Fanaa Music Review

I guess I can call this as “Much Awaited music album”, after Rang De Basanti. Talking about music of the movie Fanaa. The music is given by Jatin Lalit. Track Listing is as follows:

  1. Chand Sifarish – Shaan, Kailash Kher
  2. Mere Haath Mein – Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aamir Khan, Kajol
  3. Des Rangila  – Mahalaxmi Iyer
  4. Dekho Na – Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan
  5. Chanda Chamke – Babul Supriyo, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Master Akshay Bhagwat, Aamir Khan, Kajol
  6. Destroyed in Love  [Lounge Mix] - Instrumental
  7. Fanaa For You [Chand Sifarish Club Mix] – DJ Aqeel

First song Chand Sifarish, is the one which is being played in the promos and creates lot of expectations when Kailash Kher adds his voice in the song but expectations ends up when you realize that he had sung only couple lines in the song….the song is good not bad but not upto the mark…to be frank I was expecting the song to be something else only..I was expecting some kind of fusion…

Second one Mere Haath Mein, this one gives better feelings when you hear Sonu Nigam (ouch he is Sonu Nigaam now) and Sunidhi Chauhan…slow song, very well sung…Amir Khan and Kajol have sung couple of lines in it…

Third one Des Rangila, gives classic kind of feeling, sung in some village or something…may be filmed on Kajol singing in Kashmir…this one is sung by Mahalaxmi Iyer, good lyrics. As name suggests, the song is on our country India..not bad, not good…ok ok song…

Fourth one…Dekho Na, this one seems to be better than other ones…very sweet song…Sunidhi and Sonu have sung it very well…specially Sunidhi…very nice song…

Fifth one..Chanda Chamke, this sounds like, song for kids…may be Kajol and Amir Khan’s son singing it…Kajol teaching her son…and yeah Amir Khan also teaches his lessons in the song…nah..I didn’t like it…

Sixth one…Destroyed in Love, this one is instrumental…Lounge Mix..they have mixed lounge kind of music with the theme music…pretty good…I liked it….

Seventh, the last one….Fanaa For You, this one is remix of the first song Chand Sifarish…this one gives some energy in the beginning…but there was no need for this mix…it just doesn’t match with the fast theme…the song is better when it’s slow…

Anyways, I have stopped playing that song and played Dekho Na song again…

So, let me sum it up…

Track Listing by Rating (Starting from good ones)

  1. Dekho Na
  2. Mere Hath Mein
  3. Chand Sifarish
  4. Destroyed in Love (Instrumental)
  5. Des Rangila
  6. Fanaa For You
  7. Chanda Chamke

I would give this sound track 2.5 stars out of 5, the music is made for the masses, no new stuff tried like A R Rahman (Rang De Basanti), the music might not do well in the beginning but as people listen to it more, they might like it…


  1. I especially loved “subhan allah”, the melody is fabolus!, a true fusion of
    persian/hindustani musik.

  2. aamir khan supporter 28-May-2006 at 3:12 am

    oh mann….total yaara yaara copy for chanda chamke…so sad

    songs are great of fanaa though…but still its sad to have copied yaara yaara THAT CLOSELY…

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  4. realy Shaan has sung CHAND SIFARISH song in melody mood. i like to wish u to sing even better song……….


  6. Specially to abhi and devang
    If any music diretor have to give the music to any movies they must use different style for different situation. The J-L have use same style for all song. only some differnt styles from old songs been used. The melody for chand sifarish was not as much good as i expected. Except the tuning of Subhan allah of Kailash Kher. After tuning of subhan alla the song is not is so deep as people expected. First time when i heard the song Subhan allah. I thought the music must be of A r rahman. But after listening whole song. I felt the melody was not so deep as i expected then i said it not be of a r rahman cos a r rahman cant compose the total song without deep feeling. Offcourse we cant compare any present m.d. with A r rahman.

  7. yaar anybody… can u please upload the lyrics of Chanda Chamke….
    i need it … please…

  8. anybody plzzz… can u please upload the lyrics of Chanda Chamke….
    i need it … please

  9. Chand sifarish jo karta hamari… deta woh tumko bata
    Sharmo haya ke pardein girake.. karni hai humko khata
    Zid hai ab tho hai khud ko mitana… hona hai tujhmein fana

  10. Hi what a fantastic song. Great uthos to the singers Shaan and Kailash Kher, and for the lyricist too what are the words, so touching.

  11. ””””””””””’teray dil me neray sasoon ko ””””””’ panna miljaye…………….. ””””””tera ishq me meray jaan fanna ho jaye”””””””””””””””””’………………. wat a lyrics yaar …………………………………………. its 2 gud

  12. Folks… rehashing is an age old practice. The list of rehashed songs is loooong for all composers… including Anu Malik who is at the top of this list, followed by RD, A R Rehman, Jatin Lalit, you name it. However, personally I was disappointed to hear the Yara yara tune rehashed in the immediate next Kunal Kohli project.

    At the same time… while I hated Yaara yaara song its new avatar is definitely much more likeable with the crisp spanish guitars & the beautiful voice of Mahalaxmi Iyer.

    All the other songs in Fanaa are GEMS. It is the best music of 2006 so far, and it cannot be compared to the music of “Rang De Basanti” where Rehman has just created a lot of special effects with no soul- except for “Luka Chhupi” & the title song.

  13. cool n cute nishita 30-Jun-2006 at 6:14 pm

    the songs are ossom.I just loved it. This is my favourite song. AS specially chand sifarish, mere hath mein and chand chamke.

  14. Fanna is best Movie of Aamir Khan.and meray hath main is best romantic song.
    For More Detail

  15. Seema from UUUUtah* 03-Jul-2006 at 9:51 pm

    i think that chand sifarish is tha only good song the other hath song is good, but not to listen to like you love it. the lyrics for chand sifarish and the music are greaattttttt.

  16. One of the most wonderful music I’ve ever heard.Lyricist, musician,singers all worked thier heart out on this one.
    Just when i thought hindi music is all about copying, here comes Fanaa, for all those guys who have worked behind this song and film
    “Guys I bow before your talent.”

  17. I don’t care what other people think but i think those song in fanaa was the best. As well as the movie. I think Chand Sifarish was the best song there.Especially the way Aamir dance which made it even better!!!!!!!!! The singer Shaan is great and Kailash Kher is too.

  18. cool and very pleasent to hear chand sifarish song. its so heart touching. hats off to whom has writen the lyrics , and composed it.

    my best wishes to amir khan and kajol.

  19. cool and very pleasent to hear chand sifarish song. its so heart touching. hats off to whom has writen the lyrics , and composed it.

    my best wishes to amir khan and kajol.

  20. Specially for Abhijit.
    atlast Its a r rahman. listen the song Khalbali with ur real listen power. Its really soul touching with arabian ragaas and unbeatable percussion. The percussion no one can even pirate and j l has started to pirate rahmans’s style. But the own style is own style. jl will pirate the music but not make the soul touching melody as raman. Cos rahman is not having his own particular style he is finding always some new and new and new. Thats the style of rehman thatsy today his music is of international level. No one has done these from india.

  21. I am listening to “Chand Sifarish”, again, and again, and again for the last three days. Can’t think of anything negative about the song at all.
    Shaan seems to imitate Udit Narayan a bit, but a beautiful voice at this point.
    Kher’s “Suban Allah” is out of this world.

  22. uff sonu nigams voice create a warm feeling those two songs only rocks in the whole album

  23. paya and randi jayz from sl 22-Jul-2006 at 9:40 pm

    oh god this is theeee best song we have ever heared for along time which is soooo rocking. we loveeeee the rocking beat ! i listen to it 25 times per day. the whole day is filled with that song with every move i it`s amazing.. fanna is a nice movie ..still it`s sad at the end. but anywayz songs of that movie really made it beat in our hearts even after .

  24. i luv fanaa it was the best movie ever and i liv the songs they rock i mostly like chand sifarish and second mere haath mein go fanaa!!!!!!!!!

  25. i want the lyrics for mere hath main song. please somebody send the lyrics to my email address

  26. hey ……

    fanaa songs are good to hear and it has a nice music easy to hear..fanaa songs are as beautiful as the fanaa movie…
    i have seen the lyrics of chand’s words are really wonderful and i don’t know wat to say..we all appreciate of the singer who had sang that song and it’s really wonderful…i like fanaa songs..
    i guess it’s the best..
    c ya..

  27. Fanna film song and music are very good and amir look very good and everyone like him to much in this film and atlast we feel very sorry for him.

  28. Hi … just wanted to include this in the forum i loved the movie and the songs as well i cant stop listeningto them. But there was another song in the movie where kajol and amir were in the car and there was an old song playing back from the 50’s or 60’s any clue what was the name of the artist or name of the song please if anyone knows plzz try to help me out i really love that song.

  29. hi can any one tell me if use no any web sites on india’s music coz im lookin for songs to put on mi project presention on india i need the lyrics plz thankx all pplz

  30. i juss love songs of fanaa..specially chand was lovely.
    at first i don’t like that song.after listening it on again and again i just started liking that just listening a song one time wouldn’t make u like that song.u have to listen to it over again and again.the lyrics were superb!!

  31. the songs ofo fanna r really very heart touching…….the act of amir was like a real……but………was so sad at last…….anyways d film was super!!!!!!!

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