So what’s up Deep?

Well, nothing much…work is keeping me busy and not allowing to blog here :(…working on few personal sites. Just lanuched the site / blog related to India (, also working on 2-3 more sites. Which will be launched soon :) (All niche tech blogs basically)

In next 2 days, I am gonna start shopping for my office, A new computer, an Inverter (I hate bloody powercuts) and couple of more things…(that’s gonna make hole in my pocket)


  1. good luck deep, may god makes your pocket very strong tht it wont get any hole…
    once again… good luck 🙂

  2. What U gonna do with These many sites?
    Do U have the same plan….that U did with ‘TechBulletin’?

    Hmm….Inverter seams to be a good Idea?
    But how longer are the Power Cuts? Will the inverter be sufficent to provide for the long duration?

    We don’t have Power Cuts here!
    At least now a days 😛

  3. What I am gonna do? I am not sure, couple of ideas in the mind..lets see..

    About gives around 4 hours of backup with 4 fans, 4 lights, comp and TV…we have 2.5 hr of power cut daily…

  4. Aaa! I hate hate hate power cuts. I’ve bought an inverter, but it needs to be set up. I’m going to be so dead in the upcoming summer. *cries* *not really* – anyway, they cut my lights at night as well! I hate that!

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