1. Hmmm. I havent seen it 😛 .. Btw Regulus 1.2 is out, you should update your theme. I get “Stack Overflow at Line 72” error everytime I click on any item on your blog.

  2. Bat:
    Still not seen RDB? It’s now out on DVDs man.

    Did you mess with the theme? Looks different than it usually looks.

  3. Ashwin – in version 2.1 they have made some visual changes in the post display stuff…and currently I am adding my old stuff here in new one 🙂

  4. Please do not create a new topic to discuss this, or PM the moderators or administrators regarding this either here or on your respective messengers

    Can I reply please ?;)

    So, whom is your target ? MJ ?

    BTW, why r u still admin ? I think only Raaboo can degrade you ?

  5. I am still admin because I am waiting for Gnurag and other mod to login and on their decision, i will degrade them (if they say yes) and i will also make myself normal member…time for that ends in next few hours 🙂

  6. Hey, you have performancing metrics? Cool man, how is it? I’ve been checking out the reviews and they seem good enough. And btw it shows that you have recived only 48075 hits so far???

    Just saw this yesterday!!! Are you sure it’s not an april’s fools joke on your part? 😛 Hope you guys get what’s due to you!!!! And Digit magazine should definitely help facilitate it’s members to take care of the forum instead of burdening them with everything and not giving them any powers outside!!


  7. Retro – It’s pretty cool..no problems at all…those are visits not hits 🙂 and yeah, its not fake 🙂

    The way one of the members of TeamDigit replied to me, did not sound good…so from now onwards…I won’t make any posts in Digit 🙂

  8. Yes, he replied too harshly, you guys did the best moderating in the always-troubled digit and still he says he is ‘disappointed’ and says that you guys have allowed ‘jokes’ there… 🙄

  9. It’s not really harsh from what I saw but I can definitely understand that you guys must be feeling hurt and upset definitely upset after how much you have done for Digit. I’m not a regular poster there but I can understand.

    How about an idea? We are all technological freaks with a great passion for unadulterated technology. How about a better and much ORGANIZED FORUM where we can continue the good discussions.. Need not have iPB or vB for now but if funds come in thru GAds!

    I think this would get good response and definitely we will all blog about it for sure…..

    One thing if you agree, Please make it organized with much better categories.

    BTW, have you checked out IceBB?

  10. we are gonna put all our efforts into oobertech now ..
    and deep seems excited abt it too this time ard
    so maybe we can see a lot of exciting changes and hopefully digit member support
    cuz truthfully. they arent gonna do a thing abt it anymore.

    we’ll have the truth up on the think digit group on orkut sometime soon ..

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  12. oobertech rox.. i stopped going there coz sae things were posted on digit forums… but now since i have almost stopped going to digit… oobertech is good choice

  13. what this site is all about ? i came from a search n donno wht these blogs are all about …. can ne1 explain it 2 me? 🙁

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  15. Joining hands of several (ex) mods of digit forum, me too have decided not to post anymore at digit forums from now onwards.
    Atleast until they upgrade to vB and reinstate all mods. And I’ve looking forward to spend more time at oober and frihost.

  16. The forums are back and all but let’s all definitely keep oobering. Ummmm…..Seems like OT is down as well for maintainence from what I can see.

    Digit has just gotten too n00bish these days and the atmosphere is kinda boring as well & OT is like fresh cuppa coffee so definitely will be spending time at Oober for now.

    @Qwerty: Cool yaar. The case modder in the Nov/Dec issue, or was it Sept oh!Well!

    ~ Retrp

  17. Heh I dont remember the month (threw my issue after getting the pdf..), but his name is Nimish Thakur, so thats the article which has his name 🙂

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