MTNL Customer Support – Sucks Sucks Sucks and Sucks

I have been using MTNL Triband for quite sometime and was one of their happy customers but when I received bill for the month of February, I was totally shocked to see the bill amount which was 6 times higher than the monthly amount. (Rs. 590) This was a HUGE amount compared to my usage. (Which can go max 1.5 GB a month, which would be approx Rs. 1000)

I checked my usage on MTNL website and the figures shown there gave me one more shock. The site was counting my downloads thrice for the same time / session. Check the following image, which show the recent usage. Check the Start and End date with Billed Quantity.

. MTNL Usage of March

My February invoice was full of these triple usage charges and it hasn’t stopped till now. I called up MTNL call center, the lady there told me that someone from their side will get in touch with me, but no one did for 2-3 days; so I visited the local exchange. I was asked to meet AODR (Account department) in main exchange building, somehow I managed to find his place, (After 4-5 people pointing me to different offices), I met that person….he tried to understand problem and finally he gave up and asked me to meet some technical person. I met that person, he finally understood the problem and noted down my details and also asked me to get in touch with someone at Prabhadevi office. (Mr. Kanchan)

I called up Mr. Kanchan, he asked me to send letter to local exchange (AODR)…now the loop starts….I submitted the letter to local exchange…few minutes after that someone from MTNL contacted me (it was not effect of this recent letter but it was because of my earlier complaint) and he told me that, there is no mistake in the calculation. It is showing the same time thrice because it calculates like this first period shows downloads before 12 AM, 2nd one shows downloads between 12-8 AM, 3rd one shows downloads after 8 AM…now, this does not digest properly…I argued saying, If it was that case then why uploads are same all the time? (Click on image to view larger image) It should also vary like downloads, but the guy was not able to understand that and kept on saying, whatever we have told you is correct. 

OK! that part is done. I emailed MTNL helpdesk about it with details and also asked for my download logs if they are correct, I got email from them approximately within 2 days with reply “Please call on xxx number” I called that number, no one was picking up, so I mailed them back saying no one picks up, next day I got one more mail saying “Please call on xxxx number”, I called on that number…a lady finally picked up and told me, this is not the correct department to call. We have no idea about this, I am just supervisor of the call center. She tried to help me by giving few more numbers to call but as expected those numbers also didn’t help.

So now the solution, nothing….you will die calling different people but no one will help you and everyone will keep on giving responsibility to some or other person…

I am fedup with these f**kers and I am getting this Triband disconnected tomorrow and get connection from my local ISP back.

Moral of the story, MTNL Triband is good when it works properly but when you face any problem, specially Billing issues, do not expect it to resolve soon, these bunch of idiots will never solve your query quickly.


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  2. Man I am also switching from BSNL to other ISP as they once did problems with the bills and also there idiotic NU timings. I guess that is why we always end up taking the other ISP after we experience the goverment stuff

  3. these govt owned subsidiaries are just f****d up!!! no one should go for that…. i dont know y people go for them when u have so many cheap/reliable/helpful isps and broadband connections. One should just avoid them and consider if they are not there at all…

  4. i myself use tata indicom broadband (64kbps).. though the service is not that good, but atleast they are not as bad as the govt ones!!! i’m being charged only 550 bucks per month and i download about 5 to 8 GB per month… now thats pretty cheap!!!

  5. The main reason for going for biggies or say MTNL is, to avoid monopoly of local ISPs…they charge less but stability in their net connection is bad…whenever power supply goes off in their area, net also goes down, their net is also not that stable…

    lot of problems like that…but I guess we have to get used to it since these MTNL guys are worse than them…

  6. Oh is..I just called up my local cable guy and subscribed for 256kbps one..

    Rs. 1150 a month for unlimited use…SIFY is the ISP but things are controlled by local ISP only…

    and they are gonna charge Rs. 400 for reconnection tooo…

  7. Yup..just read it on their sucks…but I guess I will have to go with that only…my fav. Exatt is no more unlimited…

  8. SIFY Sucks…seriously..loads of downtime..and slow speed compared to promissed speed…almost in all cities..

    well wht abt airtel.. airtel in bangalore it good, and hathway too.. i get 240-251kbps constant..
    download is also good..same with airtel.. i got a airtel connection too..they are also good..
    just that hathway gives Cable Tv free..and airtel gives Phone free…
    do you have any of these in ur area..

  9. Airtel is here but they have limited plans, no unlimited downloads…Exatt also stopped unlimited plans…Sify is the only player here 🙁

    I am giving MTNL last chance today..I just finished testing it by rebooting at 12 and 8…waiting for downloads to reflect in the sessions history…if it doesnt count the downloads…I am with MTNL otheriwse I will have to get sify…

  10. I agree with riyaz, all and not ‘almost’ all ISPs suck, all are jus money minded fat-brained corroded data brained people who dont even think something called ‘Customer Service’ exists… btw u can look em up in some consumer forum na?

  11. Moral of the story, don’t praise the govt broadband too much, they’l pull you down. I remember deep having a big review of MTNL where he praised it and i wonder how many people followed his advice. 😀

    Man, BSNL always shows me 100 MB more than what I use and I have to cough up for that. Damn!! But I can’t check my usage in BSNL’s site, damn!!

    Hey Deep, why don’t you try Airtel yaar? Not bad…

  12. OK! I tested it yesterday to trace out the problem…the issue was rebooting of the router…till February my local exchange server used to reboot / reconnect itself but from Feb it stopped doing so…and this caused me problem…

    So I tested it by rebooting the router at 12.10 AM and 7.50 AM…it ignored the downloads between that time…

    I just called up my local ISP and ask them not to come for connection as I have fixed this issue…

    About airtel, we have airtel in our area too but it does not have unlimited downloads or unlimited downloads in night…so its of no use for me….


  13. We r facing similar outstanding bills & without justification. Our donwloads r fairly limited, yet we got a huge bill. We accepted it thinkin that maybe, we really had exceeded the download capacity, yet inspite of accounting for a possible excession, we couldn’t still accpet the huge overdues. Your story has just strengthened our suspicions. Now the point is what should we do?? What is the next step?? Coz, the connection is really good, but the over-billing issues is a real headache. Please guide.

  14. Hi,
    As mentioned earlier, your problem could be like mine..i.e. you might not be rebooting / reconnecting your router at 12 and 8 thinking that server will automatically do the job (logically it should if they are providing night plan) but in rare cases (like mine) their local server just doesnt reboot / reconnect and it causes problems to people like us…

    So just cross check if thats the case…just fill in the contact form if you need help with, rebooting the router automatically and other stuff..


  15. Not usre but I guess it starts when stops counting the usage for sometime…so in that period you can download as much as you want.. 😀

  16. Hey Deep,

    My sessions are fine and It doest count between 12 – 8.
    But the only problem was removing & puttin the adapter back.
    I was also facing this problem of waking up or rather nu kept me awake 🙁 ..
    i tried that link above, it schedules
    to reboot at 12.05 & 7.50 as u desire.
    thats a good method.
    although some say .. excessive rebooting can damage router.. who cares ..
    I was having a problem with port forwarding,.. for 2-3 weeks
    So I droped them an email, next day I got a call from them,
    .. But It was a stupid executive ,, he didnt know what is port forwarding.
    He just told me he will call me back… as expected no call came.
    In the mean time I tried this
    The bridge mode is easier to maintain the login & logout timing.
    In this mode you dont need to worry about manually switching off the router.
    read at the link for more ..
    I was kind off confussed on changing the router to Bridge mode.
    But a good thing happened,
    I got a call from MTNL again on yesterday afternoon (yup on Sunday).
    It was some senoir guy,
    I discussed with him on port forwarding, he said what I was doing was the correct way. i.e. on the router page >Filters> Add a the desire port.
    Then i asked him about the Bridge mode .. He Said Bridge mode is fine too ..
    & You dont need the port forwarding.

    Keep using the bridge mode 🙂

    So, Shwetanshu .. you can use it now. 🙂

  17. shwetanshu – I guess GH is something else, I didnt care to dig much coz I dont really need to download more stuff..

    I cannot use bridge mode here at my place coz my router is connecting to the modem and then pc and laptop are connecting to router…

  18. Can anyone solve and answer my problems?

    however, normal browsing and stuff is generally fine. i use skype

    pretty often to talk to my sister in london.. Theres one more odd thing

    been happening recently..Its really almost insane! say for instance,

    i’m using MSN messenger, chatting with someone. I decide to check my

    mail. so i open internet explorer, and i get the “Page Cannot be

    displayed� error. i think, maybe i’ve lost my connection or something,

    but there beeps my messenger to tell my that ive got a message. I try

    another website, yet again the same error, but the chats working fine.

    Infact, apart from the chat, NOTHING else is working. Similar scenario

    would be when im browsing. i notice that all the links on ONE specific

    page im using work, but if i open another window, its the same as

    above. What the bloody hell is going on here???????

    The problem i m facing is that my internet connection doesnt work

    properly at night or even in the evering.

    After surfing of 10min of webpoages i get an errror saying Cannot load.

    I literally have to disconnect the line and then get reconnect the line

    in order for everything to work fine.

    I am using the sam router dude i.e. UT Star 300RU like.

    And one more thing BEWARE OF MTNL NU Plan USERS.

    I always track my dl and ul usage with my Net Meter. And it always

    shows me correct fig. It wil show u more but never less.

    Today i downloaded 20mb of data and then i cross checked my data usage

    on and i got surprised and found that my usage for

    the day is 60mb. Where the bal 40mb gone.

    My netmeter is showing 20 and it surpassed that 20mb limit.

    MTNL are cheaters and thers no doubt about it atall.

    One more thing i wuld like to know is that whats the use of MTNL

    username and password?

    What if i try to use someones else username and password ??/
    Will my account remain unafected???
    If yes then surely i wud like to get someones username and password for

    that reason. Please help

    And yes 1 more thing the response time for loading a webpage is very

    low in UT router

    For Night Unlimited Plan, please ensure to switch off MTNL modem at the

    beginning and end of NU period …… What if i dont disconnect the

    line at the end of the Nu Plan? Will i get free data dl as i hav still

    nt disconnected my line yet?

    If yes then its great and i will continue surfing and will never

    disconnect my line evr.

  19. i am a triband costumer of the Rs199 scheme, 400MB free download
    i am a moderate user of the internet and do not download as much still my free ADSL MB balance has diminished by the 20th of this month.
    i would like to know on what basis the download gets reduced.when i just check my mails or even surf the net without really downloading anything my balance reduces to almost 30-40MB. i think i hav been cheated whereas my friend says that his connection whereas he uses the internet more than me
    will MTNL please look into the matter my no is 26430584

  20. I personally think that VSNL rocks in Mumbai. I have a 256K line for which I am paying about 1350 pm. Which is pretty cool for an Unlimited connection. It gives a steady download speed of about 30-35kbps. Best part is, any issues, the tech is at your place is at your place within 48 hours, which i think is pretty cool.

  21. triband is better than cablenet anytime! 17-Aug-2006 at 4:13 pm

    you should remove the power plug of the router at 12 n reconnect.
    before 8 am you should again turn off router .
    else it will prolly charge u in the 1 gb dl limit.
    i’m not sure bout the charging thingie , but turning off the router is a must! at 12 n 8 am.

  22. MTNL Customer support is like that only… you never know whom to contact. But connection stability-wise .. no one can beat MTNL at such rates. You get 27 kbps downloads at any time of the day.

    Only thing missing with MTNL now is the unlimited plan for Mumbai 🙂

  23. I had applied for tri band last month 17 & till date no one has contacted me
    When i call up the customer service they say the man is on the way he will be coming tom etc.
    I have configured the modem ect.
    Is that the mtnl should start my connection from their end as the adsl light on the modem is not coming.

  24. i agree man. this MTNL people suck. he y have got good network but all the support stuff is typical sarkari babu’s. thanks to privatisation, things are changing. but mtnl will continue to lag behind. the only way they attract customers is by offering ultra cheap plans. but when it comes to customer care [non existent in mtnl] you realize ur mistake. they SUCK

  25. I guess i knew what you had just figured out all along…i switch off my router every day at 11:45pm and 7:45am, and switch it back on at 12:15am.

    I had a billing problem myself (got a bill for 6K in my first month), it was solved by going to the billing department of MTNL, at prabhadevi. My dad did all the running around so I only know that he met the DGM and that he had to go there exactly once during woring hours on a weekday to get the problem sorted out. They told me to pay my bill immediately (to avoid late charges), and then credited the amount to my account so i had bills for Rs 0 for the next few months (telephone bills, not just the broadband component)

    As for the concern with pulling out the adapter from the socket when it’s on, I wired a switch and an extension plug, so there’s no sparking when i switch it on and off…Other than that there are no risks involved with rebooting the router. I feel the router should be powered off for some time, and not just switched off for 1-2 seconds…it’s after all a simple computer, and a quick reset may not be a complete one. I have noticed that MTNL sometimes doesnt log 2 separate sessions unless i wait for 15 minutes between disconnecting and reconnecting, hence the safety gap of half an hour.

    The problem with messengers working and all other sites not opening is when the DNS server is down. The problem is not entirely solvable, but here are the workarounds (i currently use all of them):

    1. set your DNS servers on your PC to,, in that order (last 2 are interchangable). theres a fourth DNS server starting with 59.something, but i havent found out its IP yet. if you do, add that to the end of the list too.

    2. set your DNS servers on the router to manual, and enter it as, (or the 59.something if you wish) – you can use any 2 so use your discretion. order doesnt matter.

    3. when the net connection starts acting wierd, right click on the connection and click repair (only under XP SP2 and equivalent/later OSes)

    4. if none of the above work, remove from the primary DNS server on you PC, and use the other 2 only. once you reboot the router you can change it back.

    btw to use more than 2 DNS servers under windows XP/2000 you have to click on advanced under TCP/IP properties, and add it through the DNS tab.


    To… M.T.N.L.
    { Earlier after logging in the
    The Triband Session History Details of LAST MONTH usage used to be displayed, now why only the current month session is displayed.
    Request you to resume the earlier display in which current as well as the last month usage used to be displayed.
    In the telephone bill also the usage should be displayed in a proper way preparing column in which the figures be displayed for which we are being charged.
    Request EARLY REPLY from M.T.N.L. as to why it cannot be done.}


    TOGETHER WE ALL CAN GET IT DONE: by filling the complaint/suggestion of MTNL.

    Open in the browser window.
    Fill your… Name, Phone no, e-mail address.
    Copy the above { IN BRACKETS } and paste. Click send.
    You will immediately get your complaint/suggestion: Reference no.
    Record it copy/paste in note pad and save. You will need details.
    For future action taken by M.T.N.L
    Crosscheck later by Clicking…
    For action taken by M.T.N.L by clicking… Track Your Complaint in the same page, upper right hand corner.
    Opening put your reference number & telephone no.

  27. I had applied for tri band last month & till date even no has contacted me and i ask for modem and installation some babu picks the phone and says ” koi modem na hey, jab hoga tab aa jayega” and bangs the recvr down. On above this, int. thing tech. center had already started the adsl ON from there side, here i’m sitting w/o modem. When i asked to buy my own modem the tech support center is not aware abt the config.

    “In logo ka kuch nahee ho sakta!, aur they r competing with giants like bharti and reliance, etc.”

  28. Chander Bhushan 20-Sep-2007 at 10:45 am

    It is to inform that since long I had written a complaint to MTNL which I had used during the period 19th Dec. to 28 Dec. and at the time of installation it showed 146 MB used. I wrote complaint to GM Broadband, and on 29th Dec. it was disconnected I wrote to RTI and even to PG cell of MTNL and lastly to TRAI from than till now, the case has not been solved. MTNL people are continuously saying that you have used so much MBs and the bill is correct. I am telling that I am not asking about the bill or how much MBs consumed by me I am only asking how come 146 MB without its usage. Apart from that when wrote to MTNL about disconnection on 29th Dec. 2006 how it was disconnected on 11th Jan. 2007 and why during this period rent was charged from me. But I have not received any call or any letter from MTNL as to how it happened. I met even with GM (B/B) but of no use all the letters of correspondence are with me. Even TRAI had written letter to MTNL and a copy to me but MTNL is unable to sort the problem.
    Chander Bhushan My mob. 9871970301.

  29. There has been misuse of my account and somebody has downloaded 330mb within 10days and i have come to notice to kandivali telphone exchange officer but there is no respone from there side

    so please do need ful and i am not going to pay bill until this problem is solve

  30. mtnl guys are a bunch of jokers who are sitting there just to get their salaries and rape the customers

    PPOE light goes off every 5 minutes. we have been complaining about this by personally visiting charkop telephone exchange. they keep sending some SO-CALLED engineers, who doesnt understand the problem, keep on checking the wire, and they say problem is solved, there was some loose wire…problem resumes after couple of hours…its now more than 1 month that we have this problem…but as truly said…SARKARI BABU…..does anyone have any contact details of the senior people (who would be working and taking action) to solve my problem

  31. Every thing in this country which control by government is sucks. And MTNL is shit. My pppoe light goes of in every 30 second and i have been this problem for one year and when i complain about it every time they get only one ans that there is some problem in mtnl server. WTF if there is some prob so fix it u corrupt sucker .

  32. how TRAI can be approached . i have a problem with the change in plan. I have changed my tariff on 30 jun. the call centre “smarty” forwarded the work order only on 01 jul. the new tariif will come into force only on the next month. MTNL says they are not repossible(DE/Commercial Officer). call centre says they cant do anything now.. good loop i am made to run thru.
    somebody may help me out pls.

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