1. Yes first time I have beat you to something yes YEs okay just joking if you wanna know what then it is the News. But its not that hes clothes is changing its the villian who is in the clothes. A bit Info:
    Venom, one of the most deadly enemies of venom first came to him as a new suit. The Venom is from another planet(or dimension i forgot). He is supposed to be a symbiote. Symbiote after leaving Spidey will fuse with Parker’s professional enemy Eddie Brock.
    So this is how he has the black suit the suit is one of the two villans in the new film

  2. My cousin just told me that, he will get some extra powers and that will make him bit of evlish so he turns black…thats what had happend in the comic..I have no idea how they are gonna show it in the movie..

  3. Oh okay as i said its the same when the symbiote(Venom) takes over spiderman he becomes more powerful but all his dark feelings emerge but he fights it and the symbiote takes over a new host that is Eddie Brock.
    Yeah Abhinav you are right.
    I wish only if they make more movies of spiderman with all his arch enemies.
    But there is a loop hole in this story supposedly the Costume was made by Spiderman when he was on a intergalactic(or transdimensional i forgot) war and when his costume gets ripped But when he reaches earth he realizes how it taking over him and all those stuff. So I suppose they wont follow this story as this requires him to go in another galaxy(or dimension) and fight with many villians from the side of Superheroes that means many superheroes they cant show them all togather so they might take the old cartoon series storyline or they may make a new story for it. No ones except them

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  5. yeah, i think the director must not followed the full comics story, i think changing venom character into super heroes is greatfull idea…

  6. spiderman 3 villan is actually electro:)
    Maxwell Dillon has cancer and takes some compunds to extend his life
    sandman was hired by Harry Osborn to kill spiderman
    spiderman and sandman push maxwell dillon onto a generator of some sort by mistake
    his antigens and electricity give him powers when they fuse
    finally the symbiote comes down from a space rockket and sticks on to spiderman
    it gives him enhanced strength and powers and superwebbing!
    He wins the battle between the 2 supervillans
    and finally at the end, check out just before the credits, the camera will zoom to spiderman’s eye. The fourth movie’s villan will be shown.
    Can’t guess who it is? Email a request and i’ll tell you

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