Movie Review: Darna Zaroori Hai

Boo, I am shivering, sweating…please help me…I don’t want to be here alone in the front of this computer…please take me out of this hell…I can hear some sound…someone is keep on coming front of my face…on this computer screen….please help me…please help me…. Well, that’s not me…but this is what Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) might be expecting people to react after watching the so called “Horror” movie….I guess he was expecting this movie to be horror and it came out as collection of stupid stories which kept expression of the people same throughout i.e. straigh face without any expressions….

I returned from the movie couple of hours back, I knew that the movie would be bad but I did not expect it to be so stupid and boring…

The movie is about 5 school kids going out in jungle and one of them boasting of not being afraid of ghosts….they get into one Haveli where they meet an old lady who tells them 5 different stories and kids die one by one after hearing the stories…

The first story is about a professor (Amitabh Bacchan) and student (Ritesh Deshukh), professor sees someone in the mirror who tries to be professor…

2nd story is about…hmm hmm…leave it…no point in’s all bunch of crap and stupid stories which always keeps you thinking, “That’s it, did they miss the ending part??”

Ok, time to warp it up….

Stories..Pick one -  Sunil Shetty, Rajpal Yadav was worst… (rest were bad but this one was worst :D)

Acting…Pick one – Rajpal Yadav was worst…

Music…Pick one – It had only one song, so that was the worst one 😀

So what say…how was the whole movie? P A T H E T I C and what about stars? 0 stars out of 5 (Boo…bhoot stole all my stars)


  1. ehhehhe! I’d be prompted to say “Review Zaroori Nahin Hai” after reading ur post 😉 Altho I haven’t seen the movie yet, I had an inkling that it wud be crap! But itz inordinately ‘popular’ in Hyd! Whereas all the PVR’s across India had DZH tickets as ‘available’…Hyd PVR had ‘Sold out’ for both Sat n Sun!!! RGV sure is popular here….
    BTW, I heard the story featuring Bips & the one with Rampal were okay…is it not so?

  2. Hmmm…. There’s a lot of anti-Darna people. 😉

    I still wanna see it. Not becuase it could fright me, but becuase it’s an interesting concept.

  3. A nice piece of review Deep.

    Expecially the spice you added in the starting.Awesome lol.

    Great work!
    You have been watching so many movies frequently I am not even getting the chance buddy 🙁

  4. hehehehehehehe.

    starting mast tha par 😀
    jab wo gir jaata hai n movie ki
    casting suru hoti hai..

    n so good is this blog entry…hehehehe

  5. The concept seems similar to Darna mana Hai . But will watch it as it will be good timepass and it is fun watching such type of movies in Hostel with friends .

  6. hey deep!!

    cool reveiw………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DMH-part 1 was enough of tortoure,already. Now this second one……….uufff.

    Wel,why those these school going kids wnt to go to haveli…..hostels r not too bad. ( But haveli ???? How can u find these kind of haveli’s …….)

  7. The trailer showed AB, Arjun Rampal, Riteish Deshmukh, Bipasha Basu, Sonali Kulkarni, Suneil Shetty, all sporting the same expression…that should be hint enough of how great the movie is! And RGV is losing it man…his Factory has truly become a mass production factory without much quality control!

  8. One STUPID movie !!! Most stupid part was they killed 6 kids!!!! the thousands of movies I seen until now ….no movie killed children…thats not horrer..its PATHETIC !!!

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