Help Jessica to get Justice

Talking about Jessica Lal murder case in which all the accused were acquitted due to lack of proper evidence. But that was the reason stated by the court but the people are very well about the reality….she was shot by some politician’s son and now that guy is free, the case is closed and kept Jessica Lal shouting for justice up there and this case once again this case proves how poor is our judicial system and how easy is to get away from it….

NDTV is going to file petition to open the case again i.e. re trail of the closed case and for that they need help from us by sending them SMS and making their petition stronger…

All you have to do is send message to 6388 with text “Jessica�, that’s it…nothing more…

So if you feel that Jessica Lal should get justice and what government / our law system did was wrong, then please send the SMS to above number…

Thanks to my friend Anand for forwarding me the SMS and letting me know about re-trial petition by NDTV

Spread the word: Send out SMS, emails to people you know…if you are a blogger like me, then post it on your blog so more people can read it….

Let’s help Jessica to get fair trial.


  1. HT in delhi also did a poll and they are also filling their petition to Chief Justice, PM and President.

    Amywayz i had already sent 7 SMSs

  2. i dont think this gonna work, if it reopens, any 1 remember the case of ex-navy chief’s grandson case( same trail after trial , case of killing 7 ppl under his BMW) . In that case , court bailed that culprit with 5 crore/year.

  3. This is going to show if Dhananjay and Manu are the same in the eyes of the law

  4. Where to go????

    Politicians have lost their credibility, police is also corrupt now even the judicial system is also not working to the welfare of common man……….which was the last hope.

    Country is leading indirectly to a “CIVIL WAR”


  5. tomorrow at 5.30p.m. at india gate there is a rally for the retrial of jessica lal.all those who feel strongly about the case are to assemble.i wonder how long will it take for our people to wake up and throw the judiciary which is playing a mockery of life.It kills me to be a part of a system where life is so cheap!

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