Load shedding, MSEB, Inverters,Money and Politics…

So what’s the relation between all these things? Here (Mulund, Mumbai), MSEB cuts power supply daily for 2.5 hours, the power supply goes at 1 PM in the afternoon for 2.5 hours, it is not possible to live in this heat without power supply and only inverter can do the job…the power supply goes only till Bhandup, does not cut beyond does not go off in whole Mumbai.

So what’s the relation? why they are cutting the power right in the afternoon? Why they can’t do it in the early mornings?

Let me tell you what will happen if they cut the power in the mornings…in the morning time, the climate won’t be as hot as the afternoon..and because of this, many of the people won’t buy inverters…this will lower the sales of inverter companies or local dealers…and I guess that should keep electricity guys’ pockets empty…so instead of keeping the pockets empty, why not let people suffer and we earn some money?

And what is the reason for load shedding only till Bhandup? Because MSEB is till Bhandup? or again, some other reason? Or some involvement of Politicians and Power Supplying companies like Tata, Reliance so that they can charge customer high amount per unit of they exceed xxx units per month?

This theory is totally mine and can be wrong too but we have to come up with these kind of theories since nothing is one knows why the power is being cut in the afternoon why not in the morning?


  1. Actually, MSEB has been servicing Thane-Mulund-Bhandup area for a long time.

    Reliance took over BSES and Tata has its services in South Mumbai.

    The reason for power cuts in the afternoon is that the demand reaches the peak at this time and there is no alternative but to go in for cuts.

  2. Yup but this is the only time when there is too much of heat right? So it means something like this…dont give food when people are hungy? why? because we have less in our bag…

  3. Yea your totally right, make that 3 hours for Bhandup.

    It seems the only people to suffer in proper Bombay are people living in Bhandup, Mulund and Kanjur and to top it these MSEB guys have totally monopoly in these areas so we can not even do anything about it.

  4. Look, I’m sick and tired of all these power cuts and everything. My lights go for hours on end here, 2 hours away in Pune. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it. I wasn’t that mad when the CENSORED HQ was CENSORED down. They deserved it. I don’t support any political party, but I am strongly against corruption. I wish we’d get some private suppliers of electricity here. It’s just plain stupid ridiculous. It’s like living in some remote village (which Pune is NOT!). “Oh, I must finish all of my work before the lights go off.” – why in the world are the lights going off? I’ll tell you why, they want to make money under the table. They want to sell inverters and they want the central government to send more money their way. Yes, it’s true and don’t ask me who “they” is. If you’re reading this in India, you already know. And why aren’t the papers being more aggressive about these power cuts? Because everyone’s being bribed left right and centre. People have proof. We are actually buying an inverter. It’s bad enough that one has to invest in an AC because of the unbearable temperature increase caused by pollution, which again I shall once again blame on the CENSORED’s lack of proper administration and infrastructure. Welcome to my world Deep, it just gets worse from here. Take it from a person who’s been living in a city considered to be “less important” than Bombay. One day when I called up the local MSEB power station (one of the times they didn’t verbally abuse me and hang up ie.), they actually told me that power is being routed to other cities, because other cities (where CENSOREDs live) are more important. The educated urban potential of India needs to wake up, stop being mislead by the press, dominated and pushed around by the administration and do something. Anyone want to join me? We’re all suffering. Even if you do have an inverter, like I will by tomorrow, it’s still unfair. Money isn’t being invested correctly. Now why in the world did they need to invest crores in citywide Wi-Fi access? How in the #$^&ing world are we going to use that Wi-Fi if we don’t have electricity? Either we buy inverters or laptops. Yay! Guess who’s profiting from this? Rhetoric, always more rhetoric.

  5. btw I have heard that there wont be power cuts from 1st May…thats what local MSEB guy told me when I had called up…he also said it..its not 100% fixed..

  6. yes, they’re re-starting Phase I of the Dabhol Power Plant which will use naptha and generate approx 700 MW. So, I guess MSEB-serviced areas in Mumbai will be spared of the power cuts. It is ironical that while power-deficiant states like Haryana, Punjab have become self-sufficent now whereas Maharashta which had surplus power in th 90s is facing a deficit of more than 4500 MW. I’d attribute this to poor planning and petty politics, especially by the Congress during Sharad Pawar’s regime.

  7. well, up here in mulund west they’ve been cutting supply in the mornings; between 8 am and 10:30 am. And I know for sure that it’s the same in Andheri where several of my team mates live.

  8. …and beyond my personal discomfort, I feel power cuts are neccessary. How else can the board put up with the demand > supply scenario??

    It’s time we look past ourselves…

    …just a thought.

  9. Hmmm may be same problem in Damn Every Metropolitian City. Me in Delhi also sick of it and even my PC which runs on Inverter too is fed up due to it.

    Well what happens is the PC restarts when power goes off and comes back.

    Any solution guys(Offcourse without UPS :))

  10. …the worst effect of these powercuts, personally, is that I can’t keep my PC ON , download movies, like I used to. I leave for office at 7:45 AM. It’s a huge huge waste of bandwidth. Anyway, Deep, I know you’ve quit the globcast services, but did you know they’ve put a 10 GB pm limit to all accounts??


  11. My message is that Dombivli & Thakurli stations are near to each other. But there is severe power cutting in Dombivli say about 5 hrs. daily. But on the other side in Thakurli there is no power cut at all. Why this is so much difference. You can allocate at least 2 hrs. in Thakurli.

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  14. Well, let’s take over the power industry, start our own companies with our own power plants, and give the MSEB a solid kick in the arse. They deserve to be shot in their balls.

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