Another Tech Shopping day…

Last time it was mine and this time it was for my cousin…the main reason for this post is to show the Sony babe that we bought :D…not the machine but the LCD monitor…the cost is Rs. 16,000 for 17″ monitor but it is simply rocking…amazing…

Here is the pic:

Just too good, I just loved it…

The PC configuration is as follows:

  • AMD 3200+
  • Asus 939 pin motherboard
  • 1 GB DDR RAM (Twin Moss)
  • 160 GB Sata HDD (Seagate)
  • DVD Writer (Sony)
  • 256 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 6200, Yeah I know it sucks 🙁 )
  • Logitech Keyboard and Mouse
  • 17″ LCD Monitor

The cost for above config. is Rs. 44,425….

aah…I too need to replace my PIII with some monster machine 😀


  1. Congrats for your cousin and all the best for You! Looks really charming 😀 Seems you are installing Windows XP :p lol..

    Can you update you post with exactl model of the LCD Monitor you bought ?

    – Dreamchaser

  2. i got benq t705, 17 inch
    i got it from Dubai it costed me just 9k… hehe

    rest my config
    AMD 3200+
    1.5gb RAM
    256 DDR Nvidia graphics
    are rest all extras..

    I got another 19 inch TFT for just 14k.. from dubai itself..

  3. Why Compromise on Graphics Card ?

    By the way I have seen that monitor in the market & Was interested bout it!

  4. Yup I heard from Nimish that Graphics card isnt that good…I am not into graphics and gaming…I asked about it to few shop owners and all were recommended that one so I went for it…

  5. My tech day!

    At Last, I purchased a new one…. and here are the specs…

    AMD athelon64 3000+, 939 pin
    512 DDR RAM
    MSI board with ATI chipset

    And this all has cost me around 18000 Rs.

    And above all i am using a trial version of windows XP64 (looking for activation key but… alas….). Guys do check if you can, it is good to work on 64-bit processing.

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