1. I am in Mumbai now..I think it rained yesterday night and it’s cool and pleasant today 😀 It dint actually rain, maybe drizzled for sometime.

  2. I am sorry. I can’t help it if you guys feel jealous 😆 I just had a Jumbo Vada Pav and now having some onion bhajji and sipping hot steaming tea. Hmmm!! The aroma itself makes my saliva glands active 😀 Its delicious. Let me eat first, will comment later ….. 😉

  3. u look at the photos me had them for dinner, lunch and evn breakfast… all alone in home.. all gone to jaipur… that wat i will be eating for 2 dayz… may be pizza tomorrow if i gather enuf money

  4. Hey Deep seeing the pic for the first time gave me the impression that you had chicken and you were promoting one of those eat chicken groups who think bird flue is farce…. but reading text gave me the better pic… indeed such kinda food that too served hot when raining makes me go bonkers.

  5. The place where I live was also having raining spree after few snow showers past weekend. I was on call with my parents in India and they said that its raining nicely there in Mumbai…so here in Moundsville, WV, I also planned to have nice pizzas made at friends place and had fun on the eve of rainfall 😉

  6. I am doing engg from Shimla and the weather here is beautiful and cool almost everyday . It is so much fun to go to a dhaba and have a garam chai .

  7. It’s was a bright and a sunny day today in Mumbai .. lol I had a tough time with honeybees today. Hope good weather prevails in Delhi for the next 3 days..

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