So who am I?

I am confused between these choices…Ekta Kapoor, Himesh Reshammiya, Mandira Bedi, Hutch Customer Support Guy, Tally Customer Support Guy or Deep Ganatra.

Daily I get dose of bunch of emails asking things..someone wants to act in my serials (Ekta), or someone wants to write scripts for my serials, someone wants to give music for my serials, someone likes my eyes and wants me to keep on wearing that cap while singing but want me to try smiling, rather than crying…(Himesh), someone wants me to sing in their college show, someone wants to take part in my show, Deal ya no Deal (Mandira), someone wants to check history of their credit card and sends me their credit card number in email (ICICI), someone wants hutch caller tune codes (Hutch) or someone needs help with tally software (Tally)

I am used to these kind of emails daily…its like..daily couple of emails like this…

This makes me forget…who really I am…haha..but it’s fun reading their emails…check some really good ones in Ekta Kapoor thread..


  1. disgruntled in general 24-Mar-2006 at 10:12 am

    Enjoy it dude! How many people can get to be Himesh Reshammiya, Mandira Bedi and Ekta Kapoor in one lifetime? 🙂

  2. My sympathies with u. But anyways, I notice that u don’t hav any topics regardin the Jessica case or the recent revelation of American abuse of prisoners. I mean ur topics r funny & very Indian, but a couple of serious , International topics will be good for a change.

  3. I remember getting comment from some idiot on the topic about the film krrish and he said my name was filmy. I was laughing like hell coz i never saw a guy with karthik name in north india. And really why do you get mails from ppl for taking them in seriels. And ppl think u r himesh reshamiya hahah. Yeah wear a cap and you might just look like him but u need a nearly grown beard and also a little chubby face. hehe

  4. Well deep I have been having the same problem with Freshers.In that well I even mailed them 4 times and even sent unsubcription emails.
    No response.

    One more thing to be noticed was that I didnt even signed up or something but still those advertisement keep poping up in my Gmail Mailbox.

  5. Deep I too face something like this.
    I had wrote an article on the engg. entrance exam of my state on my site and students assume me to be the exam board! I was forced to disable comments after some started using slangs against me, err… against the board!! And I keep on getting mails asking me about admit card, centre, syllabus and so on. Even guardians mail me! At first, I used to mail everyone back and tell them that I am nobody to know about their admit cards, etc. and give them the relevant phone number where they should contact. But now I have given up. I am tired of mailing. Phew!

  6. hahah i just saw other posts and i cant stop laughing I may just die of laughing I never knew Indians were so *ahem* brilliant

  7. deep… omfg…muaaahhhaaa… lol… rofl… i also just saw other posts by those k-crazy peoples…
    hmm… about those mails… why don’t u make a temp @ gmail especially for ur blog…?
    that will save the extra load on ur current primary mail… ?

  8. Shekhar – Just takes 20 seconds to read and delete it, apart from it..those mails make me laugh too 😉 who will want to miss this much fun? haha

  9. deep, thanks for the photo link but its not me and you know that 😉

    hey i did a google search on shyam pandey and i saw your blog showing my name in the search results.

    man you have done some magic to your blog…keep up the good work !

  10. well, you should google for “Deal Ya No Deal”, you are #1 in 35+ million results man, even ahead of Sony’s website!! Enjoy while it lasts!! 😉

  11. Yup..that’s what I mean..I get 80% of the traffic from SEs and this site is on top for many threads…so new people come here thinking this site belongs to Sony, Himesh etc…

  12. yeah, I wrote a post about Tata Indicom defrauding people in the name of broadband internet & it was on top in Google, people started coming & posting their grievances about Tata’s internet, phone & mobile service, damn!!! They don’t even bother to read!!

    PS: fast reply, not for the first time though!! 😉

  13. Yeah..right..they dont bother to read the post or anything…In Ekta Kapoor post I have written it in red at the start and end of the post but people just dont understand and keep on asking me for roles lol

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