Recognizing Riya

Today, I got an invitation to try out Riya, I registered with them quickly and started uploading photos…the correct time to review it will be, after uploading more than 1000 photos…I have started uploading photos..and will keep more photos for upload tonight…I guess it will take me approx 24 hours to upload 1.5 gig of photos (1500+ photos)

Will keep you guys posted 🙂


  1. Don’t bother, my friend. This company is the most overhyped piece of junk. I supplied more than 30 photos of a particular person (which Riya’s site says is enough for “great” recognition) and it kept missing EVERY SINGLE one of the subsequent pictures. And no, they were not profile photos, nor ski mask photos, nor Venice mask photos.

    It recognizes labels on bottles on restaurant tables, misses darker and black faces, etc.

    Its CEO overhyped the company, which is clear from the insecure messages on their website, and it’s obvious that this product can’t deliver on the promise. This company is several years away from being able even to begin serving the impatient consumer market.

  2. Hey Deep,
    I read between the lines and see that you have unlimited braodband? Or you upload in the night?

    How much space in Riya yaar?

  3. They dont charge me for uploads…about space on – there is no limit as they want users to upload more and more software to make their software better 🙂

  4. Its good in whatever it does, atleast there isnt an equalling competition now and the tech is quite innovative… glad its from india 🙂

  5. Hey Guys…

    This software is simply amazing as it recognizes the faces I uploaded 4 photos and it recognized it correctly…. Will be uploading more this weekend… 🙂

  6. HI Deep
    I tried using Riya . Started the uploader and selected a folder of around 5 MB to upload . After around 2 hrs i got a message telling me that ” unable to start uploader , try again ” and none of my photos got uploaded . Have u faced any such problems.


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