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We seriously lack good tech forums in we group of friends from Digit decided setup a forum which will give what people want. Earlier we had decided to use Oobertech but we needed something new and fresh, so decided to come up with new name, new stuff 🙂

We moved all oobertech members to new forum and got the thing rolling…1 sleepless night, 1 tiring day…and we are up with new site 🙂

We are going to come up with lot of stuff like  reviews, tutorials, contests, games.

Checkout TechSpot and do let us know here if you have suggestions. 🙂


  1. Good to have a band new technology forum. Every wishes to it.

    Well, my old password at oober is not working here, anybody have similar problems, and my siggie seems to be a garbled html code. Anyway, i rest my password.

  2. Yup..passwords have been reset in the process of conversion to another forum software…and siggies doesnt allow html code anymore 🙂

  3. Well, even in oober, i didn’t used html for siggies, but bbcode instead. Hmm… I seems everyones siggie garbled. Seems that in the process of forum conversion, all siggies are saved in html format, which is not allowed in techspot.

  4. The theme is cool,the forum loads fast and it is a technology forum where most of the former Digit admins and mods are present.I have registered.

  5. Hi Deep
    Best of luck for the new venture .
    BTW is the forum new or old . Cause by the amount of topics and post it seems it has been there since long .

  6. Well even I had forgot about oobertech.

    But now got a email from Oober abt the news which I already was xpecting as all guys had some problems with the old digt forum.

    Hmmm best of luck.
    Now I hope that you will see me on TechSpot more then that of digit since the staff which was there has also shifted.

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  8. Thanks deep I was already missing Digit… Have you taken the user names from oober tech database???? As i found myself to be already registered 🙂 From now on will participate in this forum…

  9. As far as I know, the forum is doing good. And many games added daily. I wake up everyday finding myself beaten 🙁

    Hey Deep, Add some live features, like a chat or shoutbox, something like I have put on my blog.

    I think it will make the forum more active. What do the other members say?

  10. Shivaranjan – Yeah, DB is oobertech DB..its a new oobertech with lot of improvements 🙂

    John – Shoutbox, I wont suggest creates lot of problem on the server…

  11. I dont agree with that.

    Actually this forum sucks, they are all a bunch “know all� guys and very unfriendly and unhelpful forum. this is the worsest forum i have ever visited!!

  12. and the posts of mmrs reaches 114 with the thread posted in wrong section haha.

    We already have a feedback section, we await for your feedback there….

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