1. What good mocking only if they made it on something like internetexplorer7.com then it would have been really great

  2. Ha ha, some mozilla firefox lover, come to think of it he may be right as IE7 is nothing but firefox replication LOL.

    Microsoft legal deparement may go into a frenzy trying to buy out the site.

  3. Good idea…making such a domain and then selling it for millions of dollars to ms!

    But where was the need for such a joke…everbody knows…IE 7 cannot beat Firefox!

  4. Hey thats what billgates.com is still hijacked, but microsoft lawyers sued mikersoft.ca, do a google for mikerosoft and you will see.

    This shows that Microsoft cares about products not about individuals, that the guy registered ie7.com is a money making gimmick is evident.

    Next time before microsoft launches a product buy they out you may be in for big money or be ready to pay huge money for legal hassels.


  5. IE7 is really interesting in the way MS have copied looks and functionality from Mozilla guys. Apart from the looks part and similar stuff, the only thing, which gives it an edge over Mozilla firefox is that IE is still better in maintaining sessions across the tabs in the same browser window, as per my own experiences.
    The dropdown listing of all 4 major search engines, which they show on the right top corner of the window is not so useful to people except the SEO practitioners. No point showing results from so many search engines, instead, they could have included some useful plugins from say, dictionary.com, bugmenot, or something of similar kind.

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