Backup email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2003

How to backup email accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2003?

This question was bugging me like hell when I was taking backup of my outlook data today.

I took backup of all the folders, rules but I could not find any option to take backup of email accounts.

I googled for quite some time but could not find anything…
I knew there was a registry key for this but it wasn’t so easy to find….
after digging the net / google for more than 30 minutes, I finally found the way to do it…

Just locate the following key in registry (start – run – regedit):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook

Then right click on the key, outlook and select option, Export…save it anywhere you want…
and run it while restoring your outlook.

This will restore your old outlook profile with all email accounts and rules.
But, you will have to enter passwords for the accounts again. It does not store the user passwords.

I hope this helps people like me..who are lazy to create the email accounts again… 😀


  1. you think you are lazy i dont even create any accounts in Outlook i feel its better to look in the mail itself. hehe i am more lazier

  2. deepu, text is getting cut in this post eg. digging ka spelling is diggi and even the 1st line….thght i’d tell u. DONT POST THIS!

  3. I donno why its showing like that to u..spelling is also correct…i guess it time to switch to IE6 or latest version of FF 🙂

  4. Dammit! I’m using windows XP Professional. Its getting cut in IE 6 and FF 1.5 n stop posting this

  5. How come windows xp? 😛 to be frank there is nothing wrong in the layout as far as i know. It doesnt cut anything here…so may be its some other issue which is causing it…

  6. maybei'mwrongidon'tknow 04-May-2006 at 4:52 pm

    Did any of this make sense to you freaks? What about using the export feature in outlook to backup emails? Or saving the .pst file, guess we need to google more

  7. kiddo, do you even know what is written in the post? do you know that you CANNOT export emil account settings, rules in outlook? Get your facts straight and then reply with your childish comments…

    ,pst file will take backup of the mail data not email accounts…

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  9. Apparently, there’s a feature in Microsoft Office 2003 to import/export settings like accounts.
    “Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard” in the “Microsoft Office Tools”.
    This will save all the mail accounts as well as other settings in Office.
    But if you want to use this feature to transfer your settings and accounts to a new computer, I think it will do the trick.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t test it yet (will do soon).
    Hope it helps.

  10. Please add 1 and 1??? Anyway, thanks for postion this assistance. We’re swapping one computer to another and this worked very well. BTW Add the part that the final reg were about 17 lines down that contained the email accounts (what I was looking for) thanks!!

  11. Both the options – exporting / importing the registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook” and the “Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizardâ€Â? in the “Microsoft Office Toolsâ€Â? exports the account settings but without the passwords. You will have to type them again

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  12. Hi,

    Thanks – This was just what I needed … Since XP and Office often craches and need a re-install!! (Bye bye weekend)… 🙂 I found this JUST the thing i need to restore all my emails!!



  13. Hey,

    Googl’n has taken me to your site. I was looking for same solution for Outlook 2007.

    The registry file is the same but the path is different in Windows Vista.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem

    Hope this helps someone..


  14. Do NOT use the Microsoft Office Tool to save Outlook 2003 Email Account settings from Office XP to move to Outlook 2003 on Vista. Somehow Microsoft screwed this one up big time. Now Outlook 2003 on my new Vista machine won’t start and displays an error message “Can’t find Outlook1.pst”. I did use a PST file to move over the email addresses and mail, but the names of both PST files was NOT Outlook1.pst. Wow can you imagine the richest business in the world can’t even figure out how move email address setting between on f’n version to another. Man Microsoft really, really sucks. But, that is why we have laws against monopolies. I just wish it would be imposed to break up this nightmare of a blood sucking corporation.

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  16. I have no idea why they have removed the option to back up mail account settings in Outlook 2003 but it is a pain in the back side.
    Thanks for you tutorial.
    It did exactly what I wanted.

  17. Thanks! As a fellow lazy IT man, I was scratching my head at this one. I guess I could have searched the registry for one of the profiles, and that would have lead me there quicker………but why do that when google will do it for you!

  18. Thanks, a lot.
    There must be a way to store the passwords, too.

    I found something on the net.
    Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings
    (or something like this, I found it in Turkish)

    Now, we can backup and restore the settings…

    (I don’t try it, yet)

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  21. A Good find

    Will this backup and save all the signatures to multiple accounts?

    Not something I’d rather try until needed


    Best answer and did exactly what I wanted. Reentering the passwords are no problems. But recreating the accounts when you have multiple accounts is a pain. Again, thanks so much.

  23. This is great, I’ve been looking for it myself for ages, but since it is in a strange key (WinNT) and the account info is encoded in HEX, I was out of luck.
    BTW when you uninstall Outlook, the information stays, so I just made a complete Office uninstall from 2010 Beta and then pulled in 2010 RTM and it still worked like a charm; the registry keys were preserved!! 🙂
    But it’s a good thing to keep the exported .reg for later use 😉
    Thanks again, really useful!

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