Risky Sunday…

It was time when I used to sleep like a lazy ass on Sundays..but now the time has changed and I spend time watching movies on Sundays….but now the problem is, I have to take risk in watching movies…last sucking movie I had watched was Family and now tomorrow might be another bad movie day…I have booked tickets for the movie, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. I was quite relived when Rediff gave it 3 starts out of 5 but it made me worry when Mid-Day gave it 1 and half star.

I knew the movie would be bad but blame it on Imax…they are not showing any good english movies in the afternoon 🙁 Munich is at 10.45 PM, V for Vendetta is vanished from their screens along with other good english movies..the ones left are Basic Instinct 2 (that movie sucks AFAIK), Harry Potter 4 and couple of more movies for Kids…

Damn damn damn, I am sure that I am going to come out of the theatre, well before the movie ends…


  1. the movie should be good… but no garuntee..
    well i suggest u to carry ur ipod or mp3 player if you have.. [:)]

    do review abt the movie

  2. 1 of my friend catched that movie , as per him , no need to waste money on theatre, silly movie with extraaaaaaa large climax , un necessary songs .

  3. how do u ppl watch these pathetic movies??? i wont even buy/rent a pirated movie which is not that good… hindi movies suck (except for some movies like RDB).. i prefer to watch english movies.. though some of them suck, but 60% of them have a different storyline and a good screenplay, with some good action… i used to watch hindi movies, but all have same storyline, how pathetic!!!

  4. Well, then its time for you to save money or rather spend on some other good cause. My friend Sindu wanted to see your site 🙂 So just posting this with her.

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