Yay..New DVD Player

Got new DVD Player for home today, I was confused between 3 brands, Philips, LG and Pioneer… The cost was not the issue as all of them were under Rs. 5,000 but I needed something with good features and at reasonable rates..all of them had same features and the cost varied from Rs. 3,700 (LG) to Rs. 3950 (Pioneer)…so I decided to go for LG…which had same features as Pioneer and played Divx too 🙂

I tested it at home and surprise!!! It played XIVD format too 😀

So from now on, all downloaded movies will be watched on TV 🙂


  1. deep..very bad..downloading movies…you know i germany if u download anything via p2p ur behind bars for 2 yrs..

    okay..time to switch off my comp.. downloaded a new movie today [:)]
    have fun.. and stop downloading movies

    (kidding yaar)

  2. Hi Deep,

    Even I was confused a bit on choosing a best DVD Player, the reason I recently bought a 5.1 Surround System with DTS ! Have it attached to my system, but wanna experience a real time effect with DVD Player and I check LGEZBUY.COM which has all LG Products and as you said, a model which had featured over there was capable of playing XVID and DIVX Video and I guess thats the one you went for ?

    The cost should be something around Rs.4000 ? Can you provide me more details about it, so I can try my hand on it ;)?


  3. aha , “sony man” got ” LG” , lucky as xvid plays . I have 1 that doesnt play xvids, better till I get replace it with xvid compatible.

  4. my main TV screwed up… 🙁 video in in doesnt work…I will have to watch movies on 14″ one for couple of days 🙁

  5. I got my ond SONY muzic system (MHC-VX 701) CD reader damaged & it would cost around Rs 3000 to repair…so I am planning to get an DVD player which can play mp3 that my system did’nt played ….May be UR review will help me!

  6. hi Santosh!

    Hey have you watched the movies.. Lolla Rent and Downfall (don’t remember the orignal German name).

    If you have like for lola rent do let me know.

  7. Hi Deep,

    Just came home after purchasing the same DVD Player you have choosen LG DS-9533 🙂 Liked your review, so all I did was

    > came to your blog
    > searched for the keyword “DVD”
    > clicked on second result
    > read your reviews and comments
    > went to nearest retail showroom
    > grabbed my copy and viewing VAN HELLSING now 😉

    Thanks for pointing to this Deep 😉


  8. Is this player Plays DVD RW too?

    Why to buy this Player instead of Philips 5106k/97?

    Can any one please make me undesrstand?


  9. Hi!

    I intend to buy a DVD player soon. I have zeroed on this player LG DS-9533 and a Philips one.

    How do you rate this player, especially DivX/Xvid Performance/Compatibility?

    Also, does this player have a Region Free Hack?

    Awaiting your comments.

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