Tech Shopping Day


  That’s the machine I bought today 🙂

  • AMD Sempron 2500+ – Rs. 5250 with mobo
  • Asus Motherboard (VIA chipset)
  • 512 MB DDR RAM (Twin Moss) – Rs. 1650
  • 80 GB Seagate HDD (7200 RPM) – Rs. 2200
  • ASUS Combo Drive – Rs. 1500
  • TV Tuner Card – Rs. 1300
  • LG 15″ Monitor – Rs.3959
  • Creative SBS 240 speakers – Rs. 475
  • Logitech Multimedia Keyword and Infrared Mouse – Rs. 900
  • Higher Quality ATX Cabinet (Normal one costs around Rs. 1200, this one costed me Rs. 1500)
  • D-Link 524 Wireless Router – Rs. 2400

Everything came for Rs. 21,200 🙂 …. and yeah, those headphones costed me Rs. 400

Then, I went to Crossword bookstore with my sister, checked the book, The Search by John Battelle, read few pages of the book….though I never read the books but I bought it out of curiosity about google and other search related stuff, so that one costed me Rs. 800, I have no idea when I am going to read this book or it will be added in my shelf with other book… (But it sounds interesting so I am gonna read it soon)

Now tomorrow will be setup day(I already finished with OS and software installation :D) …I will have to setup things in my office, fit this new machine on the desk for new guy, buy new chair, inverter, get my phone line shifted to other cabin…

I have 18 mails pending in my company inbox, few hosting accounts to be created, few sites to be created, couple of quotations to be sent…damn…couple of sites to be uploaded (deadlines….)…it’s gonna be a busy busy day tomorrow…but I am enjoying it 🙂


  1. BTW, forgot to add, do give a review of the book once finished.

    (Even though i hate reading this kinda books. For me, books=literature)

  2. That book looks simply superb… I had a chance to listen to audio version of this book at a friends place … the audio is about 10 hours out of which I listened about 2 hours.

    Its really worth the salt.. I mean the price.

  3. Riyaz – Sure thing, I will review it once I am done with the book..but I am not sure when it will be done 😉

    John – Yeah, he is gonna come from this sat or monday…

    Shivranjan – Actually TV Tuner card has my own purpose too, we all love cricket so we can just switch it on at the time of good matches 🙂

  4. Hey John works with Deep?? Hmm… Wow, those are cheap prices man. Good bargains, I have to agree. Hmm..I wonder how Ritchie Street in Chennai compares to the Mumbai prices. What OS do you give your employees? Linux?

    Hey, is that the book called” Google”? I saw one book called that though I was too over-confident about my knowledge about Google to buy it. 😛 But from what I saw, the reviews looked good online.

  5. hey deep the pc looks good man, black my fav colour…

    any ways good luck with new employee and keep working … you will get what you want soon 🙂

  6. Well here comes the bad part…

    Hi Deep,
    I am still in bangalore and won’t be in a position to turn down to mumbai on Friday.
    Secondly I am sorry for not attending the calls as we were in meeting with a team of delegates to work on a Oracle Package Architecture.
    May be I may complete my task here in bangalore by Sunday and catch the flight and come down to mumbai. But towards resuming the job, I won’t be able to join as on i will have to maintain my tasks and my work on with the team over here in bangalore. Currently I am heading a 5 member team of xx, which is associated with xx Group. my contact number in bangalore is xxx, which belongs to my friend my xxx.
    I will see to it that i be in touch with you in future….


    I guess bad luck doesnt wait for anyone..

  7. ^^
    Good luck with your MCA exams and stuffs. Give the PGDIT (or MCA) exam for IIT as well 😀

    Me too hoping to get admission in a Institute in Kozhikode this year.. waiting for results.

  8. I’m not trying for IIT MCA. Currently i’m writing entrances for NIMCET (NITs), TANCET (Tamilnadu), Kerala Engg. College, Birla Institute of Tech. (All MCAs) and CST for PGDST.

    BTW, which institute in kozhikode ? NIT ?

  9. Why not IIT? Anna University MCA sucks so what’s the point in writing TANCET. The appln. form can be got now. B

    It’s not NIT, It’s IIM Kozhikode.

  10. Because only one IIT offers MCA. so thats 30 seats all over india. It’s too tough a competition man. I heard that Anna MCA has got a good reputation. why it sucks ?

    And wow! IIM-K is a great one. Welcome to Kerala.

  11. I am not asking you as i am planning to purchase a 64-bit machine and want to ask few things. Nothing special. But cong man.

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