Oh Expenses..

Some of you might be aware that, I was (am) looking for an employee for my company. So finally I found one 🙂 I was looking for 2 guys basically, 1 for SEO and other one for PHP. So, found the guy for PHP…he is going to join from 4th April..

So now the I have to be ready for the expenses…

First major expense for me would be a new computer..It would cost me around Rs. 20,000 (decent AMD machine with 512 MB RAM), approx Rs. 3,000 for the computer trolley, approx Rs. 2500 for the chair…and then monthly Rs. 11,500 (Salary)….

I guess the time has come to save money and ask Ashish for some tax saving tips… 😉

Life is full of risks…you just have to know how to play with it and have fun…and that’s what I am trying to do..having fun..taking risks….seeing dreams coming true….(touch wood)..the feeling is good….too good…oh yeah..its just too good…


  1. Kool!!! well me being a studnt of comp engg (studyin at present).. i too was interested in starting a company and stuff.. started… though we have a small physical presence in bangalore (again i say..i am still studying) though started as a i got a team of 21 (freelancers) i can say dedicated freelancers..and thats how i am still trying to my myself Big..bigger and biggest….

    i am happy to see ur dreams comming true…Wish you loads of work..oops!! loads of Good work and good luck!!

    koi design ka order hai tho hume forward kar dena 😉

  2. me chekin ur log after long time… cool, congrats deep on ur excellent progress, keep rockin’… 🙂

  3. Good that you have gone for a good chair. Not all bosses care about the ergonomics when it comes to the office staff and himself seats in the cosiest chair. 😀

  4. hi deep

    good that u found a programmer atlast !!

    ur going to a bea big guy and dont forget us then 😉

    me to want to bea big web guy in the future.

    ur my kinda role model, icon 🙂

  5. Deep, the best way to save tax is not to earn income 😆 or if you must earn, don’t show it and if you must show it, also show some expenses 😀

    BTW, for all legitimate (and illegitimate ;)) tax planning, you are always welcome. 🙂

  6. The best tax saving tip is umm…save…. Yeah!!

    Well, PC’s today are a lot cheaper than they were years ago… Be happy for that. My first system was bought years ago for 50K (which seemed bigger back then) and had all the so-called frills.

  7. Don’t forget your PC’s fetch you a 60% depreciation as an expense. So if you buy it for 20K, at the end of the first year, it would have a book value of only 8K! 12K can be deducted from income to arrive at net taxable income 🙂 So be happy about it 😉

    BTW, Deep. You keep mentioning expenses. What about the extra income you will earn from all this?? 😀 Now stop whining!! 😆

  8. Oh yea..I am not mentining expenses as..Oh shit I have to spend so much…but its just the expense which I will have to occur to earn more and quire happy about it 🙂

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