Movie Review: Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye

Krissh – India’s new superman…aah damn, I forgot this was Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye movie review…but that Krissh trailer was the best part in the movie…rest sucked…before starting the review….I want to say something to the film makers… “GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK….RS. 320 FOR THE TICKETS”

OK! Back to the review…the movie starts with Annu Malik’s ripped work from some english song…he keeps on playing that part of tune all over…Aditya (Akshay Kumar) is engaged to Sonia (Bipasa Basu), his company sends him to Canada for work purpose and there he meets Jiya (Kartina Kaif) who is engaged to Karan (Anil Kapoor)….Jiya is all alone in Canada as Karan is busy with his business..somehow Aditya and Jiya keeps on meeting accidentally…and they fall in love..(it takes some time for them to accept it)…then some drama stuff….and in the end…everyone knows..what will happen….

The movie can be called as “Chaya Geet” (Hindi show with songs being played all the time)..too many songs stuffed without any need….songs are just pathetic, apart from 2-3 being ok ok…best was title song by Himesh Reshammiya…Annu Malik has tried to follow hip hop culture in the songs and made a big mess…

On the acting part, nothing much to say as there was nothing great to be done….but Katrina Kaif was good, she looks damn hot…

On the ripping part…apart from the music tunes, they had also ripped a scene from the english movie Crash, the scene where Akshay Kumar tries to save Katrina Kaif, who was stuck in the car…(it’s in the end)…the same scene was in the movie Crash but the only difference was, Police officer was saving a lady in that.

So to sum it up, the movie SUCKED BIG TIME and don’t dare to go to the theatre. I would advice, don’t watch it at all…if you like Katrina Kaif…download wallpapers but don’t watch that crappy movie…


  1. Is that so ? … is it that bad ? .. well i was never interested in this movie … i m more interested in songs . and i will download it from net.. my friends was asking me to go with thm to for this movie… thanks for saving my money deep 😀
    well the songs :- tittle track ,tittle track sad,bhuladenge tumko sanam dhire dhire , bhuladenge tumko sanam dhire dhire sad … are good … others are crap.. i know this because i hear the songs on
    well .. i am waiting for Darna Zaroori Hai .. i want to watch it..
    i like comedy movies 😉

  2. Goodness me!

    Don’t you know, such movies are best watched at theatres with cheap tickets. I watched it for Rs. 80 and am quiet impressed by the way they allow you to sleep in AC.
    Such movies are made to be flop.
    Don’t worry, MI3 is going to be released on 5th May, will be a sure treat to the eyes. Also upcoming movie of Sanjay Dutt, “TATHAASTU” is expected to be good.

    Hope for the best.

    Noteworty-: Finally our very own great “HIMESH RESHAMIYAA” gets to sing a song outside his music. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, music of “HUM KO DEEWANA KAR GAYE” is given by Anu Mallik, who also screws the music with his own songs, gives a song to “HIMESH RESHAMIYAA” and he avoids an OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN

    this time around.

  3. I knew that I will not like this movie. I want to know more about Krissh the new superman.

    First they copy Aliens from English movies (Jadu) and now Superman!

    What will they copy next…Spiderman?

  4. its truly a shit film

    the part where akshay ses to that tamil woman ‘gimme a kiss’ , then his her sister comes and says ‘ kiss him or ill do it , and dad ses get ur hand of the intercom’ is copied from an advert…

    the part where the sikni woman goes in the rugby stadium and says on the microphone ‘ oh sardarji , tusi kithe ho?’ is copied from anger managment (adam sandler )

    and ofcourse the part thas copied from crash.there aint nating wrong wit copying but you know its done a bit tooo excesivly in this film

    the only good songs are ‘fana’ , ‘for eyes only’ and the last song at the shadi is aight.

    the only good thing about the film is katrina kaif .

    and the paki guys funny, but have you noticed how they make pakis or muslims look bad in sum way.
    in this film the paki drinks alot , he has posters of half naked women in his room , he is always skcrewing around and he brakes ppl’s trust.
    in dhoom , when that chopra guy take bachan to the market , its a muslim place . they show ppl doing drugs there, drinking and hoes banging pimps and basicly all sort s of hellish acts. ok they dont do it alot , probably dont mean to but its there…..

  5. dont hurt the pakis by the role of nawab sharif .becoz ur movie is still watching in pakistan.its the best hit of akshay kumar whose my favourite .its realy a good movie except shah nawab

  6. Fanah is teh ebst song, apart from Rock star.
    Himesh’s song is below average, typical nasal bullshit

  7. Himesh shouldnt have been taken on, Imean, too many songs, for nothing.
    Anu malik at his best though, with Fanah:)

  8. u guys r so flippen meanys man .well i dnt really no how the movie is yet since i live in canada it takes a bit time to get it here so yea but if u guys actully knew wha REAL LOVE means u would have loved the movies by heart i swear to god…….. TRUST ME PEOPLE WHO ARE REALLY CRAZY IN LOVE WILL DEFITNALLLY GO WATCH THIS MOVIE WHICH WHO CALL CRAP N WHO EVER WROTE THIS DUMB REVIEW I REALLY PISSED ME OFFF …… I WISH GOD MAKES U GET IN LOVE SO U NO WHT IT MEANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Niki, you are not the only one who is in love…there are lakhs of other poeple ALSO and everyone HATED it, so that is why the movie flopped…


  11. its a traditional type of story. but not too bad. but fanaa is a amazing movie. good luck and see yhis movie

  12. deep i dnt agree wiv u at all!!!!
    i think even tho the movies (indian) are mainly alll the same wiv da same story line i think this movie rocked. the best song was rock star.

    so i dnt think u shud put ppl off.
    every1 go for it. comedy is wiked but luv once in a while aint so bad!!

  13. I dont know much about Indian movies as this is my first trip to India but all I can say is that Indian movies have gained lots of popularity in US,specially in Ithaca which is suburb of New York.
    I dont know what to say about movie but I think the songs from Bollywood movies rocks!!!!

    Can anyone here suggest me which movie to go this month????

    Cheers to all!!!

  14. Well, this movie is Just the finest piece of everything, i just Love this movie, I read the reviews, Thanks for reviewing, But sorry that you all dont have a good taste, sorry about that, try to build up a good taste of movies, Anyway,. i loved everything in this movie, The songs, the scenes, the actors, Acting, events, just loved to see it 33 times till now,. some people are there who are crying for their Rs 320 and Rs 80, Huh, I am sorry for them because it is a worth watching movie even at the cost of a million per view,. Anyway, I liked akshay as he is always best, And katrina, hmmmmm, I love Katrina kaif, SHe is Gorgeous,!! This movie as a whole is almost flawless, the only flaw that it has is that a Pakistani Muslim is shown drinking which everybody knows is a false impression, Otherwise i rank a highest grade for this movie,.I congratulate the director for his achievement, and wish him best of luck for future, and as some people said that some scenes were copied, they should always remember that everything in the world is copied from Universal attitudes, Love for Katrina, and Goodluck for her and me, Take care everybody, Bub bye

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