Kya aapka naam Hari hai?

Is your name Hari? NO? Well, you just missed chance to win Rs. 1 crore…

Let me come to the point…I came across this story recently on Mid-Day..a guy named Hari sent legal notice to Reason? Because used name Hari in one of their ads and which caused that guy so much loss that he had to claim damages of Rs. 1 crore…

The ad says something like this:

The advertisement in question has a person telling on phone the full form of the name Hari as “H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot,” it said.

The name seems to have caused lot of problems for that 11 year old kid..this is what the article says….

Hari Bhanot, in his notice, charged that an advertisement of the site had resulted in mental harassment and agony as many of his friends and acquaintances have made him a butt of jokes after watching it on TV.

“The telecast of the advertisement has undermined the status, reputation, respect and self-confidence of my client and has severely affected his standing in the school, residential locality and social circle. After the advertisement came on air, many people known to my client have told him that they have a lower opinion of him,” he claimed.

The notice was sent by his father on behalf of him. But don’t you think….something is missing in the claim? “common sense” I agree that has used the name Hari and the guy’s name is also same BUT what’s so big deal in that? In movies there are many funny, bad people with different names, so does this mean that people make fun of guys with those names? These things are limited to movies and the ones who try to use it beyond that are simply fools and we should ignore that….

Shakti kapoor had famous funny dialogue with name Lalita (Aau Lalita), so does this mean all Lalitas in the world should ask for their claim?

Seriously, these guys should think twice before sending such kind of foolish legal notices…

Read whole article here


  1. I agree. Even with the aids campain the people with the name “Manju” and “Balbir” came up with similar statements. It justs shows there is no room for creative advertisement in India.

  2. hahahaha… I need to sue the producers of DDLJ and Kajol for showing India that Simran is actually a girls name. I too got harassed because I’m Simran and a guy too. I want a MacBook pro, they can keep their money.

  3. Omg this is such a small world! I know Kaushal Sheth! Hahaha…. I just clicked his link and realized he’s the same guy who designed my friend Jack’s WordPress template. Nice to meet you Kaushal….

  4. he he.. thats rediculous!! its not the fault of the company, and neither is the fault of the guy named Hari. I think the guy should sue his friends 🙂

  5. Hi Simran ,

    Nice to see you. Seems deep’s site is now a place to meet up new friends . If you need any help Simran let me know.

  6. Hi Kaushal,
    seems that way at least. Nice to meet you too.
    If you don’t mind saying here, I was curious to know where you live, as in which country? If you’d rather not continue this here, click my name and then the contact button in the bar.

  7. I sympthise with the 11 year old boy named Hari! He is a school boy and think about the harrassment and embarrassment he must have faced at school from his mates!! 🙁 But I don’t see any merits in any legal proceedings for that.

    However, Hari also means God and I can sue for hurting my religious feelings. 😀 I see lots of merit in those legal proceedings!! 😆

  8. I swear..The legal notice is a dumb thing to do. I work with, and believe me the ad is in good humour and should be taken that way only. The ad has no reference to the name hari, its just a random name taken. The reference is to the “Hitler kind” boss. The crux of the ad is not to be derogatory to anyone but to show how much ppl trust naukri to find them a job.
    The kids parents have overreacted big time.

  9. My first reaction to tha article, when I saw it on TV : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! LOL!!

    An 11 yr old boy can be sensitive, he can mis-interpret his friend’s treatment as harassment, but when his 30 or 40 something parent shows the same sensitivity as Forrest Gump, its laughable.

    What’s wrong with these people??

    I fully support That ad is ingenious!! Its made me laugh every time I see it. One of my friends is a guy called “Hari”, we openly taunt him & he well-spirited enough to understand it, infact, he himself starts the Hari Sadu thing sometimes.

    Ads r supposed to make us laugh, make us cry & ultimately get so riveted that we actually believe in the product. This particular ad, along with other ads (loved the peanuts ads!!) achieves this effortlessly.

    Tomorrow, if some ad makes fun of a guy called “Rajiv”, who is portrayed as a dumb fellow, I hav no qualms bout it. That “Rajiv” or “Hari” is a fictitious character & should be viewed strictly as that.

    As far as the kid’s teasing goes, that’s bound to happen. If it was not that ad, it might be some girl’s name or somethin else. Kids that age r gonna be teased & should tease back in return. If a kid is gonna object to that, then, I advise him to stick indoors.

    But seriously, the father threatening with a Rs.1crore case on national TV!! LOL!!

    In case the case goes ahead (I think that’s not gonna happen) & in case that loses (which is as impossible as I becoming the next James Bonf, but u never know the great Indian Judiciary……esp after the Jessica case), here’s my advice to :

    Take the Father’s Name’s letters & make it into a rocking, funny new ad!!

  10. Just to top it off. Here’s what would come off my name :
    R for Rascal, A for Arrogant, J for Jackass, I for Imbecile, V for Vandal.

    Laughing at urself is the best sense of humour.

  11. great advise Mr Iyer…nothing better than meeting someone with a sense of humour……esp someone who can laugh at themselves……great attitude…

  12. using the name Hari, which is a very common name, in a derogatory manner is always dangerous. The company seems to have missed this little point. This is quite different from the Aids Campaign where you do not expand the name into a silly & unacceptable expansion. I agree, the boy’s parents might have over reacted but the company should have seen this happening when the began the campaign. Atleast a disclaimer would have saved the company from this embarassing situation. Anyways, that’s my humble opinion and my name is not HARI. “It takes a hundred things to get something right, but only one thing for something to go wrong.”

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