. Multi – Yup, KBC had few TRP raising episodes but people were watching KBC because that show had power to grab people’s attention…they had a great game show with a great host like Amitabh Bacchan..

  4. Hey I think that’s really dumb to say because my family and I really enjoy watching Deal ya No Deal. I thought it was so nice when they rought in the gharwali bhais and I was really happy when she won 10 lacs. Plus I used to really enjoy Madhvan as the host and the reason he had to quit was that he was being offered film oppertunities.Actually I really like Mandira Bedi and I thibnk that if you don’t like the show then don’t watch it and stop writing bad stuff about it!!!

  5. Sony,
    Deal ya no deal is great show. Keep it on.

    But Mandira Bedi is not intellegent presenter.

    Pl.change, Madhwan was better.


  6. I like deal ya no deal but Mandira plays it slow and madhavean went faster i agree hasan ali

  7. Sony’s attempts to get TRP thru the Deal ya no Deal & thru Mandira is pathetic & unorganized. I thought that the concept of the Game-show was original & promising, but its completely messed up by Sony. Completely incorrect selection of Anchors, wrong formats & pathetically boring screenplay!! YAWN!!

    If this pathetic attempt succeeds, it will be another sad day for Indian TV (Ekta Kapoor already gives us many sad days thru her cliched & tasteless shows)

  8. Deep, it seems like out of all the people posting their review, you are the only one who does not like the show and wants to impose your weird thinking of not liking a good show on others too.

  9. Hamendar – Different person will have different choices and I dont have any problems with it..the fact remains that they are trying stupid things to increase the TRP…some people like it and some don’t….

  10. Deep, it seems like out of all the people posting their review, you are the only one who does not like the show and wants to impose your weird thinking of not liking a good show on others too.

    well, as it happens, I don’t like the show as well. & mind you, everyone’s free to express their opinions. 🙂


    love sara

  12. hmmm.. never seen the show.. is it any good? deal or no deal was pretty good though.. never seen teh indian version

  13. I cannot believe a post on DYND has got people to ask for invitations to participate in it!! LOL…It is really hilariously stupid!the most hilarious comments section ever!!!


    BTW It is the only show I watch on T.V now and its thoroughly entertaining, Madhavan was unbearable then though


  14. this is damn funny deep…. people are mad .. how they dont understand what place is this… they are just leaving in thr own world and talking to that stupid so called “mandira JI” and sony tv….
    well to help you i am writing a small note to everyone in hindi as well as english..
    this is just an experiment.. lets try…lets c if they understand it or not….

    pyari janta,
    is post ke sare logon ko mera NAMASTE,

    main aap sab se yeh kehna chahti hu ke yeh jaga “mandira ji” ya fir “sony tv” ke karyakarta se baat karne ke liye nahi hai, aap apne sawal ya sujhav sony tv ki site pe jake de sakte hai… yeh jaga sirf deal ya no deal ke baremain apne vichar pragat karne ke liye hai… aap mandira ji ka ghar samajhke unse yaha pe baatein na kare… aapki baatein untak nahi pohechegi….
    Hello to everyone,

    i would like to inform you people that this post is not on behalf of “mandira” or “sony tv”… this is just a place whr you can share your views about deal ya no deal… your questions will not reach to sony team if you write it hr.. for asking questions you will need to go to sony tvs site…


  15. i think mandira is a great great actor in deal ya nodeal. so keep it up mandira. i love this showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i think it rocksssssssssssssssss mAN.

  16. for mandira bedi relation of cricket to sex……………..

    no cover , no extra cover , two fine legs , a deep gully enjoy it…………………………….

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  18. Sreyoneel Biswas 13-Apr-2006 at 7:37 am

    now it is not my favorite show but wen u said that the emotions of some of the contestants are fake well it isn’t…i thought Madhavan was better than Mandira but now i think she is doing pretty good…i think that it is a pretty good chance for the contestants to earn some extra money…i dont think that sony is wasting time on this show at all

  19. karishma...16...shahrukh khan fan ! ! ! 14-Apr-2006 at 2:51 am

    i think deal ya no deal is really good, im watching it now and it puts such bright smiles on peoples faces which is really nice to see.
    watch the show, its great,
    id love 2 be in such a place and win somthing
    no-one on that show is a loser everybody goes home with somthing! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  21. mandir u r my only first actress from indian actresses i love u can i talk with u by ur mailing adres plz give me

  22. Rajeshree vijay Patil 17-Apr-2006 at 8:14 pm

    Deal ua No Deal is really an amazing show…i love u Mandira…and hats off to teh Producer of the show…its easy to say this is not good…,this is bad..coz people expect a lot..dnt worry i love ure show and go gaa gaaa to all to watch DEAL YA NO DEAL ..good concepts guyz good show…
    love u all..

    all the best