Did you know this about adsense referrals?

Many of you must have heard about adsense referrals where you have to place adsense banner on your site and if someone register by clicking it, you get $100, once that person earns his first $100.

Many of us added it on our sites eagerly waiting for our $100…but many are not aware about the fine print…this is what it says….

When a user you’ve referred to AdSense first earns US$100 within 180 days, we’ll credit your AdSense account with US$100.

So if the other guy does not make $100 within his first 6 months, we loose our $100.

Thanks to Kaushal for the info 🙂


  1. I knew it from the day they changed there scheme.
    Firstly, they didnt had any such commitments but then they changed it.

    Hmmm here is a trick tested and working for me.
    Just create 1 more account under ur referral with diff address, name and site(if u got many 😉 ) Now make 100 in first one and get 200$ in total.

    I got one hundred dollar as it is with no problem.But the thing here is that dont open those accounts with same IP and many such smart restriction google is having.

  2. Deep, how many people signed up under you till now?
    Atleast on an average how many clicks?

    Hmmm I just landed up after my exams now and found that your blog is the most famous out of all our diGit members.
    Great going and best of luck.

    One more thing,
    Do you guys get more then .10$ out of clicks from firefox.
    Its a waste of space on my webpages.

  3. its very less actually..I am thinking of getting rid of it and put my company banner for hosting…just busy with the work so dont get time to create a banner…

    Here are the stats for referral..

    92,933 impressions, 166 clicks and 7 signups…I won’t get more signups since I have many people coming for search engines who do not have any idea about google adsense..

    I will get rid of it soon 🙂

    About my blog being famous…thanks..I never knew that 🙂

    About firefox banner…I have no idea about it…

  4. If anyone interested in my stats mine is 117,303 page impression , 148 clicks and 10 signups.

    But as deep and I already pointed out , the fine print makes it difficult to earn revenue through referall. I would say stick to normal ads and you will earn through that more in long run.

  5. yeh right said kaushal.
    Well a small Adsense block is better then this adsense referrals.

    I meant FF Referral sorry,

    Hmmm also I got good income from DreamHost Affiliations too, as the Coupons I gave were with high profit for people.
    Earned 78$ till now which is like really free unnoticed money for me when I checked my account after these long break(xams unfortunately) it was a surprise.

    Also well the sad part is that we need to wait for 97 days before getting paid.

  6. When I removed the referral thing, some other adsense ad block comes in it’s place and I have no idea as to how that came in first place.
    Anybody have any idea how to remove that?

  7. Ha!!

    I always knew there was something of a farce in that referral system..

    I never thought of placing it ever 😛
    Actually in real fact, my site was meant to target not geeks and webmasters but the average Indian surfer who needs to read some interesting articles on India.. 😉

    Anyways, at least now u guys have noticed it 😛

  8. damn damn damn!!

    Thanks for the info guys!!
    I am removing all my adsense referrals. even the Firefox (toolbar) referral sucks 🙁
    it gives only 10 cents per installed toolbar. to sum it up all.. it sucks!! Me removing all

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