Filmfare awards 2005 winners

If you are in the same situation as me…i.e. bugged by watching the long breaks in today’s (much hyped by news channels) filmfare awards show, can’t bear silly jokes by Javed Jaffrey and Cyrus Broacha…then here are the results…which came out much before ending of sony’s so called Filmfare awards 2005 LIVE

I have made the word Live in bold because they are just fooling us by that Live word written below sony logo…

Anyways here we go….

Best Actor
Amitabh Bachchan (Black)

Best Actress
Rani Mukerjee (Black)

Best Film

Best Director
Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Black)

Best Performance in a Negative Role
Nana Patekar (Apaharan)

Best Actor in a Comic Role
Akshay Kumar (Garam Masala)

Best Supporting Actor
Abhishek Bachchan (Sarkar)

Best Supporting Actress
Ayesha Kapoor (Black)

Best Debut (Male)
Shiney Ahuja – Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi

Best Debut (Female)
Vidya Balan – Parineeta

Best Playback Singer (Male)
Himesh Reshammiya – Aashiq Banaya Aapne (Aashiq Banaya Aapne)

Best Playback Singer (Female)
Alisha Chinoy – Kajra Re (Bunty Aur Babli)

Best Music
Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Bunty Aur Babli)

Best Choreography
Howard Rosemeyer – Kaisi Paheli Hai (Parineeta)

Best Lyrics
Gulzar – Kajra Re (Bunty Aur Babli)

Critics Award
Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee, Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Black)

Filmfare Power Award
Yash Chopa & Aditya Chopra

Lifetime Achievement Award
Shabana Azmi

Fair One Face Of The Year
Vidya Balan (Parineeta)

R. D. Burman Award
Shantanu Moitra

Best Cinematography
Ravi K Chandran (Black)

Best Background Score
Monty (Black)

Best Editing
Bela Sehgal (Black)

Best Sound Design
Bishwadeep Chatterjee (Parineeta)

Best Art Direction
Keshto Mondal, Tanushree Sarkar and Pradeep Sarkar (Parineeta)

Best Screenplay
Nina Arora and Manoj Tyagi (Page 3)

Best Dialogue
Prakash Jha (Apaharan)

Best Story
Shiv Kumar Subramanium, Ruchi Narain & Sudhir Mishra (Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi)

Best Action
Allan Amin (Dus)

Source: It can’t be any other than IndiaFM


  1. Actually it not really a Live show because the live show won’t have so many breaks and here song is showing long breaks every 10 minutes….

    but whatever it is…Madhuri Dixit rocks….her dance number is going on currently…

  2. the more I watch the show..more I find that the award function is empty…

    Till now 4-5 award winners are not present…and hosts are cracking PJs on the ones who came to receive awards on winner’s behalf..(and I see tabu saying sorry for the bad joke…lol)

  3. Yup..few of their are kind of shocking…

    Best Singer was a bad choice…Best Actor in Comic Role…Akshay Kumar..he was too loud in the movie..Anil Kapoor was much better in No Entry…Best Debut (Male)..Iqbal actor..Talpade was very impressive..

    and in critics too there is no mention of Iqbal at could they miss such a great movie?

    In short this award function is much hyped sucking show…

  4. It’s the same old story.. CAS in Chennai so no pay channels, I can always Download the show 😀
    My friend has a 512kbps connection, I have asked him to d/l and he is d/ling the part one of the show 😀

  5. looks like the only two films that were considered of any worth were Black & Apharan, none of them being a commercial kinda movie!! 😉

  6. Deep.. Shiney Ahuja deserved it for Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi.. It was a wonderful movie… much better than Iqbal. Iqbal was a very good movie but more of a commercial one. Whereas, HKA is a wonderful movie which tells the story of 3 people during the emergency period i.e. 1975
    The indirect way in which Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi were shown as being corrupt and arrogant deserves praise.

    Also, for a change it wasn’t a rip-off. Even Black is a re-make of an English Movie.

  7. Also, for a change it wasn’t a rip-off. Even Black is a re-make of an English Movie.

    Not many Hindi movies & music can say that, they usually all are. But then they term it as “inspiration”!! 😉

  8. Black is a rip off from “Miracle Man”. Lol someone said in NDTV , thats the reason Black was not nominated to Oscars 😛

  9. I heard that Abhishek’s peformance got blacked out in live telecast…is it true…because I heard that for this reason a retelecast is being done on March 4!

  10. Back to nominies, i think the award for best debut for a female belongs to the lead actress (Don’t know her name) of HKA instead of Vidya Balan (Parineeta). She is good but not that the one I mentioned earliar.

    Also, for best movie, i agrees that a movie inspired or copied by other must not win this award. Above all, i think big B did not deserve award for Black but he did for his acting in Sarkar. The reason is, in black there is not much expressions as compared to Sarkar. Sarkar looks at the darker side of the charactor which is always difficult to portray where as in black he is playing the other way around (Also, to act using the hands, body movement is easy as compare to expressions like in Sarkar.).

  11. if i hv the right then i wl give best actress award to Ayesha Kapoor bcoz most of us still dont know that this amasing girl hv just perform & she living normal life..
    Well done!!

  12. Hey people,
    I don’t think best singer was a bad choice at all. Himesh’s “sufi” style singing has got him alot of recognition everywhere in the world (off course whereever Desi’s reside). He is extremely talented and a perfectionist. And its about time he got his props. I’ve been follwojng his career ever since he first started off giving music scores for TV series such as Andaz (back in 1996) and such.
    He has come a long way and proven himself to the critics that he can not only produce versatile music but also sing to his own tunes. The trio of comprising of Himesh, Sameer and Dj Akbar Sami have proven time and again to be a match made in heaven (so to speak). Another point about Himesh is that its not only his music that makes his songs so popular, he does sing very well. If you’ve ever heard his unplugged version songs from Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Aksar, Aap Ka Surroor, you’ll notice what I am implying here.

    Best female singer award on the other hand should have gone to Shreya Ghosal for “Piya Bole” from Parineeta. Kajrare Re was the worst song from Bunty and Bubli and it only got popular because of how it was picturized in the movie. If it hadn’t been for the Bachchans and Ashwariya, the song wouldn’t amount to anything. Its one of those songs that auntty’s and uncle’s jam to when they get drunk. And if you listen to it carefully, the part where guys sing, it sounds like bunch of “chakkes” going at it. Don’t get me wrong , I love the talents of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. Its just that this wasn’t their best work by a long shot. So there ya have it….thought I give in my two cents.

    PS: Keep rockin the music and the mic, Himesh!!!

  13. wow!great!amitabh bachchan ji and rani deserve those awards…black was the best film in the last year.None of the other films came even near the perfection black had…and how can it not have perfection when the lead actor is the best actor in the universe-amitabh Bachchan and lead actress is the most talented young lady rani mukherjee…and to add to it-the director-sanjay leela bhansali and the wonderful background score.It really is a film worth watching.
    Small and superb film.brought tears into my eyes.
    Especially with my big B’s wonder acting and rani’s too!

    himesh for best singer!yuck!sonu deserved it…if singing with nose is talent…who cant sing well?

    Big B was great in both sarkar and black.The uality of an actor doesnt change.The quality of the movie enhances it.

    Black deserved to be nominated for the oscars…not that stuuupid paheli with stupid shah rikh as lead role.Black isnt a copy-its just inspired from that film-miracle man.
    Critics did mak the right choice this time.


  14. also…to all those who say black is a copy…DO U FIND A STANDARD FILM IN BOLLYWOOD NOWADAYS?

    all films are like the stupid loe story between a young man and woman…or a “woh” walli thing!yuch!!!!!!!

  15. The reason why Black wasn’t nominated was because they were afraid of getting sued for copyright infringement. (Copyright to Indian film makers means Right to Copy!) Oscars reward talents for original scores, not something that has been “INSPIRED” (as Indian producers and directors call it nowadays) by other movies. Paheli wasn’t nominated for Oscars either because it sucked ass.

    Let’s face it, Indian movies nowadays are nothing but Indian take on Hollywood movies, which becomes even worse when they try to incorporate the typical Indian love story. Why can’t they stick to making something like Parineeta, which is original and entertaining to watch.

    And as far as Himesh winning the best singer award goes, he DESERVED it. The public as well as the panel of judges made the decision. If it was a mistake he wouldn’t have won 2 MTV music awards, Zee Cine Award for best singer as well as best singer award for this filmfare. The trend for songs has changed if you haven’t noticed. New and upcoming singers have very unique and catchy voices like Kunal Ganjawala, Ayer, Krishna and so forth.

    The younger generation likes music that mixes the western style with the traditional roots and that is what Himesh’s music is all about. And as far as singing from the nose goes, people didn’t seem to complain when Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sang songs or even his protégé Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for that matter. Besides if you’ve listened to his new songs, he doesn’t sing from the nose as amply put it. By the way, its not called singing from the nose, the word that defines that type of singing is called is Sufi and another example of a person who sings like that is Atif Aslam (who I think also deserves more recognition).

    Sonu Nigam was good during his reign but now its time for a change and change is what people like and vote for. It is time for singers like Kunal, Krishna, Shaan, Himesh, Ayer, Sukhvindar, K.K, Adnan, Debojit & Vinit. Even lil B kicked butt on the track “Right Here Right Now”. 😉

    Get with the program or go shopping for CD’s from the past century when Sonu and Udit ruled the charts. Right now, Himesh kicks butt. This is going to his year again. Don’t believe me? Go and check out “Jhoom Jhoom” from the movie “Tom, Dick & Harry”.

    Keep doing what you do Himesh…YOU ROCK!!!

    PS: No offense intended to the readers. I am just a big fan of Himesh’s work and if you take time to know whats he’s about, you’ll like him too.

  16. wowwwwwwwwwwww!.Am very happy to head this,Bishwadeep Chatterjee got a award for very proud bcz, our award selection team worked good thank for it. Why am saying Bishwadeep Chatterjee is only person for that awadr bcz am also a sound engg so i know that stuff.
    Thank for this chance

  17. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa atif aslam sud have won fr the best play back singer!! his voice is amazing!!!!!

  18. i was excited when i came to know that rani mukerjee has got best actress.her acting is amazing.

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