1. How long will it take to upgrade manually? I usually use Fantastico,but it takes a long time to realize that theres an update 🙁

  2. it took me approx 10 minutes to do it..

    this is what i did…

    logged into ssh
    downloaded the latest version
    unzipped it
    moved all old files to one temporary folder (except the config file)
    moved all new files to site root
    ran upgrade script
    moved all plugins, theme, images back to their original location..

    that’s it 🙂

  3. I also upgraded mine.. thanks deep for the info… it took me nearly half hour… i accidently deleted my wp-login file and was not able to login… but fortunately i had backed up that file… so the issue was closed with happily ever after scenario… 🙂

  4. deep,

    I did upgrade in a strange way…i dont know if i did it correctly.

    I backedup all the data
    then i copied over the new version over the old one except for the index and config file.
    later i tried to log in and everything worked fine.
    i check for the verion of wp and it shows 2.0.2
    so did i do it correctly? or I goofedup ?

  5. Just drag & Drop using UR FTP!
    Never mind the config.php! (WP doesn’t has one) 😛

    Was I stupid in saying that? :-/

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