How do you feel when…

How do you feel when you get your life’s biggest project? And how do you feel when you loose it?

How do you feel when you loose it because of mistake of some other person?

Ask me it feels fu**ing sad, just lost the project which was going to be one of the biggest projects in my life and the project was main milestone for my new company.

But I lost it after working on it for more than 2 months, I lost it at the time of completion, that too due to irresponsibility of some other person who managed to keep me under shadow…not once but twice…more than monetary loss, it was loss of company reputation.

The person I trusted the person for whom I was confident about, did this great job.

Feeling really sad but that’s part of the life, we always learn from our mistakes.

And yeah..Big thanks to that person for screwing up the things….


  1. you seem mad now i mean angry in mad so not good time for those “there is always a next time” thing. just dont get too angry thats all i got to say

  2. you can sing that song by Sonu Nigam “achha silla diya tune meri dosti kaa, yaar ne hi loot liya project yaar kaa ” & do change topic to “Aur deep ko gussa kyon aata hai ”
    cool down yaar.

  3. Sorry for you , friend. I know it hurts a lot . You are a bright person , you can

    go much ahead than this . My best wishes for the future.

  4. yeah it looks buggy to me too but i installed it to overcome with threads like this

    I will keep it for a day or so and then install some better plugin..

  5. Thanks deep, i appreciate all ur concerns and your issues and i do apprise
    myself to be the f##c$$g culprit for all.

    Deep I didnt want to hurt you and when i messed up thus hurting you that
    hurt me the most and I wont forgive myself for that.

    Am sorry its so sad and i will never forgive myself for this.

    God kill me some way tomorrow to make you feel better if it does.

    Thanks for all the great reviews

  6. It will never..but just dont do things like this to anyone..thats it..I have forgotten it as a bad past..and dont want to remember it too 🙂

  7. I didnt do things on purpose whatever you think is right and i dont dispute
    that and about doing it to others, I have decided there is only two person I
    can do bad to me and myself.

    I have f$$c#d up working till 6 Am in the morning for a clown sorry i still
    lacked on commitment.

    All i can ask is be my friend thats it, i cant make it up to you now but will do it

  8. Everyone struggles for success!! I struggled very hard for 2 years and still not consider myself successful 😆 So how can you not struggle before you taste the success? 🙂

    Have patience Deep, life is not a bed of roses. If you succeed after some failures, success tastes all the more sweet. 😉 In my opinion, now you have some time for bigger and better projects 🙂 So look around for them.

    And Mr. Culprit, have you thought about some way to compensate the loss that Deep sufferred because of you? Be fair, and think about it. If you can’t compensate monetarily, do some projects for him for free! That is if Deep can still trust you with his projects.

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