Sony Ericsson w550i vs w800i

I recently bought Sony Ericsson w800i and gave my w550i to my sister. I wanted to have this phone for so long and now since I have it. 😀 Since I have both the phones so I can compare features between them. Both have its own pros and cons. Let me list few of them. (The ones I came across)

– First major difference is, w500i does not have memory slot, it has fixed 256 MB internal memory where w800i comes with memory slot and 512 MB memory stick. (approx 34 MB internal memory)

– w550i has great sound capacity with 3 speakers, w800i has just one speaker which does not produce much of sound. Sound quality is great in both the phones but the due to 1 speaker, w800i lacks the sound volume of w550i.

– Browse button is missing in w800i, for me it was very useful. In w550i, I just had to press that button and it would open the browser but in w800i, I have to click on Internet Services option and from there enter the site address.

– Camera quality – It’s just superb in w800i, 2 mega pixel cam with great clarity; w500i lacks that, specially when you try to click the photos in the night / dark.

– Quick contact search option like Nokia is missing in w550i but w800i has it 🙂 Didn’t get what I mean? For e.g If I want to dial Deep’s number, then I can just write D and then E…so it will list names starting with DE, in w550i I can’t do that….

– Quick profile switch, in w550i you can switch the profile quickly by just pressing power button and selecting the profile but w800i, doesn’t have that option. Logically its not needed. It has option to switch the phone on silent.

Rest of the features seem to be same. But the phone w800i is just too cool. I needed small, sleek phone for me and I got it 🙂

Update: Pics taken by both the phones… W550i has more of noise in the pics…






  1. The W800i is the same as the K750i….Only the mp3 player is different…Thw W800i has a more advanced mp3 player…Thats the only difference….But Music wise none can be compared to the N-Gage….The radio is a lot better in the N-Gage…Although it doesnt have RDS…And the N-Gage can record the stuff which goes on the radio in High quality…No other phone can do that..

  2. Hi dis is vivek here i hav a w810 can i increase d sound o/p in some way r there any sites 2 download free games n stuff

  3. Hi dis is vivek here i hav a w810 can i increase d sound o/p in some way r there any sites 2 download free games n stuff

  4. The W550 has got alil bit of more useful functions while messaging.
    You can COPY and PASTE test anywhere.
    And while sending a sms you dont have to wait for the “sending screen” till the sms is sent. The SMS is sent in the background like most of the Nokia symbian phones.
    The W800 doesnt have all that.
    And if any of you deciding which phone to buy from the k750 and the w800, i say go for the k750, everything is same save for the walkman branding.
    If you want a walkman out of your k750, you can flash your firmware and convert it into w800 urself

  5. Can w810i do COPY and PASTE? does it has sending screen while sms?

    I think w810i should be the best out of all these, despite the loudness of the sound; and of course if you do not need a 3G phone.

    I know that some handphone repair shops actually able to insert extra speakers in handphones. For those who wants to blast the music out-loud, why not try to modify your phone in these shop. But beware, after the modification, you phone might no longer under wanrranty.

  6. hi i wanted to know that iwas looking to buy a new phone and actually i am confused which phone i shold buy V3i or w550i ?
    i wanted to know about the sound quality, for how long battery can support phone when working on it, imaging, video playing back, phone features and look of the phone.
    Thank you.

  7. hi …..
    ive got the 550i two weeks back and its just so awesome!!!…its got many more features than any other phone in the same range…one just keeps on discovering new features while browsing the phone….its so user friendly and the interface is great!!!…i guess its got the loudest external speakers available on a cell phone……..the megabass mode offers sound with a bass that even an ipod doesnt hav…

    ive just got one problem ….i always use the external speakers to listen to music more than the earphones…n most of the times at its max volume……now the speaker on the side is givin a problem..a CRACKING SOUND can be heard wen music is played in full vol…iI WANT TO ASK WHETHER THIS IS NATURAL (MAYBE I DIDNT NOTICE IT WEN I BOUGHT IT)…OR DO I NEED TO GET IT FIXED IF ITS A REAL PROBLEM…i can only hear it wen im listening to it sittin alone in a room or somethin…..PLEASE DEEP OR ANYONE, I NEED AN ANSWER AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE…PLEASE…!!!…


    other than this ive had no other problems wid the fone……its just amazin…..anyone plannin to buy it……BUY IT!!!…dont think twice!!!


  8. hey! this is oz and i am plannin to get 550i,750i,or 3250 nokia.. one of these phones… wats the best i can geta 550i for 10600,
    750i for 10400 and 3250 for 15000.. of all the feature.. which is the best buy.? please let me know the pros and cons..

  9. w550i is one awesome phone which i was going in for but then went for a k750i.
    the k750i and w800i are the same, 2day if u ask me which phone 2 choose 4rm da three, i would choose……..w550i coz u cant beat da sound n 256mb space is good enough 4 mw. thanx………

  10. Deep, My man! could you help me out man, i checked out in the market yesterday in New Delhi about w800, they said that its not in the market anymore cause SonyEricsson have launched w700 and thats exactly the same as w800. Could you tell me whats the difference between them, except for the memory? Also, can you give me a rough idea about the price?

    Thanks mate…

  11. Hi,

    Hey dude i m really confused & plz solve my prob. ok ? Can u suggest me that which phone is more better ??? its 810i or NOKIA 3250 ???

  12. Where can i get free java softwares for W810i…… something like password software for photos and sms?

  13. W550 is just rocking..
    it attracts people towards u when u opens a flap…
    its how u maintain ur phone.
    Just live in man.
    The other options is u have to go in Nokia N series.. but its more costly that w550

    IF u r not looking for memory card slot than go for w550.. it rocks.

  14. hi ,
    to all friends ,
    if u have sony.erri. phone
    i have video for sony .
    if u need dvd result in ur phone just inform me? its have dvd clerity and sound clearity

  15. DEEP, I need to know if there is any difference between w700 and w800. Thanks

    Jignesh, What do you have for clarity?

  16. Hi i’m kish..i am planing 2buy a se walkman & i am options are w550 & w810, any of u please advise me whichof theese 2 is better both on sound & camera & overall..

  17. Hi Deep,

    For the last 3 months I am without handset. Before that I had NOkia 6600. But after selling it I really wanna have a cool phone which is cheap too. My Budget is 10000 to 15000. I have some phone on my mind like NOKIA 3250, NOKIA 6270, SONY ERICSSION K750i and K790i. Basically I want a phone with good camera, loud ringtones and good quality sound. Can U suggest me which one mush i go for as I can’t wait any further. One more thing somebody told me that the rates of k750i shall be reduced in a quarter or so. Do you have some speculations over it.

    Pls. take trouble and inform me.

  18. hi kish,
    u cant upgrade memory in w550, it comes with 256MB. thats a drawback.
    cam is poor though it is a 1.3MP cam. even VGA cameras in nokia6600 are better.
    Hence it is good to buy w810.
    Also check whether w550 comes with upgradable memory nowadays?
    I bought it 4 months back, and i am quite happy except for cam and memory.
    It would cost 10,500 to 10,700 with bill

  19. I owned My W550i coz its cool and an new look phone. Its a rockinn phone good internet software uploads if any one need mail me At I have all softwares like File Protecter, World mate, Mini GPS, Opera Mini

    AND GUYS I love my Phone !!!!!!!!

    Byewww See YA

  20. Hi pls..if anyone can tell me..where to download softwares from .for my w550i…wud it hav smart movie and ultra mp3…camera quality is nt good..and apart frm it has 256 mb memory..we get 233 mb only…is it right?….help wud be appreciated..

  21. i like the w550i very much!!
    it has everything i need,
    i love its sound quality,picture quality and the shape.
    i would like to have a phone with a larger memory, but the w550i has it all( only 265mb).
    and its not expensive…$325
    Gooooo sony ericsson!!!!!!!!
    nokia is the strongest, samsung has the best display quality, but sony ericssson has the BEST sound quality!!!

  22. Hi frnds is de a way to open the main menu on w550i even while Gprs(browsing) is activated. Plz help let me kno. Thanx freinds.

  23. i wanted to buy W550i but i listen that their is Softeare complaint of W550i. My two very close friends who r Dealer of Sony Erricson, confirmed me about its problem. One of them sell about 10 piece of W550i and out of which 6 r defected.
    Problem is that, when we download something from net,its software crashes and other problem is that its screen got whiter (White) automatically.

    Tell me about something this…

  24. Hey peope gaurav again NEW W55oi rate is Rs 10700 price clashes
    Have a nice time

  25. Hmm i just got the w500i, but i am having dificulty finding how to download new games to the phone. I went to the website but they were saying to use wap. I tried to set it up but i am not sure if my network company has that. is there andy way i can just get a game from the web and drop it into my phone??? plz tell me how it will be much better once i learn this.

  26. w550i is awesome…m thinking of buying it…whats this screen whitening thing???is that a big problem???

  27. hi im nil frm mauritius,can any1 plz tell me abt z price of w810i,w800i in mumbai coz gonna soon b der 4 sme shopping!!!!

  28. can any1 plz tell me whether sonyericsson W850i has launched in india n wats the price of this fone…….

  29. Hi! Could anybody tell me wich one of this, w800i an d w500i has the better sound quality WITH HEADPHONES (The hearbud type)? I don’t need a loud sound with internal speakers, what I’m looking for is GOOOOOD sound with their own headphones. And alos if I can use any of these phones as a flash memory for transport any kind of files.

    Please comment me at Thanks in advance.

  30. hey pals i got maa SE w550i a month ago, no doubt d cell rockzss… as cmpare 2 any of nokia dumbs… but pals i m facing a lil bit problem wid SMS memory, it shows me a msg “MESSEGE MEMORY FULL 95%”, my cell contain only 62-INBOX, 6-DRAFTS,22-SENT,18-SAVE MESSEGES… i heared abt it that it can store more than200 MSG’s can any 1 help me in solving this issue

  31. hi i m tahir sarbazi from pakistan i just want to say about that phones like new phone for example in the versus 6681 vs w800i.yes first i use 6600 and then buoght 6681 and then i changed my phone to my freind with w800i.
    first 6600 is a weak phone it has 6 mb internal memory and mono sound speaker and the 6681 has 8mb memory but it is faster than the 6600 and w800i and its have stereo speaker and its sound quality is good beside w800i is have 34mb internal memory it is faster than both phones and sound quality is too good both them.
    Battery life
    battery time is best 6681 both two phones
    w800i camera quality is best then two phones.
    symbain software just 6600 and 6681 supported.
    3d games only support w800i.
    6681 display is larger and very colourful displayed.
    6681 is stylish then the both phones.
    w800i memory is 512mb output then the 6600 is 32mb and 6681 64mb.6600 and 6681 is strongs phones beside w800i.
    6600 and 6681 have fantastic menu’s and software besides w800i.
    w800i is just like an ipod buy ipod in 2000 and want to hear and see videos.
    6600 and 6681 are supported many files such as jar,sis,rm,amr,avi,wav,mp4,3gp,gif,jpg and many more beside w800i just support mp4,3gp,mp3,amr.
    in this review i thought 6681 is winner.
    6600 %54
    w800i %63
    and 6681 %84

  32. hi i want a phone with rocking misic good camera ,iam a lover of games ,can any one suggest me a phone in the range of 10-12 with all the above facilities.i know very less about mobiles.

  33. Raaja mohamed E 13-Oct-2006 at 4:20 pm

    hi deep, How to install applications and games in sony ericcson ww550i mobile phones. bz application and games folder of phone is not visible while connecting via bluetooth and USB cable, so hw can i install that.

  34. hello friends i am a bit confused this days .I have nokia 6600 phone which had cost me 14000 one year ago with its memory card of 1 gb .I know it makes its speed slow but still i dint notice the difference . now i wanted to sell it ,and buy w550i I have budget for that only .please help me ,i should sell nokia or not.

  35. wats the fps for this fones video quality???? boths fotos shud vb taken on the same subject 2 compare

  36. Hi, I recently bought w550i I want to know
    how to install applications and games in sony ericcson ww550i mobile phones. bcoz application and games folder of phone is not visible while connecting via bluetooth and USB cable, so how can i install that. PLZ REPLY…………

  37. Can anyone plz tell me what’s the current selling price of SE W550i in Bangalore ……..???

  38. Hi deep,

    Im planning to buy a SE W550.But i dont understand wats d difference btw W550 n W600.Could you plz tell me the price of both the phones in bangalore.

    Thanks in advance

  39. Hey there deep. I needed to know which MP4 & 3GP converter does support my W550I.I downloaded some of the leading converters which i found through Google search but after converting and sending it to the phone the MP4 video`s sound is good but the video does not appear , the videos converted in 3gp format shows good quality video but doesn’t seem to have a great sound quality . Please help me out DUDE!!!!!

  40. hi zuber i can help you:

    call me at +628195056787
    i have all software converter audio and video for w550i if you needed it. please email or call me to tell you my website to download it. thanks,

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