1. SA won the match scoring 438 runs with 1 wicket and 1 ball remaining.Rocking match.Just one question is it the pitch or the bowlers?

  2. I missed it….damn damn damn..I was in impressoin that there are no chances of SA to win the game but they provided me wrong….great…

  3. Man that was just superb match..

    Ponting 164 in 105 balls
    Hussey 81 in 51 balls
    Kallis 6 overs 70 runs (11.67 runs per over)

    Smith 90 in 55 balls
    Gibbs 175 in 111 balls
    Lewis 10 overs 113 runs (11.30 runs per over)

  4. What a match, what a match!! Everything shattered, cricket is no longer the same anymore..

    However, if you had noticed, the pitch was really small perhaps that’s why 87 fours and 26 sixes. 504 runs!

    Damn I missed such a wonderful match!!

  5. It’s the greatest ODI match ever.I was not watching the match.When i switched on the TV, I saw it in a news channel that the aussies have scored 400.I was stunned but not even that much because they are Australians,the best cricket team.I was heaping praises on the Australian team coz’ they were 0-2 down.They came back strongly in the series.I felt that by scoring 434, they made it sure that they wouldn’t lost the series anymore.
    I was proven wrong.The Proteas won it.THEY CHASED 434!!!!
    It’ the most stunning thing ever in cricket.
    As far as the groung is concerned,it is not the tiny Honkong ground where the 5-over super six matches are played.It’s not even Singapore or Nairobi, where Jayasuriya and Afridi blasted 11 sixes respectively.It’s the Wanderers,one of the best grounds in the world.
    Hats off to the both teams,especially South africa!!!

  6. i think that’s the match one can witness only once in a lifetime. cheers to SA, only the positive determination won them the match.
    Australia sux!

  7. Australia sucks!! Are you sure debashish? They are one of the best teams in the world and have raised the bar. Other teams are still “trying to be like Australia”. God knows when will they be better than them! Their consistency levels are amazing!

    India has only recently closed in their gap under M/s. Dravid and Chappel. But still Aussies are awesome! 🙂

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