Movie Review: Malamaal Weekly

The movie’s name should be..Malamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekly….I hope you got the point…if you haven’t, don’t think much…I just meant to say that…they have stretched the movie a lot and it made me say..Please please finish it off…haha…

From then beginning I was thinking why the hell Imax people were selling Gold tickets for Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 150, Rs. 175…but the movie itself told me the reason for selling tickets at low rates..

Anyways, back to the point…The movie is about…hmm let rediff say about it…

Malamaal Weekly is the story of a village called Laholi, where the Thakurani (Sudha Chandran) and her brother Baje (Rajpal Yadav) harass the poor villagers, all of who are under her debt.

Lilaram (Paresh Rawal), who sells tickets of a lottery called Malamaal Weekly, sells the Rs 1 crore-winning ticket to Anthony Fernandes (played by Malayalam actor Innocent).

But Anthony dies after informing the lottery ticket company about his ticket details.

Lilaram learns that Anthony, the winner, is dead. So he tries to steal the ticket. In the process, Balwant (Om Puri) the milkman, also finds out the secret, and wants a share in the profits.

Lilaram and Balwant hide Anthony’s dead body, but Kanhaiya (Riteish Deshmukh) sees them, and demands a share as well. Soon, the entire village knows the secret, and wants a share.

The big problem, however, is that the villagers now have to hide the truth from the local inspector (Arbaaz Khan). Will they manage that? Watch the film to find out.

Or maybe, you should not.

The movie goes very well in 1st half..i.e. atleast makes me laugh…but the 2nd half is just bad…I don’t understand why they tried to mix emotional stuff in the movie..they should have let it be a pure comedy movie….but still I was expecting end of the movie to be hilarious  (like Hera Pheri, Hungama) but it sucked badly….

So in short, the movie is not at all worth watching…the best way to watch movie would be, download it or get it on the first half and then forget about the 2nd half…

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  1. may be that’s rhe reason why the promotion is ,too, lesser and do not go beyond only one song.

  2. disgruntled in general 12-Mar-2006 at 1:51 am

    Hey Deep, it wasn’t that bad…really! I had very little expectation and didn’t come out disappointed. Yes, it was a tad too long and defied logic sometimes. But it had its moments, you have to admit!

  3. I mentioned earlier..first half was good but the bad part starts when rajpay yadav gets to know about the thing…and they started messing up with the story and then line…

  4. Malaamal Weekly is the mixture of Priyadarshan’s previous films(HERA PHERI,HUNGAMA,HULCHUL,GARAM MASALA).I and my brother Abhishek Bose loved the movie very much.The climax scene in which (Karamkali)Sudha Chandran and(Baje)Rajpal Yadav try to find Arbaaz Khan to tell the truth that the original Anthony is dead and Om Puri is not the real Anthony and all the villagers trying to catch Sudha and Rajpal tell the truth is very comedy.The music is little bit good but I liked the title song which is played when the end credits in the movie are shown are good.In the 2nd half the emotional scenes shown in the movie are useless and I thought the movie will be 100%comedy but still I loved the movie.Paresh Rawal,Rajpal
    Yadav,Om Puri,Riteish Deshmukh,Shakti Kapoor,Ashrani and all other actors have done their role perfectly.I hope next time whichever type picture Priyadarshan makes with any filmstar it should be(U)like his previous movies and especially Garam Masala and Malamaal Weekly.
    Best of luck Priyadarshan

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