Things we didn’t know about power saving

Mumbai and Delhi guys might be aware about the load shedding…but many of us might not be aware about the few things which can save the electricity..just by being less lazy…

Few things like..combining AC with Fan can save the electricity consumption…still thinking how?

Here is the explanation …

While using an air conditioner, put on the fan so that the AC can cool your room using less power (at 26°C). However, if the temperature is lowered by a couple of degrees, power consumption goes up by 10 per cent. Lowering it by a few degrees could increase consumption by 39 per cent.

Few more things should not switch off tv sets with a remote..this will waste approx 15 watts of power daily…

You can read more about it on Mid-Day: Combine AC with fan to cut your bill and Don’t switch off your TV with a remote

By the way, don’t forget to check the blog entry by Ashish on power wastage by government officies


  1. Yea…I understand the AC fan thing. But don’t U think that fas also consumes electricity?

    May be U mean it consumes less that the difference of AC running at 26°C & couple of degree less!
    But by how much?

    And bout switching the TV with the remote….He He He…. Will think bout that 😀
    When TV is switched off the why it should consume and if it do….then by how much?

  2. Ashis, when the matter comes to severe shortage, every bit of electricity that is saved is important! Have a look at the links that Deep has given on Mid-Day’s sites. It surely makes sense!!

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