1. Huh….a stupid friend pour colour over my head & ruined my hair.
    I had to bath for 45 minutes to get it off & in the process I got cold….& U people say happy Holi X-(

    Screw the Holi!

  2. I too just took bath now..neighbours just colored me…but it was fun 🙂 I love holi and next time, I am gonna arrange some bash here so I can enjoy with all my friends… 🙂

  3. we got two ice slabs… got water chilled and then poured twon buckets of hot water and then the ultra chilled water…. it was awesome… waiting to do it again 😈

  4. We dont Celeberate Holi here.. I have only seen it on TV. I would love to take part in Holi.

    Anywayz…Happy Holi to everyone! 😀

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