MiG crashes near Rajasthan

An IAF MiG crashed in Rajashthan today around 4 PM (IST) leaving pilot dead. Another plane from dumping ground of russia crashed…

Report on HT

An Indian Air Force MiG fighter jet crashed on Tuesday in Rajasthan, killing its pilot.

Police said the Russian-designed aircraft took off from a military base in the frontier district of Barmer and crashed in a field without giving its trainee pilot a chance to eject to safety.

The crash comes three days after two of the most experienced military pilots died when their plane crashed during aerobatics over Bangalore.

 When will these guys wakeup and stop using russian stuff?


  1. well, You can’t just say -” from dumping ground of russia & stop using russian stuff ” .
    These same Migs (Russian ) have gave us best air combat(the crashing are from 21 series) which are in technical terms old & needs regular spare changes, which of course comes from russian it self. But, the lazy politician take bribes to order to less compatiable russian parts rather than some better russian parts.
    Plus, we dont have any good trainer aircrafts in our side, our pilots trained on simulater , then less speed aircrafts & then, directly on super jet Mig planes ( that doesnt mean that our Pilots are making mistakes) .
    And, whenever any joint air exercise btw Mig series (includes 21 , 29 & variants ) with other like French Mirage 2000 & 2000-5 & american F-18 & others , till date Migs are always the topper & Mirages @ 2nd & F series on 3rd respective.
    if any 1 want any further details , i can explain more about russian stuff .

  2. I have to disagree here. Russian technology is by no means inferior. It is only that we are using outdated machinery, and with poor handling and that make it our fault.

    In fact the Su-47, which is being jointly developed the the Russian and Indian air force will probably be the most agile fighter in the skies once it comes out in a year or two.

  3. No No, by russian dumping ground I meant was, the stuff which is not used by russia itself, the stuff which can be considered as dump / outdated is used for our MiG planes…

    So using old parts kills the country…

  4. Quoting ShivaranjanBhoopathy
    “The IAF is the most crash prone airforce in the world….”
    And Indians are the most whinig people i have seen 🙂

  5. @Aman
    Every time one aircraft of IAF crashes we lose many million dollars… What concerns me is the people we are losing because of these crashes…. And every now and then in news channels I hear that some where some jet has crashed…. Are these machines which we are flying are war worthy?????? As they crash frequently in peace time situations…. Can you justify….

  6. ddpatil , kadam aa 04-Apr-2006 at 12:25 am

    Who is going to pay for the lost pilots.whose mother is waiting for her child to come back ot the nest . Can indian airforce do this job . Why not to purchase new sukoui which is having more relaibility .

  7. Well
    cant be helped
    recently published that even our domestic pilots r not trained properly…almost all of their aircrafts need upgrades….
    cant expect better of IAF….

  8. cant help it….
    have to do sumthing,,,,,
    maybr we should stop the entry of russian aircrafts–they r vintage or at least upgrade them properly
    and well we should get some of those mirage 2000 4m france or sumting….

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